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So I went to two of Tim's talks at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. I had a good impression of him. Very fit, friendly guy, very good speaker. In one of his talks he explained that he tried the 801010 way, but didn't feel optimal. He said he couldn't afford it as well. Currently he's eating a green smoothie in the morning (kale, bananas, berries, dates), fruits during the day and a huge salad in the evening (plus an avocado and some olive oil) (he even apologized for the olive oil, but he said he just likes the taste). No fruits in the evening, because it made him to jittery.


He guesses his carb/fat/protein ratios are approximately 70/20/10 on average, his caloric intake between 2000 and 2500. He also made the interesting observation that people just don't need all the sugar from the fruits- it will just be excreted from the body (I believe he said through urination, might be mistaken). 


He's running quite a bit daily, up to 2 hours a day, and winning a lot of competitions. So he seems to be doing quite well on his approach. My wife has ordered me to try his way, since it would mean we would save quite a bit of money on groceries! 


Any thoughts about his approach?



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Hmmm, I had asked Ruth Heidrich the same question in which her reply to me was:

You've given me a chance to mention one of the main themes in my recipe book, CHEF, in which I say the best thing about eating this way is that you don't have to count anything-- not calories, not fat grams, not carbs, not cholesterol, not anything because eating this way gives you the right amount of everything!  So, honestly, I have no idea how many calories I eat although I do suspect my appetite correlates with how much training I've done that day.




So perhaps she was guessing when she said 1500 calories and as we know it's pretty hard to be accurate without actually counting using a calorie tracker such as chronometer.


Here is the quote she left for Mikey where she says 1500 calories:

Hi, Mikey,  As I explain in my ebook, CHEF, if you eat the way I suggest, there is no need to count calories, cholesterol, fat grams, carbs, fiber grams, or anything else.  This is because  raw vegan diet allows you to follow your appetite as your guide.  That said, I know it's not more than 1500 calories or so, low considering all I do but then since I've been doing it for so long, my body has gotten too darned efficient.  I still get to eat as much as I want!



It's surprising that she says you don't need to track fat intake when she says that eating low-fat vegan was the key to her cancer survival.  


I think that Freelee/Harls/30BAD's calorie recommendations are right on for the best success.  I have noticed that the people who truly follow it consistently have great success and those who keep questioning that calorie model seem to be the ones who have the most trouble staying on.  After reading on 30BAD almost everyday for 2 and half years and Dr. D's vegsource for 7 years before that, I think I have a pretty good view of this.

She posts a very detailed diet on her web page.... its not much more than 1000.


I asked her about it - she says it's accurate....add in some snacks... (I mean she adds 6 grapes to a salad... so snacks are small).


Im not saying eat less live more.... but I am saying I find this very interesting and do not believe these folks are miscounting or lying about it.... how do they do it?... perhaps therein lies another secret to sublime health ?    The biggest difference I see in their diets is more greens and fat.   They do not eat high fat - best I can figure 15-20%.  


RU more intrigued with Tim VO eating 2500 or Ruth eating 1500 - working harder than Harley ... or RU impressed with folks eating 5000... working less than Harley.... that is what makes it so interesting to me... there is another factor ... not sure what it is?    I guess they could be exceptions?


Reality is that 99% of people have no idea of caloric content of their regular meals/foods.


Hershel Walker eats only 1 meal a day and snacks the rest of the time lol!



Fair enough.... perhaps they are miscounting - since none of them seem to know what they eat.


I know how little I can eat before feeling badly... and its quite close to the guidelines here.


I did read somewhere (cannot find it...) that there is some sort of energy derivation from minerals.... this could be a contributor... not sure.

My perspective on feelings of depression: 


Personally, even if I feel great in my mind and body, it is easy for me to feel depressed about all sorts of things outside of my personal reality. It's not like it's something I'm proud of, or a feeling that I purposefully seek out. But sometimes it's there, so I left myself feel it fully, and it's okay. 

Feeling depression is such a complex experience, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing.

I guess I personally view depression as something akin to feeling empathy or loneliness or grief - it doesn't feel good, but it's an important part of being human. 

Sometimes even when I'm happiest, there's a small part of me feeling sad that not everyone feels as I do. For me, in that moment, sadness goes hand-in-hand with happiness. Just as depression, for me, often goes hand-in-hand with feelings of love. 

I don't believe any feeling is 100% perfect, just as no situation is ever 100% bad. 

It's okay to acknowledge that we can tap into feelings of depression. It doesn't mean we're unhealthy or that there's anything wrong with us. 

Of course, depression can be more or less severe, and it can disrupt our level of function, if we are unhealthy. But I think that's a line that only we as individuals can know for sure. 

Hi Freels <3 I enjoyed Tim immensely.  Such a kind man who seems to be taking on alot.  He has catapulted himself in the spotlight with his outstanding success as a runner, speaker and motivator~ brings all sorts of nuances of expectations and self doubt. I have no doubt he learned a lot from Doug Graham and vice versa.  The numbers are tweaked for his comfortableness and for now seems to work but the depression is something of a priority, I hope he sees this soon.  To devote so much of your being to the care and compassion of others must start with your own happiness and less calories may just be the culprit.
I used to think I was too smart to be happy. Then I thought, well if I'm that smart I should be able to find a way out of this depression :)
I tried Tim's approach for a week: eating no fruit in the evening but avacado(s) in the evening plus a large salad. I became depressed after 3 or 4 days. Havent been depressed in a long, long time. So decided to quit with the avacado and became ok very quickly. Wasnt undereating, wasnt hungry, i dont think my ratios were too much of from 80/10/10, the avacado just didnt work for me. Depression can have many causes, food can be one of them.
I have included avocado recently as an experiment too, but I have not got depressed from that. If I had to eat avocado only all day, I probably would. :)

Interesting Dutchie. Thanks. Were you having meals?


Avocado only all day!!! Haha. That would drive you nuts

Only one or two avocado's plus a large salad in the evening. Got skin problems from the avocado as well (acne). For me always a sign that a food is not optimal.



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