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I have been having issues with tiny tiny bumps on my forehead and side of my face. They aren't red or anything, and they don't hurt, but you can see them in certain angles of light. They seemed to get worse once I started to eat more and more raw foods. I am taking that as a sign of detox. I have had these bumps before I started eating more raw (been completely vegan for months now, but they started showing up when I started exercising regularly), but now they are multiplying and spreading down the sides of my face. I have stopped using shampoo and conditioner and now I use a tiny bit of  'Grandpas Baking Soda Soap Bar' in my hair as well as lemon juice, and I will put a little lemon juice on my face in the shower as well. I also have an exfoliator brush that I use on my face in the shower, but its super soft and I use it gently. Does anybody experience this? Any reasons as to why this is happening? I also need to add that up until I was about 20 years old, Im now 22, I have had flawless skin, zero acne all my life, zero bumps, anything. So this is very disheartening. I am 95% raw right now, fruits all day, salad at night, and after my salad I eat a few cooked potatoes at night with a little bit of tomato sauce with zero oils in it. I think that's all the info that is important. Please help!

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Hi Taylee,

I've got exactly the same issue with tiny little acne bumps on my forehead, some other acne in other areas, I think it is just detox, it started when I started to exercise more also, I think exercising encourages the body to expel toxins via sweat through the skin, I haven't been exercising for the past two weeks now though and they seem to be going away, very slowly. I've never had flawless skin, but I have never, ever had acne like this before. So it must be detox, I've seen a few posts like this. I'm resolving to do yoga and Pilates and drink lots and lots and lots of water, and try and find ways for flushing my system asap. See my discussions about exercise "couldn't wait to ask this" and I have a couple of pix of my acne up too for reference. 

I would stop using the brush and make sure your water is not too hot in the shower.  If it is actually acne, hot water gets rid of the dead layer of skin on your face, exposing the living skin.  This leaves it more susceptible to infection (acne).  And brushing the skin could also be spreading the pimples around (if it is an infection this could be the case). And me saying infection does not mean like contagious going to die, I mean most pimples are little infections the body locates, isolates, and expels through pores.

Hey there Taylee!! Just wanted to throw in my experiences...Even though I am not 100% raw at the moment, I am a high carb/low fat vegan alll the way, and have been for over two years. And I feel amazing! Thank God for CARBS!! I was 100% lfrv the first year, but failed in part because my skin was driving me crazy and just getting worse! I even ended up going to a skin doc and took antibiotics :( It worked! And thats when i also added in cooked at din~din....

   Oh and the most fat I have is maybe 1 tbsp of raw tahini or 1/2 avocado once every three months? And guess what, I still have oily skin. I have heard it may have to do with hormones? Or maybe just cuz I'm middle~eastern? lol 

 Anywayyys, it could be detox...but I know for a fact, for me, I 'broke out' with lil bumps, actually mostly on my neck when I ate (bananas, tomatoes...and now potatoes)!!! Soooo sad too, cuz i LOVE them all!! So it could be a reaction you are having to a certain food? It is very irritating too, because I will try to eat one of those yummy foods again, and the bumpys come back :( I am still trying to find a cure to eliminate my reaction so I can enjoy bananas and potatoes again! I've also read it might have something to do with our bodies reacting to histamine??? I am still on a never~ending search, cuz I wants my bananas and potatoes sooo bad!! lol

But, I really do think it may be a reaction to a certain food :/  You could experiment and eliminate one food at a time and see :) I hope you get to the bottom of this, I know how upsetting and stressful it is when my skin is not calm and clear :(

My face is breaking out like crazy. I worried about food allergies at first but then remembered how bad I broke out when I first went vegan 10 years ago. That lasted for a couple of months. Then my skin got angry when I went off of the birth control pill, so I started using proactive (chemical nightmare!) . Of course the products worked but I stopped using it because of the ingredients. I am just going to assume my face is releasing toxins and try not to stress out over it. Alcohol-free witch hazel with rosé water seems to be helping a bit. Going to try the Shea butter as well.
I have the same symptom, and my face was a bit itchy. I'm assuming it's from the change in diet. They seem to be getting better for me though. If you want to invest in a face cleanser, I highly recommend Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Cleanser. It works well for me, just an idea.

the thing I found that really helps as a great moisturizer is ( wait for it...... ) : Grape-seed oil ( good quality, preferably organic, unrefined if you can find it) but any grape-seed oil seems to work fine as well. I know it sounds crazy and all, putting oil on your face..but trust me when I say it is a miracle worker and an awesome moisturizer thats all natural and simple. I put it on a cotton pad and apply to my face as a nightly routine after a shower or washing my face with a mild neem/tumeric facewash :) Try it, good luck!

Hi Guys.

Hi taylee, did you resolve this issue? It' was the detox symptoms?

I'm following the frutarian style over the 7 months, and a few days ago, i started to have this red bumps in my face.

I'm a little afraid that i will have big major's problems in the future... :/

Hi Taylee, I just found your post. I realise ithis thread is a few years old, but I was just wondering if you found the cause for the acne bumps on your forehead as I have the same problem?

Many thanks


Hi! Yes I did figure this out. It's related to two things, my digestion and oil on my face. If I eat too much citrus, especially in the form of juices, or tomatoes, or anything acidic really, it causes more bumps. But also, I had to start shampooing my hair everyday with natural clarifying shampoo because if I don't, oil builds up on my forehead and sides of face and causes acne. I'm definitely not one of those people who can go days without shampooing! I would even rub some of the shampoo on my forehead or wherever has acne and that helped too. Just helps with excess oil. Simple really! Also I use a cloth in the shower everyday and exfoliate using that. It's a gentle exfoliation. :) let me know if this helps! Oh I should add, too 'natural' of methods for washing my hair gave me acne. So I had to start using actual shampoo, natural of course.

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply :).I do eat a lot of kiwi, strawberries, pomegranate and tomatoes. I have had a lot of oil on my forehead since becoming vegan, which is something I never had a issue with before.  I will try the shampoo and exfoliate thing for a couple of weeks and see what happens.




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