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Rant incoming, i think for the first time in my life i'm making this thoughts of mine public, i hope not to offend anybody but i really need to get this off myself i feel like i'm having a breakdown at the moment....

So society, jobs wonderful concept i have to say except when you realize that it's not about the activity, it's not about something that you like, its not about doing something to evolve and make our societies stronger, united, it's about money, its about profit nothing else really matters, hence the state of affairs of our dear planet. Now i myself just recently started working in a job that i though was my dream don't get me wrong i still love what i do, but boy do i hate everything that's coming with it, business wow bunch of buls**t if you ask me, they don't give a s**t they just want profit and good reviews doesn't really matter, it's funny on how i look at every add, they talk like its something wonderful but in the end bunch of bulsh*t(i know these are not news to anybody) inside out, everyone talks big but it's more of fake it until you make it, it's pretty much an enhanced lie. And of course the more recent issue of badly paid jobs, high rent and high prices making it hard to survive on your own all just to really "feed" a few mouths so they can live like kings while everyone can just congratulate themselves they have now entered an endless life sucking cycle which is life itself by definition of society you grow up get a job spend most of your life working to earn money so that you can eat, have shelter etc around your fifties you start aspiring for retirement make plans to FINALLY enjoy life and here's what happens to some you can't really enjoy it you either

a) won't have much money

b) have some sort of illness which will make it hard/impossible to actually enjoy anything (which is why you were working in the first place)

and then look back and the time you were most eager to do something you spent it caged up in whatever job where you have to do, think what everyone else says, you cant be yourself that's too much, you can't really just enjoy or be easygoing in your workplace there are ears everywhere and if you're like me who just doesn't really think there's anything wrong with it may have some issues, people in general are hard to understand which is okay we don't fully understand ourselves sometimes anyways let alone other people, but some are particularly hard to get to the point that it's scary, it's scary how people act and talk in front of you and then go behind your back and say something else....i don't get it whats the point of that? why back stab someone that just why? why is there a need to do things like that? why do people need to be assholes to each other? why do we fight amongst each other for no reason really? Why does society have to be the way it is? judgmental by race, gender, looks, religious beliefs etc etc it goes on and on, why "punish" the inexperienced and young it's almost like it's a problem, why is there a need to label people? why do we do this? what's the whole point? don't we all feel that same? doesn't everybody have their insecurities? why poke someone else with same issues? why people think that just because they're paying for something gives them the right to be assholes to the person attending them? why is there a constant need to assert superiority at every chance? we are all the same, we are one big big family so WHY WHY WHY i don't think my brain will ever understand this i have a hard time being social, because i sometimes get the feeling i should have my guard up, my guard up = not talking, which is also bad because i'm misunderstood as antisocial/weirdo/arrogant/boring/ whatever else people can think of......

i just don't know middle ground i don't know how, and i'll easily so easily be back stabbed, or judged just because i'm so easygoing and then i feel lost and like i'm a total idiot, sometimes i feel like i'll never adjust to society and it's "unseen rules" it seems like most people (or the ones around me) are kind of doing okay, and i just feel like closing myself up in my room doing whatever i feel like (gaming, painting, reading, learning, crafts etc, etc) and just be in my own little world that is so comfy and nice....and then i feel weak for thinking like this but at the same time i feel like i'm always forcing myself to just live like everyone else when what feels more natural to me is to be a reclusive...

Well there it is i think i feel a bit a better, anyone who was able to read through all of that thank you, would love to hear what other people think i'm sure/hope i'm not the only on who feels like this.

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read it all and i have those same views....

thanks for the post. I feel the same way.

no problem, glad that there are people who can relate to this :)

I think you would really like to learn about a Resource Based Economy!!! It basically is a plan on how we can make our society more intelligently design by removing money, and giving people what they want by automating most jobs, because drive to make profit hurts us all in the long run.

yes! I've heard about it! i'm only familiar the Venus project i don't know if there other ones or if somewhere in the world they are starting to be implemented...

Hey Orenji,

Your post was actually very sweet, it shows you care.

Do you want to be like them, when you explain how unpleasant they are? You should be thankful that for some reason you are not like those who you describe quite accurately.

I have realised I can’t pick and choose.  I can’t get along and be sociable with the herd of people whilst at the same time giving a shit (also called CARING), as they care for nothing.

So I realise I have a choice, either I must choose to dumb down, stop caring, and then I can pretend to be happy about nothing, a grand façade, like they all are, but totally miserable and soulless inside, like they all are.

Or, I choose to basically be a lone ranger, occasionally stumbling across kindred spirits, fellow spirits who CARE. Care about right and wrong, CARE about being FREE.

If you want to be sociable, you have to try and not care about anything, you have to be prepared to stab every Tom Dick and Harry in the back, but then what is the point? What would be the basis of any relationship without basic goodness and caring?

So you are either different, you are free, free to be yourself and therefore benefit from not having their unpleasant traits which you vividly describe, but then as a result find you don’t have much common ground (a blessing). Or, attempt to create common ground and sacrifice all that makes you… you.

I understand it seems difficult, but thoughtful bright souls like you are desperately rare and much needed. I just feel sad for those who never understand what you have learned, what you have opened your eyes to.

Lastly, DO NOT EVEN BE TEMPTED TO ADJUST to society. ‘Society’ needs to waken the f*** up, stop being such a bunch of gullible, desperate, wanton, selfish ass***** and then if that occurs, we might find more of them more appealing to hang out with.

Apart from a bit of ‘sport’ talk, I have absolutely nothing to share with the majority of people. They are empty, they have no consideration or care for anything. What is there to talk about with such people? In the main, they define pure ignorance. They condone rape, murder through their eating habits alone.   

On a lighter and fluffier note, I like your comments on being comfy (my own little world that is so comfy and nice) sounded very cute. I am sure your own little world is very nice, and I am sure many are deep down, desperate to be more like you. How many can say their own little world is both comfy and nice, as you did in your own words.

Peer pressure alone is probably what prevents many from living a life more like yours, the same peer pressure you feel, but you are strong enough not to succumb to.

Thank you so much for this! It really helped me. Thank you for this perspective and for taking your time to write such a long, caring, empowering reply, i can only say thank you!!! :)



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