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I don't want to start a flame or anything...but I've been listening to a bunch of David Wolfe lectures, and he says that eating too much fruit is not a good thing...that is isn't good for the blood sugar.

However, I've read 8-1-1 and with my own experimentation, don't get much of a sugar rush at all from eating a large fruit smoothie (with several bananas and other things).

Does anyone have "sugar high" issues from eating too much fruit in a single meal? Are there specific fruits I should be careful not to overdo (e.g. grapes, dates, others?).

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I know I'm coming late to this discussion. But for the benefit of someone else who might be reading this: I tried 8/1/1 around 2007 and was getting dizzy everyday at the end of the day. After I found duriander and watched all his videos, I realized why. I fixed it, and now am going on my second month of lfrv (I do stray some days though, I am still learning to remain consistent). Haven't gotten dizzy not even once this time around.


The fix? WATER! The first time around I didn't think I needed to drink water. Now I know better. :)

mmm in the morning after if i havnt eaten anything yet and i eat a whole bunch of fruit melon in particular. I feel like i have the flu and i have to lie down for 10 to 15min in which it will pass.
DeeDee - do you drink water first thing in the morning? DR and Freelea say its the most important thing you can do, otherwise you're starting the day on a "dry system" and your body can't absorb the fruit's water.
Interesting--I hadn't heard that explanation! If anyone can elaborate on that, I'd appreciate it. Why wouldn't our bodies be able to absorb water from the fruit if we're "dry"? I know it does help me to drink water in the morning, though.
I wonder if this is just that your body doesn't really need food yet? Of course in transition, we need to eat as much as we need to be satisfied, but it seems ideally we probably wouldn't eat right away in the morning. I think as we get healthier, we would have enough energy from sleeping, and from our previous day's food, and probably wait a bit to eat. We also might "earn our food" by walking to it, climbing trees, etc.
I ended up creating big rings (lines) under my eyes by eating too much sweet fruits. According to Wayne (a member here) who specialises in Chinese medicine, I damanged my kidney energy and it caused the lines. Over the last summer, I ate heaps of fruits especially really sweet ones such as grapes, lychees, figs, persimons, lady finger bananas etc. Now I am eating less sweet fruit instead such as pears, mangoes, kiwi fruits and eat lots of vegies.
Kidneys, yes kidneys. Many things offend them, for me its too much celery due to its diretic properties. I'd avoid tomatoes, nightshades in general, parselly, cilantro, and beets for starters.
Chew your food well, thats good for every organ. Make certain to drink plenty of good quality water but not too much either. sleep, always important.
Have you gotten the results you want from eating less sweet fruits?
pears have around the same sugar content per 100g as figs and lychees and grapes.

chinese medicine is a load of crap! lol! saying we damage our liver eating sweet juicy ripe fruits says it all!

fruit bad! my potions good! please pay!
500years ago it was gold, now its mastercard..
mark its like this, people eat a load of fat and then the next day they try the fruit thing and get problems.

or they skip breakfast and run their blood sugar real low and have a decent feed and feel 'whacked out' by the sugar.

or they are dehydrated from their superfood and supplement and salt n oil diets and go to put in some carbs on a dehydrated system and once again, poor pear n peach get the thumbs down..

we are here to educate and empower folks with the fruit truth.
a person in the audience of my talk last week said 'dont you get bored with just eating bananas!'

i told em i eat more variety than anyone in australia! cos i travel and hunt the fruits so much.

simplicity at meal time, variety over the seasons..

wheat, cane sugar,meat, potato, oil and salt. throw in 10 years of full time training and a good drug regime and people win olympic gold medals with this combo. when we eat fruits and veg as our diet, we are becoming superhuman in our manifesting ability.

as soon as i read david wolfe i laughed. of course fruit is bad for you!!!! if he doesnt sell it to you its bad for you! dont eat fruit! (more for me) eat his mushrooms and powders if you wanna be a super human! all his products line up with the sun perfectly. david wolfe is a joke.


i wanna be as unhealthy as possible. thats why im a fruitarian!



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