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I have been having issues with tiny tiny bumps on my forehead and side of my face. They aren't red or anything, and they don't hurt, but you can see them in certain angles of light. They seemed to get worse once I started to eat more and more raw foods. I am taking that as a sign of detox. I have had these bumps before I started eating more raw (been completely vegan for months now, but they started showing up when I started exercising regularly), but now they are multiplying and spreading down the sides of my face. I have stopped using shampoo and conditioner and now I use a tiny bit of  'Grandpas Baking Soda Soap Bar' in my hair as well as lemon juice, and I will put a little lemon juice on my face in the shower as well. I also have an exfoliator brush that I use on my face in the shower, but its super soft and I use it gently. Does anybody experience this? Any reasons as to why this is happening? I also need to add that up until I was about 20 years old, Im now 22, I have had flawless skin, zero acne all my life, zero bumps, anything. So this is very disheartening. I am 95% raw right now, fruits all day, salad at night, and after my salad I eat a few cooked potatoes at night with a little bit of tomato sauce with zero oils in it. I think that's all the info that is important. Please help!

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That's what I figured most of the problem would be. I guess I'll just be patient! :) Thank you for your reply! 

yes, definitely digestion issues

especially tomatoes, for some reason

eliminate tomatoes and any nightshades for a time and see if it will improve

Really, tomatoes!? I eat those everyday!! I'm definitely going to cut those out and see what happens! Thanks for the tip! :)

I'm adding to the conversation much later, but hopefully it will add to the detective work. I have been getting the same thing - small under the skin bumps on my forehead and I'd say it could be to do with tomatoes because apart from yesterday, I've been eating quite a bit of rice or corn pasta with tomato sauce. 

The reason I know the pimples on the forehead are linked to food and digestion is because on multiple different occasions when I was not eating vegan whenever I'd eat dairy, especially milk ingredients, I'd get the same small breakouts all over the forehead the next day and of course awesome cramps...so glad I quit the dairy among other things!! I vaguely remember whenever I get a reaction to food you can guarantee it will show up on my forehead.

Also, I find when I have too much greasy vegan food when I'm in a pinch and don't plan ahead, ie. pad thai, noodles, whatever I get chest zits. There's some food for thought.

its probably tomatoes or mangoes. they affect me in such a way. Something is bothering your stomach. 

could be undigested salads if you have too many ingredients in them

Didn't even think about that! Thanks so much for posting! :)

I have the same thing, they are starting to fade for me now, it has been around a month. I believe its just detox, I used to have perfect skin too! But I am positive that it will all go away soon enough :)

about 2 weeks in this happened to me.  Historically flawless complexion.  I stopped wearing make-up and they have since faded.  I'm not sure if the make-up caused the bumps (since I've been wearing the make-up for years) and I tend to believe that it was my body struggling to detox through my skin and getting blocked by the make-up.  Anyway.  Gone.  More than a month in now.  Oh, I also use pure shea butter on my face...I don't know if that's helped (it has not hurt).

Do you use the shea butter as a moisturizer? If so do you use a tiny amount? Is it pretty oily? Thank you for posting :)

I do use shea butter as a moisturizer.  If you buy it in it's natural form it shows up looking and feeling a little bit like yellow playdoh.  It also smells a little bit ashy which bothered me at first but the smell fades as it absorbs.  To apply it I take a little bit out and roll it into a ball the diameter of a nickle then I keep rolling it until it melts between my palms and that's what I apply.  It takes about 4 of these little nickle sized balls.  I wouldn't say it's oily.  It's more like sticky.  It takes about 10 minutes to fully absorb.  If you don't have time for that (sometimes I don't) I blot my body with the towel that I just dried off with and it sort of takes the stickyness away.  Oh, and I don't use a whole nickel sized blob of shea butter on my face. I moisturize my whole body and then what's left on my hands I apply to my face and neck.

I used to never have acne until a few months ago. I continued eating raw and just rub toothpaste on my pimples and leave it on for 10-30 minutes. I pop my pimples once I see a white tip, or sometimes I just squeeze the white tip/pus out. I've had some blackheads, too, but they all disappeared over time. Now, all I have are a bit of small bumps on my forehead and temples. 

Hi! Just noticed your reply. Still getting the bumps, and I think they're actually getting worse. Do you think I will keep having them while losing fat since fat stores have a lot of toxins as well? I'm really hoping this is just happening due to detox/my body balancing out because I don't know what else could be causing it. Thank you for your reply :)



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