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If I eat too many melons ( cantaloupe, orange-flesh, galia) I notice that the corner of my mouth gets a sore feeling like it's about to split. I only ever eat 2 at a time, maybe 3 total per day. I love them and want them to love me back! : )

Has anyone else experienced this or heard of this happening?
Thanks !

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nah, they've been right on the money as far as ripeness....
Hmm...the salt in melons maybe?

Yes, I've also noticed this happen with pineapples, and recently I had a bad mango experience where I had eaten too close to the skin, and it gave me the mango rash along with cold sore-ish slits in the corners of my mouth.
the acid?! honeydew can be quite acidic, as are pineapple, etc.
This is actually not so. All melons are highly alkalizing. The burning sensation has to do with certain enzymes, namely proteases (enzymes that digest proteins). See my comment below.
Hey Jennifer,

This is a great question, and one that I myself asked a year ago when enjoying summer's bounty of fresh cantaloupe, honeydew, and figs. There are certain strong enzyme in many melons (especially muskmelons, such as cantaloupe and honeydew), kiwis, pineapples, figs, and papayas (and maybe others that I am unaware of) which can cause burning sensations in the mouth (many of these fruits will actually cut my mouth to the point of bleeding). Some of these fruits (such as melons, kiwi, and pineapple) also have very rigid, jagged cellular structures which can harm the tissues of the mouth and digestive system.

The ripening process removes, eliminates, and/or neutralizes many of these enzymes, and the cellular structures do have time to complete their formation and become less jagged. (By ripening, I am referring to true ripening which only occurs while still attached to the tree, vine, or plant on which the fruit is growing, not the "ripening" that occurs after the fruit has been picked, which would more accurately be described as "softening" or "degrading", although some ripening can and does occur in some fruits after being picked.)

So, in conclusion, as we remove harmful irritants, such as cooked food, salt, spices, etc. from our dietary, our body sheds protective lining of our bodily tissues, thus rendering us more sensitive to irritation from said fruits. Whether we like it or not, these foods only have so much to give us. It is a personal choice that all of us can make. I have chosen to simply enjoy them very sparingly unless picked ripe in the field/orchard.

I hope this helps,
Ahh...this makes sense because there's seems to be no rhyme or reason in regards to which melons cause this sensation, which tells me that some are indeed picked ripe, while most are not.

Thanks for this explanation, Taylor! Your right, it is a catch 22...the cleaner our diet becomes, the more sensitive we are to unripe fruit. Better to grow our own : )
i just herd doug graham say in a talk that the white non-acid pineapples will be easier on the mouth, and he mentions the sharp shape of the cells of the unripe fruit.
I've also just experienced this for the first time. What a shame this is..



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