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I often feel very tired in the day  but in the evening it disappear. It sometimes takes me hours to fall asleep and as soon there's a liitle lignt in the morning coming in the window I wake up. I uasually sleep 6-7 hours. I often have to wake up if it takes me too much time falling asleep and eat a few bananas and it helps me. I usually wait to feel tired to go to bed.. do you? 

Do you have a routine that helps you fall asleep?

Here's what I found online, any comment?

eat enough (hard for me sometimes when I work, when I get back in the evening I need to compensate and eat, should I take a huge breakfast so I could skip the evening meal?)

always wake up at the same time (hard for me to go to sleep at the same time, I work in the evening until 11pm once a week)

avoid staying in the bed awaken for more than 20 minutes, if after 20 minutes not asleep go read for some time and go back to sleep) 

only sleap and have sex in bed, nothing else

no eating 3hours before going to sleep

using a sleeping mask, I tried this but in the morning its no more covering my eyes, and as soon as I'm awake 75% of the time I wont be able to fall back asleep.


Thanks ahead for your tips!!!


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Using a sleeping mask takes practice.  It took me a couple of weeks of putting it on at night only to find it across the bed in the morning.  After a while, i started waking up in the morning and finding it still covering my eyes.  Stick with it.  Also, you might wanna try not putting it on when you go to sleep, but put it on when you wake up in the middle of the night (presuming you wake up in the middle of the night at least once).


Get a lot of daylight/sunlight in the day.  Avoid wearing sunglasses in the day.  Don't spend your whole day inside.


a few hours before going to sleep, make sure you don't have any super bright lights on.  Dim them if you can.


Get a lot of exercise in the day.  This will make you fall asleep quicker at night.


And of course, avoid stimulants.


Get a lot of exercise in the day.  This will make you fall asleep quicker at night.


Totally agree with this.


I also find that reading in bed just before lights out can be quite relaxing - but make sure you choose material that's slightly "boring" - a thriller will just keep you up until you finish the book!

I drink 2-3 liters of water per day. Yesterday it took me 3hours to fall asleep. I  think i ate 3000cal yesterday. I didnt do any exercice, I have a cold and I am waiting that it goes away before restarting. I was frustrated after 3hours lying down in my bed and I went eat a coulpe of grapefruit and then falled asleep. I was just thinking so much in my bed about difficulties in my life. I was trying to keep my attention on the sensations in my hands to avoid being trapped in my myind but not sucessfully after a few sec i was back in my toughts. I will try beeing with my breath alone,  maybe that will be more efficient. I would love to have my room a worry free area but I spend most of my time there, my computer is there, i live with roomates. Yesterday even though I spoke with my friend about wath was going on in my mind I still was thinking about it. I appreciate all your advices!!

I make my bedroom completely dark (I can see absolutely nothing but the color black) I do it by covering the windows and door frames so that absolutely no light can come in.  I also have a fan turned on "HIGH" so that I can't hear any police sirens, barking dogs, or other neighborhood noises that could wake me up or make falling asleep a challenge, plus  I don't have a phone so I don't have to worry about random phone calls waking me up at night.


Other than that just be as active as you can throughout the day so that when night time comes around you are so exhausted that you would it would be just as hard for you to stay awake as it is for you to fall asleep right now.

I wouldnt try reading a book, It could be good and engage your mind, waking you up. Try Something boring and repetive like ironing



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