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Hi folks, 

recently more and more people have been telling me that I'm too thin. My mother in law actually tried to force-feed me with cooked animals (!) when she was here the other day. I'm about 5 foot 4 inches (166 cm) tall and weigh 112 pounds (51 kg) and do not consider myself too thin but rather a healthy weight. I feel good in my skin, wouldn't mind a bit more toning up but I'm working on that. 

Have anyone of you had such comments? Is it just the wrong mindset of a society of more and more obese people who think, that when your collar bone shows, that's a sure sign you're anorexic? How do you react to such comments? 

Lots of love, xox


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If it bothers you, little eat a more greens and fat or way more fruit;)....no need for meat.

But I used to be that way doing modeling a while ago and I run a lot and I loved it, I was ashame only when I drop even more coz I have some intestinal infection and cannot drink and eat for 14days this way and I lost into 43, that was a problem for me, but 50 is ok, just get more puffy with sweet stored water in your cheeks, much your self more fruit;)....

Do you have any defficiencies? No, then you could continue if you feel like it, just dont go lower...

Thanks for your reply. I did have an iron defficiency - at least one doctor told me so, the next said it wasn't so. Well, I'm feeling good, not like I'm missing anything. Good to know that there are others out there. I wouldn't want to trade my body for one of those fat / bloaded ones, who all seem so sluggish. But yes, I am watching that I don't drop any lower. Thanks! 

Did you have any symptoms? I believe when you have low iron you are very weak and tired.  Deficiencies always show up with symptoms of one thing or another. For instance, I used to have white spots on my finger nails. This is from a lack of zinc. Since 811 they have gone away even though I have a below RDA amount of zinc on Chronometer. I figure that this amount is either inflated like the sodium and calcium rates or I am just better at absorbing it now. Either way I'm not worried because I have no spots on my nails. So don't worry unless you have symptoms!

And your weight is in the healthy BMI so I wouldn't consider that a symptom.

I do sometimes feel weak and tired, although mostly when I'm being lazy :-) Just can't stand to sit around and do nothing. Other than that, I didn't notice any symptoms. Maybe I should eat even more? 

Hi Steffi,

if I'd get an apple each time I hear that I'm too thin I'd be lost in an huge pile of them. :-D

Actualy, my BMI is certainly lower (1,74 cm, ~ 55 kg) and I think for males the "you're too thin" thingy is even more annoying, as only stout males are considered real males to many peolpe. For you as a womyn, there might be more jealosy involved. Oh my, I just noticed, mother in laws, oh my oh my... :-D Yes, that's most certainly some kind of jealosy plus she wants to show "who wears the pants" (is this an english idiom at all?) Steffi will get me nevertheless. :-)

That's my guess at least.

As long as you're healthy and feel comfortable it's easy: just change your mind. It's not us who are "too thin". It's them who are obese. If you are unsure whether they are right or not check the true answer for yourself, but free from false prejudingens. Be true to yourself.

Good luck!

Hi, that's a good one! Yes, I guess girls are real bitches when it comes to jealousy. Are you from a German speaking country because of the „who wears the pants"? 

Fortunately, not all girls are equal, and thus not all mothers or mothers in law are equal.

Even of the latter there are some who can be nice and kind.  Yes, I'm from germany.

Thought so, I'm from Germany too. Können also auch deutsch schreiben, haha! Ich mag meine Schwiegermutter sehr, aber sie weiß eben alles besser - Kind, dein PROTEIN!!! :-) 

Let's stay english here please, for the sake of the other readers. (Altough I doubt I'm doing them something good with my special english :-D ).

Fine if you like each other, that's great. But IMHO she has to learn to respect your food decisions and if she does everything is fine, if she doesn't you have to learn to show here where to stop (Grenzen ziehen).

Trying to forcefeeding me with carcass stuff would be WAAAAY over the rubicon with me. :-D

Oh yes, after she left, I made that very clear to my hubby. Not taking anyone telling me what to eat or not to eat! And she should know better since she always comments on my energy levels and can't understand how I can ONLY eat all that bad fruit and be running around like a mad cow :-) 

I relate to what you're saying Atreju, my bmi is even lower than yours (1,73cm, 50Kg). But I feel so good that I don't mind whatever people say. I think confidence it's a big part of health. You gotta love yourself, you gotta let yourself shine, and if you're not letting that happen, do whatever you can to accomplish it.

BTW I've always been thin (I weight the same as I did when I was 18 on a SAD diet). And I'm working on building up some muscle (but i have other priorities).

Love and light.

Hey Steffi, your BMI is 18.5. Anything between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered a "healthy, normal weight"! You are the very lean end of normal and healthy, so you don't need to worry at this point. You can comfortably gain a little weight and still be healthy, try not to lose any though!

Before 811 my BMI was 17.9, definitely underweight. Now as a fruit eater it's 21.5, but on my YT channel people still call me anorexic/scrawny/wasting away etc. Most of the people calling me those things are a little tubby I suspect ;-D




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