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So for the last few weeks I've been biking around around 60 mins four days and did yoga once per week. At first I was eating around 1800-2300 calories a day and feeling fine. Digestion was decent and everything. 

Now I've been eating around 2500-3000 because I just feel like it. I don't feel overstuffed at that amount of food but my digestion is awful now. I feel bloated and I can't go number two. 

Is this an indication that I'm eating too much now? Should I cut back down to the original amount I was eating?

I've also lost like 30 pounds recently and I don't wanna gain it back.. Please help!

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What are your increased calories made up of?  processed foods?  More raw foods?  More cooked foods?

I personally don't think that the calorie increase is responsible for your digestive changes.  More likely it has to do with what you eat to get the extra calories.  

As long as a majority of your dietary intake is whole plant foods, and your macros favor carbs over fats, and you drink plenty of water you should be fine.  When I'm able to eat my 1800 calories of Raw Fruits and Vegetables and another 800 calories of cooked food, there won't be anything stopping me from going to the bathroom the next day.

Bigger fruit breakfast and lunch. I occasionally eat some processed foods. If you would like to see an actual food diary, checkout myfitnesspal and my username on there is "paperthinlips" I just started eating more because of the fact I've been doing biking. Not super intense. Like riding 7mph at a light to medium pace with a little high intensity.

 I don't feel overstuffed at that amount of food but my digestion is awful now. I feel bloated and I can't go number two.

Bigger fruit breakfast and lunch. 

Ok. so you have only changed eating more fruit at breakfast and eating a larger lunch.    Is the larger component of lunch fruit as well?   So far there has not been much to indicate a cause for massive changes in digestion.  Any increase in overall stress?  What do you think is causing the problems you feel, what is your body telling you?

2500 is the bare minimum for ladies here at 30BaD.  Anything less than that is not supported on this site.  See the welcome wagon and 30BaD guidelines to read up on the details.  

We need more information... http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/when-asking-for-assistance

* How many calories or carbs do you eat in a day?

Increased to around 2500 average.

* How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan or rawtil4?

Over 2 years

* When did you last have cooked food?
Right now xD

* How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear? .75 gal, yes
* How much exercise do you get? 60 minutes of light to med biking 3-5 days per week and yoga once a week.
* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night? 1130pm and I sleep 8 hours
* How much sunshine do you get? today I got some. not much since it's winter
* What is your height and weight? 4'11'' 106 pounds
* What is your past health history? I came off of starving myself for around 3 years before starting this lifestyle where I gained like 50 pounds and within the last few months of eating a little less have lost 30 pounds.

You might benefit from more sleep if you are not sleeping as much as you'd like.  Lack of sleep can cause weight gain.  

It may be a case of eating more carbs and your body has to re-adjust as it did when you first came off of starving your self to rawtil4.  Can you give us a menu for a few days.  Maybe eating only the easiest to digest things and mono meals will help your body eliminate better for now and when your gut has healed up more you can add more things. 

Taking a large dose of vitamin c will cause a loose stool and help you eliminate, (for a temporary relief).

Thank you. How many hours should I rest every night? I try to shoot for nine or ten but often I can't get back to sleep if I wake after 7-8 and I feel fine all day.

You can see my full food diary on myfitnesspal. My passcode for my diary is 1896

My God 30lb, you deserve a medal. But seriously up your water intake with lemon and you should be fine

Thank you :D

Hey Hollyann,

Congrats on your excellent progress so far. Keep up the good work. The added calories wouldn't case the constipation, more likely it's something your eating now that you weren't eating before. I've been on this lifestyle for 6 years and I can tell you that adding calories won't have that effect. Something your can try is to make a banana and green smoothie every day. The added fiber in the bananas and green should help with the digestion. It's also a great and easy way to increase calories to support added exercise. Don't worry about the bloating as your body gets used to the added food, it will adapt.

I know people will try to tell you get more sleep because lack of sleep causes weight gain. Not Sleeping in and of itself does not cause weight gain. It's the fact that people who are tired will usually eat more junk food that causes the weight to be put on, not the lack of sleep itself.

Anyway add the smoothie in and let me know how it goes.


thank you for the advice :D



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