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To what extent is the Glycemic Index relevant on a low fat vegan diet?

A few people on here have mentioned that the G.I of foods isn't that important as we don't eat a typical SAD diet. What are the reasons for this? And is there any scientific evidence? I am doing raw till 4, so should I be mindful? Some cooked veg are high on the index (pumpkin, carrots, baked potatoes etc).

Also to reduce the effects of gi high foods it's recommend to eat fat with the carbs. So how does the fact that we are eating low fat help with this?

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not really the load is. 

So would you suggesting lowering the portion of, for example, bananas, at a given time? As the load is low for one banana yet high for 3 bananas...

The only thing I've noticed is that if you eat high GI foods, your energy doesn't last as long.  Ex: dates, grapes, oranges don't last as long as bananas or apples. 

Other than that, it doesn't matter.  You won't get fat on high GI fruits or starches.  Then again, I don't read science, I just observe my own experiences, so take this for what its worth. 

But bananas have a higher gi than oranges.. But yes I guess I'll just have to experiment myself. 

That surprises me because 1000 calories of bananas keep me satiated twice as long as 1000 calories of raw orange juice.  And I thought GI was all about how quick sugars burn, so that just goes to show either 1. its BS, or 2. everyone's body is different. 

I'm just sort of wondering, are you worried about weight gain, or energy?

I'm worried about weight gain. Although it is about how fast the sugar burns I don't think it always reflects how satiated you will be. For example boiled potatoes have a lower gi than baked potatoes but I doubt there is a difference in terms of satiation.

Oranges are low partly because of the fiber, so when you remove that and just drink the juice it becomes a very high GI.
@nigel, that's because it's juice, digests much faster

I don't think it's important. The whole, people being worried about G.I. numbers thing, is because most people on a standard diet are consuming a lot of fat, so sugars stay in the blood and become an issue.

If you're following 811 then this is not a problem, even if you are consuming cooked foods.

This subject conscerns me aswell, am i loading carbs too fast? Or should i moderate to 4,5 or 6 smaller meals?

Fat slows down blood flow so sugar spends a lot more time in the bloodstream when you eat a lot of extra fat.  By eliminating extra fat your blood can efficiently transport sugar to your cells no matter the G.I..


But don't high gi foods always release insulin which is a fat storing hormone? 



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