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To take antibiotics or not? Where do you draw the line?

I was recently diagnosed with Lyme and have been in pain from it for 6 months until I could find a doctor who could tell me what is wrong. The usual protocol is a round of antibiotics could be up to a year....even my naturopathic doctor is saying I should. Does anyone have advice?? Would you take the antibiotics or go another route? When do you give in to western medecine?  Fasting won"t work for this kind of disease because it goes into cyst form understarvation and comes out again when its all good...very clever  little guy.

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Ive heard mms is a cure for lyme. To be honest I dont know if this works but it seems like some alternatives couldnt hurt to try first. Caprillic acid could help too- its from grapefruit seeds.. Good luck with that- that is a lot of pain to go through!
OH WOW Awesome advice!!!



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