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I was on GI2MR and a guy was talking about fruit having too much sugar and being bad for your teeth and causing health complications...please, tell me if I'm off my rocker.

His point:

"Sugar is known to cause tooth decay. More research like what is mentioned in the video, proves that a high sugar diet, even if someone has been raw for a very long time and is now a fruitarian, can lead to health complications. The low sugar fruits, like Tomato, Peppers, Eggplant, Squash, Noni, Breadfruit, Jackfruit, Durian, Chempedak, Tamarind, Cucumber, Okra, Bittermelon, etc. are a better choice for regular consumption. The sugary fruits are better when eaten in the morning to giv the brain a jumpstart, since it relies exclusively upon glucose to function properly. I use dried Stevia Leaf Flakes to relieve the sugar craving after a healthy meal. Desserts can spoil an entire meal. Heard that one before? Part of my lightning quick recovery was a low sugar diet."

My response:

"I'm sure the health complications "dentally" aren't 1% of the problems you'll suffer "on the whole" if you don't eat fruit. We need more carbs than protein. The most easily digestible form of carbs is fruit. People live to be well over 100 on just fruit. Fruit detractors that call themselves "raw fooders" are still eating processed artificial junk and they think it's okay because it falls under the guise "vegan". It's a load of crap. Fruit is also the easiest thing on the system and it gives you the most, fastest. Not to mention sugar from fruit is not the same as processed refined sugar found in crap foods. People like doctors, the FDA and the cartel always try to equate high fruit consumption with too much sugar. It's a myth. Of course they'll say that. They know the more fruit we eat, the less of their crap we'll eat, the less of their meds we'll need. They profit from us not eating fruit. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!"

So am I crazy?

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Im with u Crabby. I put in my 2cents on the discussion x
way to go! if you are crazy they are certifiable saying fruit is bad for you.



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