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Hi everyone,

I have been following a high carb low fat raw vegan diet for more than 2,5 years. After about a year, I started to suffer from yellow plaque on my teeth. I have to brush it away every evening with baking soda. This does work, but using baking soda everyday is not so good for your teeth.

Does anybody know how to get rid of the plaque build up? Is there anybody with the same problem?

My daily oral hygiene routine consist of: brushing with Eco-dent, flossing, brushing with baking soda and rinsing with an iodine solution (to kill bacteria).

My vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and iodine levels are all perfect. I have tried vitamin K2 Mk4 (and vitamin K1) to see if this would reduce the amount of plaque build up, without any result.

Some time ago, I started supplementing vitamin B1 and B3. I thought there was a reduction in plaque build up, but it didn't disappear.



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Are you swishing water through your teeth after every meal?

eco-dent is mostly baking soda. are you brushing and flossing 3 times a day, using a water pic, eating greens everyday? if not i would try those things.

Leafy greens naturally help clean the teeth as well.

Thank you for all your comments!

I floss after every meal. I am eating leafy greens every day. I used to swish water through my teeth every meal. I stopped doing that, but I will start doing it again! 

I am not using a water pic. Is this better than flossing? Which one should I buy?

I was told not to brush directly after my meal, since I would brush of the dissolved enamel. What is your opinion? Now I just brush once a day.

Thank you,


Nice video. I will follow the brush and floss recommendations!

I still wonder whether brushing directly after a meal is good or bad. In the video it is not mentioned as a bad habit. In the comments below Jim Thompson asks the same question. I hope this question will be answered.

Hi Mila,

Been eating this way for 6 years or so and wondering how your getting plaque. I brush and floss only once daily and have never had any build up. In fact my dentist always asks what I eat because he said I don't ever have any build up at all. I do ensure I eat plenty of greens (usually twice a day), but other than that I don't do anything special.


Hi Jim,

Yes I also eat greens twice a day. I feel like I am doing everything right, but still I am having a lot of plaque. I wonder if something is wrong in my body, such that I have plaque build up. I hope I will find out. If you meet anyone with the same problem, let me know.

Best, Mila

Thank you Cassandra for sharing your story! 

Out of curiousity:

* What kind of dental hygiene did you try before switching to baking soda?

* Do you floss?

* Do you use an electric tooth brush?

* You mention that ''Three years later my cavities have faded.. ''. Do you mean that you never had these last 8 cavities filled? Did they just heal?

Thank you,


Do you brush once in the evening and once in the morning?

If you brush in the morning, do you brush after or before breakfast?

Some people say you shouldn't brush your teeth directly after finishing a meal. You should wait for something like 15 or 30 minutes before brushing. What is your opinion?

I use Lugol's solution 5% Iodine. See for example: http://www.jcrowsmarketplace.com/1ozlugolssolution5valuepriceinclud....

You need four drops of Lugol's 5% to 8 ounces of water.  I put the dilluted iodine solution in a dark bottle in the cabinet, since iodine is sensitive to UV-light. Shake well before use. Take a mouthful of the dilluted solution and swish it around in the mouth for at 30 seconds or longer.

I have these recommendations from Don Bennett. It is mentioned in this discussion: http://www.thewoodstockfruitfestival.com/forum/topics/dental-hygien....

Awesome Mila thanks for the info on the iodine :)

Hey I was wondering if maybe using Iodine has made your teeth yellow...which chemical form of iodine are you rinsing with? Also, why use Iodine as a rinse, in particular...? I'm  curious b/c I haven't heard of this unless prescribed by a dentist.  Have you tried Amla powder - it is a fruit - dried indian gooseberry - good at killing the plaque forming bacteria -  :) 



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