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I live in an extremely small town. I'm talking, the nearest walmart is an hour away and that's pretty much the only option I have for produce. There is ONE natural foods market an hour away as well but they are extremely small and hardly get produce. Although they did say they could order in bulk for me, I'm afraid they'll jack up the prices. Does anybody have any suggestions? Can I order food online for cheaper? I plan on having a garden once the snow is gone, but that still doesn't take care of my fruits. I want to do a banana island very soon, but my only option right now is buying cases of non-organic bananas from walmart. Is that okay? 

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The only food I can think of would be dates.  www.7hotdates.com has good prices, but I think dates are out of season and they might not be selling right now. :(  

I eat conventional bananas and I do fine, I don't have any issues with them at all. :)  Definitely dig in!

I'm okay with most conventional fruits, I usually only try to get organic if I am eating the peel/entire fruit (apples, strawberries etc.)  Hopefully one day I'll grow all my own food (working on it!) but for now this is what I'm doing and it works fine for me.

Thank you for the advice! I will definitely keep to the conventional bananas for now. Do you have trouble getting conventional bananas by the case?

I assume you live in America? I don't know if my tips on how to buy in bulk will help? I live in NZ.

Yes, I totally order online and I get it send to me in the mail. It has taken time to build up these contacts. What I did was every time that I liked a fruit that I bought at the fruit and vege shop.  I would google them and ask if I could buy direct from them eg figs. . Or if I was at a market I would ask the grower if I could order direct from them. Some can't be bothered and that is fine, some will.I get about a 50% success rate for asking if i can buy direct from them.

So my advice to just get asking and you will build those contacts.

You asked if they will jack up the prices? Who knows? I have not personally had that happen to me. I tend to look at most people and think that they earn about the same as me so what they are asking is a fair living wage. I have had to do some soul searcing on this diet to get used to spending more than a basic food diet, ie simple cooked potatoes, rice and dahl are cheaper. The answer to me, is in how much better I feel when eating fruit.

You also asked about non-organic. It doesn't seem like you have many choices at the moment. I would totally eat non-organic bananas over cooked food. Give it a go and ask if they will send/mail it to you.

Thank you so much! I will definitely take your advice! And yes, I live in America. I also live in a cold climate, which makes it even harder, but I will find ways around it. I have to!

I am in a similar situation.  I cannot get consistent organic bananas, they are usually neon green and don't ripen right, so I use conventional.  I do order organic dates from Bautista, The Date People or Shields in bulk, and buy organic greens and pick a lot of wild berries to eat and freeze for winter smoothies.  I also am able to buy bulk wild blueberries (30lbs cases), maybe there's something that grows in your area that you can tap into.

Our natural foods store does offer a discount for ordering bulk but the produce is so inconsistent and often gone bad that it's not worth it to me.  I have to have gads of fruit at all times and cannot be dependent on a fruit source that let's me down!

In the summer I plant a ton of cukes and tomatoes and will in the future grow more fruit.

Also I have found my favorite grocery store is near a tourist destination (Bar Harbor) and the fruit selection and availability is very good.  I will put up with the summer traffic to get the good stuff.

Thank you so much! It's nice to hear from somebody that is in a similar situation! Where are you from? I'm from the snowy upper peninsula of Michigan, where it's spring here and there's still snow on the ground. I can't wait to get my garden going! I think I'm going to ask the natural foods co-op if they can do specialty orders for me every week, since I will be a consistent customer. and if not, I will resort to walmart I suppose. I'm going to look for farmer's markets this summer though, and I will check in about a natural bulk food source here! I know there are tons of thimbleberries and blackberries around this area and I plan on finding all the good spots this summer. This is my first year in this particular part of Michigan (although I've always lived in MI) so I still have quite a bit of exploring to do :) 

I'm in eastern Maine and there's a bit of snow left here and there in the woods but mostly gone. Between the natural foods store and walmart and the wilds you will find the right combination for you.  Blackberries and bananas in a smoothie - absolute purple heaven!  I picked blackberries every day for about 3 weeks straight and each day pick a quart to eat and a quart to freeze.  I know frozen is not optimal but wild berries out of the freezer for winter time smoothies are a pretty good second best in my opinion.



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