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To people posting about 30BaD restricting their freedom of speech

In the past two days I've come across former members who now complain about the treatment they've gotten on here. 

One of the girls, I believe I posted kind and solid advice to her. She was expecting weightloss and benefits and posted all of her information, cals and such, and was only on lfrv for a few days or something. Obviously it's not going to go that fast. DR posted a comment that she talks about, to me, it read as funny. I chuckled as I read that. But, she felt attacked, or so she says.

I don't know if any of my posts have ever gotten deleted, but I really don't care. I don't take myself that seriously. When I ask a question that is considered stupid and gets erased, so what, *I* know it was an honest question, and I should look elsewhere for answers. I am not letting others take away at my sense of value and self-worth like that.  

I do carb up a lot before getting online, as I do have a sensitive skin *lol* 

Basically, this forum goes by very strict rules about what you can and cannot post about. It's in the Terms of Service as you register, you've read it and agreed to it when you joined. You *have* to be likeminded, if you're not, there are other places for you.

I believe it's because otherwise they are getting a whole bunch of Paleo-pro-meat comments that there's enough of in other areas of our lives... *lol* This place is VEGAN only, and as far as I can tell, even high raw'ers are welcome here too, as I've never felt out of place here as a high raw low fat vegan.

Personally, being high raw, not 100%, due to my own lack of making it work for me for various reasons that I deem valid in my own existence and  don't feel a need to explain or justify to others, I take from the site what I can. And discard other things. If I post a question and it gets deleted, then so it does, big deal, I guess that's my answer! :))

This site endorses Skinny Bitch, and that's the book that truly changed my life and made me go vegan. I don't follow it to the letter, but I draw ideas from it. Like many other books I've read by John mcDougall, John Barnard and even that book by Alicia Silverstone. And of course 80/10/10 which is one of my favorite books that I often refer back to.

I don't follow ANY book or regime to the letter, I follow my own course, taking bits and pieces of information and making it my own. No book or doctor, and certainly no 30BaD'er knows my system better than I do. If I ask anyone a question, I will just have to take whatever they give me and go with that. I can either decide it's useful or not. 

Life is not that complicated, folks.

Would I personally delete comments by others, no, I wouldn't, for whatever reason. I am not threatened by differences of opinion, but, I do at times get a bit tired and wary of having to explain the same things over and over, like where am I getting my protein and how in the world is there anything that tastes better than dead corpse. So, I ignore those posts or questions, and/or refer them to videos or blogs that address it. 

But, that's the way it is on this site, it's what you agreed on when you signed the terms of service.  If I feel like posting something contrary to the way of life on here, I post it elsewhere. I did NOT sign an exclusivity clause, and I for one love getting bits and pieces from different sources of information. The PCRM site is a huge one for me.

I still have my own opinion on what works for ME, and that's 100% vegan. For ethical reasons and for health. I have the results that testify that even high raw high carb vegan works.

You will start seeing results pretty soon, it happened for me within the first week of going vegan. And, it's still happening, one year later. Pace yourself, sometimes the results aren't as visible, but they're still happening!!!

I was a lacto-ovo for one year in college and went off it because it was "too hard". Thinking back, that was the skinniest I ever was, in that year, even on eating pus. I didn't see the results back then, and was still unhappy cos I was still drugging myself with animal secretions. GIVE IT TIME. 

Results will come in their own way, in their own time. They're already here, you just might not be able to see them. Don't go b*tch about this forum just because you can't see the results for yourself and others don't respond by enabling you. 

I mean no offense to these girls, I hope all the best for them and hope they find a place that suits them better. As far as I'm concerned, everyone is welcome to post on this thread whether they agree with this or not.  

I posted this to say to these girls and people who feel the same way as they do, that I don't fully live as prescribed by this site. Many people will read this and think I ought to go 100% raw and stop whining *lol* But, I will do so in my own time. In the mean time, I turn here to get inspired, to learn more and to educate myself. I am not too poor to pay attention and I want to learn and am adapting every day. THAT is why I am here.

Any deleting or bitchy comments just tell me to investigate my self, the way I expressed myself or something like that. 

I'm not a moderator on this site, so it's just my opinion.  

Have a brilliant day!


Usha :)) 

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Thanks for your post Usha :)

Managing over 8000 members and keeping the focus firmly on a high carb raw vegan lifestyle can be a big challenge but the 30BaD method is working or else it wouldn't be the busiest raw vegan (& vegan) forum on the Planet.  We were once all about "say whatever you feel", freedom of speech at all costs etc but that just led to freedom of screeeeech and really brought down the vibe of the community. Anyone who runs a big forum will understand how challenging this is.

If newbies want the best assistance possible then we advise them to be respectful (& they generally are) to those who have years of experience on a lifestyle they know little about...calling the community a cult or totalitarian dictatorship and more obviously won't fly lol. It's pretty simple, if you don't like how we do it here then there are always less 'rigid' forums like giveittomehowever ;-) Dhrul what happened? :(


"If I feel like posting something contrary to the way of life on here, I post it elsewhere."

- Makes perfect sense. 


Glad to hear how far you have come Usha :)

In the above I meant NEAL Barnard, I never heard of John Barnard... *lol*

+1 Saba


Very well said Usha :)

Right on Usha!:)

Great post Usha.

I think it's a good thing that this forum is strict because otherwise the message gets diluted and before you know it 30Bad will just be another confused mess of a forum. Not pointing any fingers *cough* GITMR *cough* lol!!

If someone wants to @#$%^ about 30Bad and it's policies or promote non-vegan stuff then they'res nothing stopping them from setting up their own forum or going somewhere else to do so. Stop being childish and expecting to do it here.

When I come here, I feel like it is an extenstion of my home, like minded people, support, but above all- putting nature first. I spend a lot of my time surrounded by people who don't care about the planet, so it is really refreshing stopping by here. 

Well said Usha


I feel the same way Jo!


I don't even know of any other vegans living in my area so at times I can feel a bit like I'm alone.  (Like earlier today when my neighbors were looking at me like I was crazy because although it's January and it's cold outside I was laying outside on the grass with nothing but shorts on trying to get some sun on me.  (It was the first clear and sunny day we've had in a long time and I was really craving sunlight.)  If my neighbors were into this lifestyle they would probably be outside soaking up the sun as well, but I'm pretty sure that I was the only one in my town working on my tan today, just like I am the only one buying bananas by the case where I live.


Having this on-line community with thousands of other like-minded people is too valuable to put a price tag on and the thought of this forum ever turning into another "Give It To Me Raw" is depressing and kind of scary when you realize that all it would take is a little bending of the rules.  

:) yep me too

I feel absolut the same, too. I ve never met another vegan in my live and all the people here around me think I am crazy eating fruit all the time. Its so good to come here and to see and feel that others are doing the same thing! I love 30Bad!

Perfect post Usha!

The fact that this forum is so focused, well moderated, and kept on topic is probably the main reason it's the only forum I'm active on. You never have to sift through a load of confusing or idiotic posts here to get to the information!



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