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Hi everyone!

I know I should go to the loo 8-1 times a day, but I have to pee 15 times in 24 hours, and it freaks me out :D

I mean, I can't have a 1h+ conversation, I always have to say ' Yeah, okey, sorry to interrupt you but I have to use the bathroom' , I have to make sure thet there are toilets around, and the most disturbing is that I wake up 3-5 times every night to pee... Thus my sleep is not so relaxing. Has anyone experience the same? 

Thank you.

I drink 4-5 liters a day.

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4-5 liters a day is A LOT. Are you that thirsty? Maybe try decreasing the water intake a bit? 


It's not necessarily out-of-bounds water intake, guys, depending on her climate and activity level.  

But yes, Niiolett, it's ok if you want to decrease your consumption a bit, to see if you don't have to go as often.  

You haven't mentioned anything about your health history or time of following this lifestyle, but it may also be a stage in which your body wants to eliminate more than usual.  So feel free to experiment  just be aware it could just be a temporary phase.  

yea a lot of factors can go into this. but if she is over urinating and drinking that much water it could be a pretty obvious correlation.

i agree with doctor graham that humans are not biologically designed to drink water, we are adapted to get all our water from fresh fruits. he notes how primates in tropical heat and much physical activity thrive with little to no water outside fruit.

that said this is proven true in my own experience, the more water dense fruit i eat the less water i need, sometimes not even needing to drink any water the entire day, and i'll still piss nice and clear.

so if she is eating an 80/10/10 fruit based diet, primarily of watery fruits there is a chance she is practically drowning herself with all that water, which can do more harm than good.

haha i just have fun :). but honestly to me it seems like you guys like to OD on water, but hey if it works for you great.

This is exactly the reason I eat water rich foods allll day. If I have bananas and dates it is at night and one meal because I am horrible at drinking water and when I do drink it.. I need to guzzle it so I can get a lot down at that one moment. Why am I like this? I don't understand :)

Is it really that much? I know it's a lot, but sometimes you can hear, drink PLENTY of water, even Durianrider says so... Maybe I just misunderstood...
However, my digestion is so much better this way.

Thanks for all of you!!

For me, whenever I went from being under-hydrated to hydrated, there was a transition period where I peed like crazy, just as you describe. Over time though,  things sort of balanced out and I was not a slave to the bathroom anymore.

I always try to drink in the 3L range, because I always feel best when I have at least 3L coming in, but have days where I drink a lot more, it just depends on what I am eating and what I am doing. Probably a good idea to log your foods too if you aren't, to make sure you are getting enough minerals.



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