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Just a little background - I've been trying to go 811 for a little over a year now.  I've been going back and forth from lfrv to cooked vegan. In the past when I decided to give 811 a go - I'd still eat overts everyday (always under 10%).  Now 2 wks ago, I decided once and for all that I no longer had enough room in my life for cooked food and decided to go 811 FOREVER! 2 weeks in so far so good. And, I'm overt free on most days.  Less than 10% for the day when I do eat them.


I'm eating between 2500 to 3000 cals/day working on sticking around 3000. 


So this time around, in the past 2 weeks I've had several detox symptoms - I think due to less overts?


I've also been getting these little things coming up from my throat.  I don't know how to describe them other than small cream colored grains.  They are stiff enough to hold their shape, but soft enough to be able to smoosh with your fingers.  They smell like halitosis - I know...gross! From researching online, they are tonsilloliths or tonsil stones. Internet says they are made up of bacteria and mucus that solidify in the crevices on your tonsils. Also says they can cause bad breath - luckily upon survey of loved ones - I don't have bad breath! 


I've had a few of these in my lifetime before going 811, but just passed them off as a little pieces of food.  And in the past I only had one at a time.  Well in the past 2 weeks, there have been 2 mornings, including today, when I hacked up at least 5.  This morning I had a really big one.  ANYWAY - could this be a result of going 811?  Has anyone else experienced this? 

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Yes I have no problem getting them out when I see them but my bad breath persists. Any idea if this will ever stop reoccurring naturally with my clean diet? I am to the point where I don't get to kiss my boyfriend a lot and its really hard on me in the relationship :-( I love being able to be close with him its a big deal to me. Thank for the reply! 

One thing your might consider would be upgrading your diet even more to 100% LFRV.

RT4 is a decent option for those folks who need it, but you'll always receive optimal health benefit on full fruit strong raw.  Give it a try for a couple months and see if you notice any difference.

Also get yourself a tongue scraper.  

yes I think youre right here time to hop back on the raw train. I was 100% raw the first 3 months of my journey and it is when I felt my best. Thank you for the kind reply.

I've gotten tonsil stones on and off, like once every few months. My sister sadly gets them quite often. I have read it had something to do with food particles, bacteria, bad crap, and some calcium deposits going into your system that is harmful and your tonsils are pushing it out of your body through the tonsils to get it out. Just a natural response of the body. Bad idea to ever get your tonsils removed cause then it won't be able to push them out (least that's how I see it). Let your body do what it's supposed to do. 

I tend to use the back end of my toothbrush to gently press against the side/under of the tonsil so that it pushes it out.

Good point on it being a bad idea to remove them because then how would it get out? I never even thought of that just really tired of being the stinky breath girl to my boyfriend. haha I just realized this is what I have so maybe now that I am aware and always looking to clean that spot I will be more on top of it and my bad breath will go away. Do you or your sister struggle with bad breath even when you are cleaning the tonsil/ problem area well? Thank you so much this can be an embarrassing problem especially when you eat cleaner than anyone you know and they have fine breath :-(. 

My sister struggles with bad breath, I don't so much besides typical morning breath lol. For her, it does get a tad bad if there is a tonsil stone in her tonsil. By the way, don't break open a tonsil stone/crush it. It will smell HORRID. Don't do it haha. You're welcome Mango. Its not all that much of an embarrassing problem unless you view it as embarrassing. It's a part of the body. Just eat as healthily as you can. It "should" improve. I say should since there are people who are fully raw and it helps them. I'm not raw yet. Past few days, I've been living on potatoes, lettuce and rice until Wednesday. Ran out of fruit and money for myself lol. Glad I got a job a few days ago x.x

Thanks for the reply! I have been following raw till 4 for a year and a half now so I'm really hoping the clean diet pushes it all out eventually. Pretty awful problem to have especially when you eat clean and have good oral hygiene :-/ keep me updated if you find anything that helps.

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I know this is an old post, but I recently experienced an odd recurrence of tonsil stones after shifting my vegan oil-free and mostly raw diet to 80/10/10, so I thought I would jump in with some information I've discovered.

I've had tonsil stones on and off all my life, but I never knew what they were until I finally looked them up this week.  Occasionally, I would cough one up, and I always assumed they were coming from my esophagus as some kind of digestive byproduct, like acid reflux.  They used to occur more frequently when I was an omnivore (3-4 times a year, maybe), but since being a vegan for the past 10 years and oil-free for the past 5, I have only experienced 3-4 tonsil stones in total.  Now that I have learned a bit about them, I understand that they occur in the tonsils of people who have particularly large tonsil "crypts" (pockets), and that they occur more often in teenage years for these people (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonsillolith).  So far, my experience aligns with this information.

However, a couple weeks ago, two months into 80/10/10, I had a sore throat with a few white spots on my tonsils.  While trying to swab the white "spots" with a cotton swab, a large tonsil stone popped out, and the other white "spots" turned out to be tonsil stones as well.  There must have been 8-10, and after going so many years without them, I was quite taken aback.  This prompted me to look up "throat bacteria deposits," and that led me to tons of information about tonsil stones.  

With my recent change to a super clean diet, I wondered if something I was eating was causing this sudden resurgence of stones, so I looked up "tonsil stones + nutrition."  I found this great website, tonsilstoneremoval.org, (yes there's an entire website devoted to this fun bodily function), but I was already following all the advice on their page about diet.  Then I had an "ah-ha" moment on the next page I read, from doctorshealthpress.com.  Near the bottom of the article, "Tonsil Stones (Tonsillolith): What You Need to Know," the author recommended that people avoid mucus-forming foods and included bananas in the list.  Now, I have no intention of removing bananas from my diet, but I have noticed that after drinking smoothies with bananas, I have a build-up of mucus; whereas, with banana-free smoothies, I have no mucus.  It seems that my recent increase in banana consumption may have triggered the surge of tonsil stones, but now that I am gargling with warm water or a salt-water solution each day, the tonsil stones are mostly gone.  I've had one or two more, but I am confident that my body will adjust over time.

I hope these links and my experience is helpful to others.  I know this was a long post, but making the connection between tonsil stones and bananas is actually what led me to discover this very page and begin engaging with the 30bananasaday crowd!  Serendipity?  Perhaps.  Regardless, at the age of 36, I have finally discovered what this condition is called and that not everyone else experiences it.  It was somehow very satisfying to put a name to this odd occurrence I've observed my whole life and to see that others in the HCRV world are experiencing it too.  For those of you who do have tonsil stones, please be very gentle with your tonsils and don't obsess about removing the stones manually.  You can do damage to the sensitive tissues in your throat, so be careful.  Regularly gargle warm water, and periodically gargle a light saline solution (1/4 tsp water mixed with 4 oz warm water).  That should help keep your tonsil crypts nice and clean and free of tonsil stones!



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