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Do you get those people that say your losing to much weight? what is the optimal body fat % for an althete? 2%? 5%? 8%? What sort of answers are you giving people that comment on your weight loss? I usually just tell them its good for cycling and heart and health.

Thanks Friends!

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Long term, your body will be exactly where it needs to be. I tell myself and others this quite often. I don't see body fat % as static; everyones different and it will even out to be tailor made for them. It's beautiful how mother nature will care after us; making us neither too large or too small, long term on this lifestyle. :)

It's just an offhand comment from folks who really aren't thinking.

Best to respond with a grin and a wink and something like: "You know what they say--You can can never be too rich or too thin!"



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