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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: here's the question

A friend of mine is about to do some Zoology research in which he will be working with capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris). As you know well, they can bite, so his supervisor has instructed him to vaccinate against rabies, just in case, to be safe. 

You can surely appreciate that this is no light matter, since, as you know well, Rabies causes acute encephalitis and in humans it leads almost invariably to death at least if post-exposure prophylaxis is not administered prior to the onset of severe symptoms.

Now you know very well the position of natural hygienists on this issue and their unwillingness to administer vaccines. but this case seems to be different, i don't know...

I don't think I'd risk it, as the risk involved in not vaccinating seems to be much higher than the risk involved in vaccinating.

I find this discussion very important because it raises several issues, which go to the heart of NH, including the effectiveness of vaccines. 

So, I'd be very glad if I could have your views or opinions on this matter, even if you happen to think that NH is as daft as a brush and natural hygienists, as nutty as a fruitcake...

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Pro-vaccination answers are not allowed here.  There's no point in asking, unless one wants to hear just one side.

I didn't know that was the case... Maybe I shouldn't have posted it...

could you please point me out to where in the guidelines does it say pro-vaccination answers are not allowed? thank you for your attention.

The PK's state it, just search 'pro-vaccine':

Freelee has brought to my attention that pro-vaccine talk is not allowed here on 30BAD as it is a drug and a poison.  

The guideline on the use of drugs is on the first page/link of the guidelines:
"With that thought in mind, we also will not tolerate any discussions that center around the use of drugs, recreational or otherwise. We are here to assist community members to be the best they can be, and believe that drugs such as chemo, vaccines and marijuana do not provide optimum fuel or nutrition for the human body but are just another stimulant that the body would need to detoxify which drains the body’s precious energy. The low-fat raw vegan lifestyle provides the best high anybody could ever experience, and we are here to help you achieve that."

Is it possible to vaccinate 'pre-exposure' to rabies? I have only heard of people getting treatment after a bite. But I live in australia so dont have much knowledge of this disease as thankfully we do not have it within our animal population. Though I have seen a rabid dog in india...not pleasant!!! Totally understandable why one should be very wary of any exposure to risk. 

Yes it is.  My vet IS vaccinated against it. 

Nonsenses,vaccines poison the blood and a previous healthy person is put on risk of losing the health, how can a vaccines in anycase be good? I can assure you that the long term effects can be far away worse than any illness, including death :D

I don't believe a person must get rabies only because of a bite. He can clean and disinfect the injured and that's all. Say him he must eat well hehe

For the record, he follows the (raw vegan) 80-10-10 diet.

Why would you damage your body to prevent damage?


Don't ever get vaccinated imo. it bypasses your natural methods of defence and is very illogical on many grounds. 


I guess it depends on what he believes to be the lesser of two evils!  Look at the probability... what are the chances he would receive a bite from a rabid capybara?  Will he in fact be hands on with said rabid capybara?  From what I understand this is only a preventative measure for the very small chance he would be (pardon my bluntness) dumb enough to get within biting distance of a rabid animal in the first place ;)  Can't they tell in advance which animals are sick and which aren't??  Tell your friend to ask how many people have contracted rabies in such a setting in the past?  My guess is not very many.  I don't really know a lot about the disease in animals, but I was always told there are signs and symptoms one would know right away the animal wasn't right.  But I also don't know in what manner your friend will be working with these animals either.  What are the other natural methods he could take to prevent a bite?  Tell him to always stay behind the rest of the researchers so they can test just how effective those vaccinations really are!  =D 


Now, what are the chances vaccinating would cause bodily harm??  100% whether minimal and unoticeable or a significant reaction since he practices such a NH way of life in the first place.  100% chances that are 100% preventable.


Hope that made sense and of course this is just my opinion =)


Good luck to your friend!



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