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Okay, this may sound petty, but I think it makes for a valid discussion. I dont really care for the taste of papaya all by itself, however if I sprinkle lemon juice all over it I can eat it aallll day long.
So if a food doesnt appeal to me without combining it with another fruit, then should I really be eating it? Or am I just making a big deal over nothing really?
Has anyone else had this sort of issue, really liking a fruit but only if the flavor is combined with another?
I am trying to adopt a mono eating style as much as possible, but not sure I want to give up my lemon doused papaya yet.

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Thats what I am thinking. Unfortunately I am not finding many of the seasonal fruits currently appealing, but I know I am processing salt out of my system so my taste buds may just be out of whack.
Even if I keep eating the lemon papaya though, at least Im not eating salt anymore. Maybe once I feel detoxed I will focus more on eating only mono fruit that appeals to me. Im such a dive in head first type though: )

Thanks for your input.
I live in Hawaii, so Im certain they are papaya: )
Curious about this pawpaw youre talking about.
Seems to me people either love papaya or cant stand it.
I only like it with lemon, havnt tried lime though.
I don't know what kind you are eating, but genetically modified papayas are cultivated on Hawaii, and have been known to contaminate organic papaya crops.


So, other than possibly health risks, I wonder if that could affect the taste. (I think the rare almost-ripe ones I sometimes can get taste pretty good.)
i never heard it called pawpaw until i went to australia last month.. pawpaw to me was the green fruit with the white creamy inside (so good).. i couldn't tell the difference so much between papaya/pawpaw.. pawpaws (in AU) seemed to be more rounded (pear-shaped) like a hawaiian papaya, but also came large.. think we need an aussie to explain this one..
Into Raw is from Australia, that explains things.
One day I will fly to Australia and eat a pawpaw.
i'm familiar with the custard apple.. the pawpaw is very different.. more like a white sapote

Thanks, it may be just what I need to get through the winter season. Im getting tired of bananas.
Yes it is the same to me. The only problem I have with too much lemon is enamel loss, but I love the stuff. Lemon water is sooo great.
I just trashed my Braggs Aminos, and after trying various dressings for replacement decided that red leaf lettuce tastes better all by itself. I dont think Im into salads anymore, just going to start eating lettuce straight up. If I make a salad I find the salt association/addiction kicks in, and its very hard for me to resist.
I tried lemon on my salad and its not doing it for me, probably cuz I still have salt swimming in my veins.
you need to taste the different flavored red flesh papayas I grow on Big Island, most places sell commercial types without much good flavor
there is farmer in oahu, Waimanalu, name frankies nursery, he has excellant types of papaya, malasian and thai kinds also non gmo
Thank you, surprising as it may sound, high quality local produce has been challenging for me to find on Oahu. I have to find people with trees in their backyard lol and Im a busy woman.
ya feel my frustration then..
I live in Mililani, Chinatown is cheaper but its a drive and parking is a bitch.
They do offer a pretty nice variety though not organic.
Even the farmers markets here are pretty expensive from my experience. Maybe Im not looking hard enough, or maybe I need to move to another island.
Have you ever tried pink papaya? Gorgeous......sweet and a bit like strawberries!!!!!mmmmmm no lemon needed.



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