30 Bananas a Day!

Too much sugar!!!! Fat is our fuel source!!!!! Type O blood is meant to eat meat!!!!

I went to a nutritionist today, and she is a holistic health and super into spiritual healing and all that "woowoo" stuff, so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try. I wrote down a food log for what I would typically eat in one day (bfast: smoothie with 6 bananas, a head of kale, tbsp of flax seeds, tbsp of chia seeds lunch: monomeal of 10-15 perismmons dinner: 6-8 sweet potatoes, 2-3 bowls of steamed brussel sprouts, steamed broccoli and steamed carrots snacks: 6oz of blueberries, 6oz of strawberries) 
She told me that 6 BANANAS IS WAAAAY TOO MUCH! And that all this sugar was going to give me diabetes and that all that kale was going to throw off my thyroid, and that this was NOT HEALTHY! She was like "6 OUNCES OF BLUEBERRIES! THAT IS LIKE THE WHOLE PACKET!!!!" 
I was about to burst out laughing! Holy f*&#!!! The whole packet!! hahahaha ssoooooo much (sarcasm sarcasm) 
I wanted to channel my inner durianrider and just cuss her out and tell her how she was completely wrong in so many ways!!! But by about the end of the session I was just in tears and super emotional (it was 5pm around my dinner time so I guess I was getting pretty undercarbed) 

I was just so frustrated though! Telling me that eating this way was wayyyyy tooo much sugar and that I am going to get diabetes. Yet she did this heart beat test thingy on me and the results showed in the range of what an elite athlete's would look like (and she's telling me to change how I'm eating)

She said we get our main fuel from FAT, and that I am eating waaaay too many carbs and sugar. And that I need way more protein and fat. And that she'd rather see me eat 5 avocadoes than 5 sweet potatoes!!!

She also said that I am type O blood and that I am meant to eat meat because of my genetics... WTF???

 I am definitely going to stick on this vegan high carb high raw lifestyle because I feel AMAZING and my athletic performance and endurance is great. But I am just so emotionally shaken right now and need some support and advice on how to deal with this. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! Love all you fruitbats and I will continue to munch them fruits 'n roots!!!!

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Don't ever spend another dime on this person again.

Eat more frequently so you don't cry irrationally.

Why did you go to this person? You don't need doctors if you feel good, just get a bloodtest every so few years and you'll be good to go.

Hey! If you're doing amazing on this lifestyle, and you see results, then you shouldn't listen to an ignorant nutritionist that has obviously no knowledge of how wonderful this lifestyle truly is. You should definitely avoid seeing her (if possible), and if not... If I were in your place I would recommend her to read the 80/10/10 book herself and then share her thoughts on the matter... or better yet, show her this AMAZING speech that has inspired many many people to become vegan overnight!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4 

(Make Sure To Watch it Completely! I know it's long, but it's sooo worth it! And even though he mostly shares his views on animal's rights, he shares the negative effects of consuming animals and animal products)

Hope it helped! Best of Luck!

Some people (ok lots of people) have no freakin clue. You don't need to worry about them, you're on the right path and that's what matters :)

I am really sorry that you gave this person even one penny.  She does not sound like she has a strong science background. Nor does she sound professional. 

Even medical professionals who think veganism is strange have remarked upon my quality bloodwork and food choices--but in a good way. 

This demonization of fruit will not last forever. Until then you must be prepared to occasionally encounter people who have no clue. I think the best course of action is to remove yourself from the situation as quickly and politely as possible.

I'm an o type and I was told the same stuff. Well let's just not listen to them!! OKAY? xD

I probably should have mentioned: I am only 15 years old, and my parents were the ones who mostly wanted me to see this nutritionist. They have seen however all the positive changes this lifestyle has brought me though, the increased energy, happy mood, and joy of eating, but I think going to this nutritionist made them think now that 6 bananas is too many and that monomealing is bad and that I need more variety and more balance in my food. I tried to explain that I may not have a ton of variety in one meal but throughout the year I get a ton of variety trying my best to eat seasonally, like now I have been having a lot of persimmons, in the summer I have a lot of cherries, etc etc and that I enjoy eating a lot of one simple type of food and a lot of it and it helps me digestion-wise as well. But she just kept saying how this was too much sugar and pure carbs and that fat does not make you fat that carbs make you fat, and my main concern isn't that she convinced me, it's that she convinced my parents, and now my parents aren't going to approve of me eating such large quantities of fruit and carbs... :( and she suggested things like vegan protein powder, and all of these supplements, but I want to get the nutrition from the actual food!! 

Hmmm. I can relate, being 17. My mom is a pescatarian ad my Dad is a SAD dieter,  and they both disagree with my lifestyle choices. But something I did was sit down with them and extensively show them exactly WHY i'm in this diet and HOW it works. If you don't already own the 80/10/10 book, i recommend you purchase it and share it with your parents. When I did that, both my parents finally understood me and saw how healthy this lifestyle really is. 

