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What will you guys do when you break your leg, or get shot or stabbed or hit by a car? Or get bitten by a poisonous animal (vaccinations and anti-venom are like, the same thing)? Also, why are you guys against chiropractic care? I have scoliosis and all they do is do adjustments and have you do exercises to help your spine go back into place. They don't make you take pills or shots or anything like that. I really don't understand why you guys don't like chiropractic care.

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I'd go to the doctor if I broke my leg. Modern medicine has learned some great things about the human body but not every doctor uses modern medicine correctly. 

Who is you guys? I don't see an issue with chiropractic care. Also modern medical doctors are critical when it comes to lab tests for blood work, and trauma cases. Anti venom I'm not sure of. But once they stitch you up get the heck out of there before they kill you.

It was a few months ago (I've had the chiropractic care thing on my mind for ages) and someone had uploaded a photo bashing all forms of modern medicine, and a lot of people were like 'Yeah! Modern Medicine sucks!' 

Use your brain. HCRV can solve a lot of issues but can't fix a compound fracture or disks that are out of place. I don't know much about yoga but I don't think it can do what a chiropractor does.

I am using my brain. There are a lot of people who hate modern medicine, and so I want to ask them what they'll do if they get hurt. I don't like that a lot of people dislike modern medicine. There are good and bad parts of it.

generally they do not treat causes as it would hurt their bottom line 

three years ago i ran into a hole playing soccer & i had an operation to screw my  ankle bone back together so it can heal .without it id be a painful hobbler 

they do great on curable blindness & emergency care like what happen to me 

the stuff they do right may not bring in the needed coin as much as the stuff they fail to cure but to treat symptoms  for a very long time  $$$$$$$$

this inquiry is based on a ridiculous assumption. you're definitely not using your brain.

if you were to poll everyone on this website, 99% would say they're for modern medicine when it comes to emergency care. 

It's common sense. medicine is good at fixing things that are broken, and awful at preventing and responsibly treating disease because the latter is entangled with the agenda of drug companies and the medical industry. 

I'm guessing they were being inexact when they said no modern medicine at all.

Modern medicine should only be used in an emergency. For example, if you ate a S.A.D diet your whole life and you have a blood vessel in your brain about to rupture. Go to the doctor and get the surgery or take the pills they give you. It would make no sense to now decide then that you want to rely on plant foods to prevent you from a serious injury or death that could occur in a matter of hours. The natural plant based lifestyle treats the underlying causes, prevents disease, and can even reverse disease. But, if one already has life threatening symptoms from a life of bad choices then I say you should put your faith in modern medicine as horrible as that may sound. 

I don't endorse modern medicine, but again, in emergencies like a situation where surgery is needed or death is on your doorstep. I would go to the doctor and let them do what they do, but at the same time changing my unhealthy lifestyle habits, so I would have a lesser chance of going back to that hellish place

Oh, and chiropractic care shouldn't be condemned. I'm sure most of the fruitarian community would agree with that. Dr. Graham was a chiropractor himself. And chiropractic care is used continously in holistic healing

I haven't seen too much anti-chiropractic stuff here if at all. In February I will complete my Doctor of Chiropractic degree and in the student clinic it's amazing the results I've seen with my patients thus far.

Chiropractic is the opposite of allopathic medicine. The chiropractic paradigm is congruent with holistic and/or natural hygiene. The chiropractor DOES NOT HEAL anybody, we simply remove the nerve interference do to certain vertebrae being misaligned in the spine. The misalignment causes pressure on the nerve. The nerve system controls all other functios in the body, all of your organs.

I know many chiropractors that say their patients who do yoga hold adjustments longer. But I doubt yoga could correct a subluxation, since the force has to be so precise, the exact opposite of the misalignment, and though the angle of the disc. If the force is off only a little the adjustment won't be successful.

The body is very complex, one of my patients who has a hip subluxation gets more pain relief when I adjust his T5 upper back vertebrae than his hip! (I adjust both segments). And his constipation has gone away, which is consistent with the removal of subluxation in The hip region.

I encourage everyone to get their spines checked by a chiropractor, because the last thing that shows up is pain:)
And if one is break one's leg it is important to seek emergency care.
The hospital is like the fire fighter, good in an emergency. But you wouldn't call the fire fighter to prevent your house from being burnt down? The same with drugs and emergency services.

In other words allopathic medicine and emergency care function to help you get from break down to sick with no symptoms.
They don't know how to get to health.:)



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