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  Turned 27 a few months ago and it has been hard for me the last few years because of unemployment, lack of direction, purpose, etc. I'm living with my mom at the moment and even though she has been supportive and understanding, it just does not help me to be at home anymore. If I knew I would of moved out when I turned 19.  Around 19 I entered the army as every male does in this country after finishing school and the transition caused me plenty of emotional upset as I was seeing my life in a different light. But then out of ignorance , went back home.


  A few more details if you are reading still. I didn't graduate from any universities even though my parents had  sent me to 3 of them, 2 here in Cyprus and 1 in England. I finished a private school at 19 (7 years in that school and most lessons in English therefore my skill in the language - I know it's poor but I try...) Basically, I did not wish to study anymore. But parents pushed me to anyway. Shame that I got treated like that to be honest.

But my point is that, after have watched videos of you guys, it just hit me that I have not been living my own life for plenty of time. Therefore making myself unhappy :(. But it's time to start. It has been unfair really to live with a parent after a certain age, it would be for anyone. And it's been a mistake that I hadn't seen to be sooner but I see it now.

On a note, I lived on my own for 5-6 months and another 6-7 months and any chance that I can find to be on my own but I felt powerless to make it on my own permanently. I traveled a few places, but the real journey is within.

At the moment I'm not sure how I can make an income and I really do not want to be around any of my parents for money. They already spent too much to get me to study, and useless therapies and such that honestly all I wanted was a bit of support money for rent  and just peace. Giving money to someone somehow is unfair. So I'm upset about my situation as you can see, but being upset really how does it help me move on? So what i need is to make a way out. I'm not stupid, I've just had lots of disappointment. And at least I know that it is not natural to stay with a parent at my age. Even if a few people I know my age do.

..anyhow, that choice was not clear to me back then. But I thought I'd post here. I'm not on any other forum or anything. And if anyone feels like offering a point of view, just a genuine and honest opinion from them, I would appreciate it.

Does this post go against the 30 bananas website? It's really Off topic so I'm sorry about that. Sorry about the drama. Be well.

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hello elvenf! check this out :)



Men, you just describe some parts of my life. Im a few years younger than you but we had pretty much the same past. 
I started working with 16. I stopped studying with 19. I tried to go into the army as well because by that time, the government were making a huge marketing on it. I couldn't go in so i continued working somehow at least to avoid my parents giving me money. 
With 20 I decided to leave the island (Gran Canaria, Spain) and try Madrid (2.000 km away, in the centre of Spain). 
It was a bit hard, but 2 years later i moved from Spain.

Now, I'm 25 and I'm at home for two months already, and I felt like you the very first day. "How can I live with my parents, paying my food and basic stuff instead of me, paying their new fridge or car or whatever... minimum". 

First of all, you're thinking on that seriously and you're trying to move forward. Just wait for the time to give you what you deserve. 

I don't know if this helps you, but it does in my case.
We live in the mountains and we have a big house with a huge territory. So we are making reshapes every year, actually, we have never stop making them. So now, im doing as many rebuilding as i can. I wake up at 7am, at 7:30 im working. I stop some days at lunch and clean the house on the evening, or just continue working right to the evening. 
I mean, im working for them, Im sweating the t-shirt has all workers do in their jobs! 
With this I feel better, although i know the money its important. That's why im looking forward to move out as soon as possible.
We have to know that, unfortunately, we have to pass over this situations and let the family hold us for a second in our lifes. We don't have the lucky that many, many people have, BUT, we are there trying to move, we understand the problem and we try to fix it. 

In addition to my rebuilding, im guiding my mum into a HCLFrv lifestyle in order to heal her diabetes type 2 which its giving her amazing results.
But also! Im trying to make my dad understand this lifestyle, just for him to live his life in the best possible way. I'm making the meals and explaining what I've learned from the books so they can open the mind a bit more than yesterday. I think we are just making a step back, waiting to move two steps forward.  

I hope it help you not to find a job, but to lead with your parents situation. Sorry about my writing, English isn't my mother language. 
If there is anything more i can share, i will. Just let me know your thoughts : )

Good luck men!  

Ηευ Zeus, thanks for the reply. My main tongue is Greek Cypriot and its dialect is slightly different than Greek, it incorporates a few Arab, Turkish and Italian words. It can sound more like Italian than Greek.

My thoughts are, it sounds that you are active when building stuff, repairs etc. , that's great.

Also, living in the mountains sounds beautiful. The important thing is to have the freedom to do whatever you like, what makes you happy while also having discipline. Happiness is really underrated. It's very important.

If you climb a tree that I used to do when i was a child (before society expected me to become serious) and makes one happy then do it. too much seriousness is not good.

Yea , the army is not a choice here. I Had to be there after school and the truth is that I wanted to. I have not regretted anything from that time, but I was in there for only 10 out of the 25 months required. That's my only regret that I left.

But I made all the important activities, such as camping 7 days out, preparing food,  marching for 2 days, waking up at 6:00 am, cleaning, fire arm exercises, etc. All those activities were outside. But then after that I could not be inside the barracks that I moved for too long anymore because it was too near my home (in the same area) and I used to get panic attacks so eventually I just wanted to escape. My sergeant advised me to stay at the time, I wish I had listened to him. But our army here isn't very advanced. If you see the news, there had been a major accident July 2011 if you search for it, "Mari accident explosion Cyprus" in Yahoo you will see, this is how retarded the army is over here.

By the way, I'm also affecting my mom without trying on raw food. She had post menopause hot flashes etc. (women things) and she admitted to me that they are slowing down.

Now as I see it, I had choices but I didn't know it. This is my take from this; we have choices. And the 1 step back and 2 steps forward that you say, is very smart. And thanks again it's the kind of reply I was expecting.



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