You see, if your parents don't know the exact same things that you do, then they will end up against you. Plus, this nutritionist MUST know that only BAD carbs (from cookies, cakes, etc) are the ones that make you gain fat, because it has a high percentage of oils and fat content (like butter, olive oil, etc) while fruits do not. Anyway as it is shown in the word fat, if you consume more FAT you will gain more FAT (Common Sense). Plus, supplements are only designed to help those who are not getting the nutrients from their pathetic SAD diet. 

I recommend you have your blood test taken so your parents can see how healthy you really are. 

Good Luck!

Sofia, I would say you are entitled a second opinion. In the field of medicine it is never one persons opinion you should resonate as the word of god... so to speak. If you are concerned because you are feeling i'll, I might go in and see a doctor, or if you are having a routine medical checkup.
The feeling of shakeness is most likely the fight or flight mechanism activating in your body which is to say that the agitation from a completely contradicting opinion to what you are accustom to was enough to trigger your adrenal glands (which are healthy) to signal adrenaline which most likely elevated your heart rate and made you feel anxiety somewhat.

Ultimately I don't think that you have anything to worry about if your vitals are in good order. In my opinion, If I were you, I also would not resist that doctor except to deliver to her a copy of the book "Dr. Neal Barnards Program For Reversing Diabetes" and simply mention, "well if I do end up getting diabetes then I can always follow this book and I should be fine too ;P

Its quite funny because of all the knowledge that I have been combing through I have come to find that the one common denomenator in the Health - Paleo - Primal - Vegan - Raw Vegan community is that all the above mentors generally remove the processed foods from their diets. None eat cheetos, cheese burgers from fast food chains, or deep fried anythings... So the common denominator is the processing of foods and the highly dense fats.

Now I personally prescribe to a vegan low fat high carb diet, so that makes me a little biased, but in the long run I would have to question her diet for her own family and wonder what her healht is.

Sorry for the long winded entry, hope this helps you.

Always get a second opinion, and get a broad perspective on any subject.

Your doc may be educated, but that doesn't make her knowledgeable.  I see you're already getting much good advice in this thread, but I'll give you one more consideration regarding this blood type fallacy she threw in your face.

Horses have about 8 blood types, and cows some 800.  But do we ever see one saying, "oh no, I'm a type neigh, I eat primarily wild salmon and walnuts."  Or "I'm a type moo, only lamb meat and rice for me."  

Of course not!  Like all living things, they can survive on unsuitable foods, but if they want to really thrive, then they need to eat their species specific diet, which for them is fresh grass.

For us, it's fresh tender plants, with an emphasis on fruits and greens.

More proof?

OMG, I hear so much from these morons. I have heard this again and again from nutritionists, personal trainers, and bodybuilders. Yet, when I ask them how to deal with issues around fat causing hormonal disturbances with me, they say, "Ok, then eat less fat". I say ok, so then I must eat more carbs and protein to make up for hte calories? They say, "No, don't eat more carbs". I say, "Ok, so I should eat most of my food in the form of protein powder?" (since plant protein sources also include carbs - such as beans, greens, etc.). They say, "no, just don't eat carbs and don't eat a lot of fat if you cannot and don't do more than 6 scoops of protein powder a day (600 calories or 120 grams). I'm like, "Ok, so then I don't get enough calories to sustain me." And they STILL do NOT understand. People are SOOOO illogical sometimes it shocks me! They just blindly repeat myths they hear with no actual thought or logic!

Don't stop doing what your doing! I used to be into the whole high fat thing and felt so so sick; I would put coconut oil in coffee/smoothies and eat cups and cups of nuts...then I'd have like one banana and get such a crazy blood sugar rush/crash that it would feel like I was about to pass out.

This happens because our bloodcells are only so wide, they're actually wider than the opening to our capillaries(small veins); so they actually have to fold themselves to get into the capillaries...but guess what? The blood cells can't when they're coated in fat because they're too big to fit through the capillaries! So you loose blood to your brain and feel tired/sluggish/dizzy.

Let me tell you, that's no fun! You're pretty young so you probably haven't tried many fad diets, but yeah...don't do high fat diets! They aren't as healthy as everyone says. 

You'll find most 'health freaks' are doing the exact opposite of what the high carb vegans are doing; so you can't really get through to them...some of them maybe. 

Keep doing you and getting healthy and vibrant and that holistic health lady will keep doing her thing until it stops working for her...then maybe she'll start asking you for advice ;)

Check out nutrition facts.org on youtube. I used their videos to reassure family members I will not get diabetes from too many sugary dates/bananas/etc. :).



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