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I am working with a very renowned physician here in Boulder on my chronic fatigue, fibro, adrenal exhaustion, hormone imbalance, leaky gut, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity and muscle autoimmune disease. I am on many supplements. He has given me his blessing to go raw vegan (not that I needed it - but it makes me feel safer and more supported). I am really struggling with budget right now and just realized I spent 7K on supplements and herbs last year. Oh my God! I certainly cannot do that ever again. That being said, I feel some of them are important (specifically gut healing agents, adrenal support, heavy metal chelators, probiotics, b12 shots). What has been your experience with supplements and raw. Did you stop all, some, none???? Have you had any of the same health challenges?

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your getting ripped off. your allowing yourself to get ripped off by your lack of knowledge.

read 811 back to front, inside out, in chinese, french and spanish.

all those supplements are actually detremints. they are nothing more than pharmacutical grade drugs with better labelling and sold by 'alternative' people that pride themselves how 'anti medical model' they are but in reality they use the medical model.

what is the medical model? for every symptom we have a pill, potion etc.

get all that stuff and throw it in the compost. you wont ever need another pill again.

fruits and veg provide all we need and if we believe the hype sellers, then we could consume 1000's of products daily. cos each of them claim to know more and have a better product.

give me 10k and i could spend it on supplement hype in a few hours and not be healthier.

but what about this and what about that? people might ask. well with that sort of mindset, we will continue to live in fear and continue to fall prey to clever marketing and fear based propoganda.

its time to put our faith in mother nature and restore balance and harmony.
811 in chinese? where?
HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know who Tyler Durden is, but that line is hilarious! :)

Like Mario said, Probiotics are pretty-much nonsense. They are now finding in research over and over again that its prebiotics which are the most important thing. Prebiotics are the food that the friendly bacteria eat. If you consume a diet that is high enough in Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS...ie what the 'good' guys eat), then their populations will increase and they will take care of the ratio's between the other populations of bacteria.

The clue as to where you can find Fructo-oligosaccharides comes in the name...fructo...fruit. Bananas being one of the highest sources of FOS. Eat lots of fruit and minimise your intake of fats, starches, alcohol, cigarettes, medication and unfiltered water and your bacteria levels will sort themselves out.

Digestive enzymes are for people who are eating a diet that contains foods we cannot naturally digest, on the whole. If you are consuming cruciferous vegetables, like kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli etc. then these would include some of the foods that we are not designed to eat...if you cant eat a food without digestive enzymes, in its raw natural state, we probably werent meant to eat it is my motto.

Of course there are times when people genuinely struggle to digest food even when theyre not eating difficult-to-digest foods. These times would include:

1) when someone is not chewing properly. As the Buddhists say: "drink your food and eat your drinks".

2) Zinc and/or protein deficiency. Zinc is the backbone of our DNA and is responsible for cellular integrity. It is essential for enzymatic functioning. If you are not able to digest food at all without digestive enzymes, even with thorough chewing, you might be zinc deficient. Taking a zinc supplement for a very short amount of time (ie. no longer than 2 months), at a therapeutic dose, (eg. 30-50mg, building up to that dose), would be more effective at treating the cause, than using enzyme supplements. If you keep using the enzymes, you will just make your body lazy, thinking it doesnt need to produce its own enzymes. Since enzymes are also proteins, its possible you may also be under consuming on protein, though this is less likely.

3) High stress levels, including consistent insufficient sleep. Stress hormones shut down the digestive system, because it tells the body that it is in fight-or-flight mode, and hence digestion is not a prioirity. Its always a good idea to make sure are totally relaxed before eating. Do some 7/11 breathing to stimulate your bodys relaxation response , do a little meditation perhaps. Take soe time to notice any areas of tension and loosen them off. You should only eat in a relaxed, comfortable, happy state.

4) Poor food combination choices. If you make your food-combinations too complex, or miscombine certain foods, you may struggle to digest certain foods properly. Eat as few ingredients per meal where possible. Mono-meals are optimal.

5) Drinking fluids with meals, or close to meals, can dilute digestive enzymes, which will impair digestion.

Silica is abundant in most fruits and veg, particularly cucumbers. Eat a whole cucumber every day as an alternative to supplementing.

That would be my thoughts anyway, its obviously your choice and preference what you do. I just always think we should address the causes of why we would need supplements, to render them unnecessary.

Take care

Adam x
I love your posts Adam!, I learn something everytime!!
Thank you so much!
The day I changed to low fat high fruit, I quit the supplements. Vegan multivitamins, vitamin e, evening primrose oil, royal jelly, probiotics, co-enzyme Q10, artichoke, starflower oil and milk thistle. I am even detoxing off them I'm sure of it. It's all too easy to become dependent upon tablets like these when infact a high fruit, nutrient packed diet should provide you with everything you need.
Shifting to a low-fat vegan diet is a milestone for you and the road back to health. IMO,you should drop all of the supplements period and focus on Whole plant foods,rest,exercise,and sunshine. There are no healing agents. All your body systems will heal naturally in their own time frame. You can buy plenty of organic produce with the money you save on supplements!
Yes Mon, I do take B-12(the only supplement I have taken in well over 20 years)The reason I told Dancing Light to drop them all was that he already had been getting B-12 injections. And his body needed a clean break from all of them.....please do consider a B-12 supplement,for assurance.
Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions. I value them greatly. I think I am going to go off all supplements except for my b12 shots and my liver support (ha ha....). I notice no difference on them and feel that looking at that table of bottles reinforces the idea that I am sick. And if I have that bad of digestion can I really break them down???? I am having a real wake up call right now. I just went through last years budget and realized I spent over 50K on supps, doctors, tests, hospitals, specialists, bodyworkers. It is INSANE! And not sustainable. The only way to freedom, financial, physical, emotional, is to try this raw thing. I see no other way. I have been leaning this way for a while. But I finally have reached the point where there is no other choice. It is a hard change to make though.....I am so used to feeling like crap!
You don't need B12 shots or supplements.

The microbes in your gut produce B12, just don't eat spices, onions, garlic, salt, and other irritants/stimulants.

If for some odd reason you have B12 defiency symptoms several months down the road on 811rv, which you shouldn't, then consider testing/supplementation. If you are that worried, you could just supplement, but to blindly take one when you most likely do not need it, is a fragmented and fear based approach.

Injecting things into your body isn't a great idea either.

Your liver will be supported by this diet, the herbs you will take will only serve to throw your body out of balance somehow.
Be prepared to continue feeling like crap. Going raw and dropping the vitamins,herbs,metals,etc. Is going to be a downer,at least for a while. You will no longer have the stimulation they give.....you may stop the B-12 injections if you wish. Sub-lingual tabs are just as effective. Doctors give them simply because of medical bias.
Sorry, but I always thought that doctors only gave B12 shots to people who lacked intrinsic factor (a protein or enzyme substance produced in the stomach - of those who are healthy). I was 'taught' that in my Anatomy & Physiology course that this was the case anyway....
Soooo.... if it is - perhaps some people still need to get the shots????



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