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So I went to two of Tim's talks at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. I had a good impression of him. Very fit, friendly guy, very good speaker. In one of his talks he explained that he tried the 801010 way, but didn't feel optimal. He said he couldn't afford it as well. Currently he's eating a green smoothie in the morning (kale, bananas, berries, dates), fruits during the day and a huge salad in the evening (plus an avocado and some olive oil) (he even apologized for the olive oil, but he said he just likes the taste). No fruits in the evening, because it made him to jittery.


He guesses his carb/fat/protein ratios are approximately 70/20/10 on average, his caloric intake between 2000 and 2500. He also made the interesting observation that people just don't need all the sugar from the fruits- it will just be excreted from the body (I believe he said through urination, might be mistaken). 


He's running quite a bit daily, up to 2 hours a day, and winning a lot of competitions. So he seems to be doing quite well on his approach. My wife has ordered me to try his way, since it would mean we would save quite a bit of money on groceries! 


Any thoughts about his approach?



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That's a great way to look at it!  It's like 'stress' also, no matter where you go there is going to be some stress but it's in how you deal with it.   This allows you to more bravely just take it head on.  :-)


Big personal changes, big personal growth may often start with feeling not quite happy about something, or even depressed. Artists feel that commonly before creating something amazing. Mathematicians too!

Depression is normal. Dwelling on negativity aint.


I experience depression daily. I just did 23km around Central Park and each human slug I passed I felt a bit sad that they had bought into the lies that got em so out of shape. Im not gonna dwell on it though, Im just continue being the change I want to see.


TVO is at the level where you see how crazy the world is and your kicking asses in races and 99% of people dont give a hoot. The same morons that say 'you dont get enough protein as a vegan' are the same morons TVO is flying past in races. All that training and all that racing and dedication and hardly anyone gives a crap except us switched on peeps that are the extreme minority.


The world is crashing at an alarming rate. I see it daily, I just dont dwell on it otherwise it would be easy to spiral into lasting depression vs fleeting depression.


TVO aint a man of excuses. He does what he wants to do. Depressed? No way. A little overtrained from not getting all the water, early nights & fruit he needs at that level. For sure. TVO has the HARDCORE work ethic and is on the edge of the lifestyle/dietary breakthrough that will fully compliment his goals and potential.

Yeah I think sad thoughts and being emotional about them is possible on a healthy lifestyle but depression is something else. Maybe it could crop up for little bits of time but nothing too lasting. I think people need to cleary state what they mean by depression as it has taken on many meanings. Depression to me is something I couldn't really describe to someone who hadn't experienced it. Like how a depressed person can't understand how someone could be happy. Most of the time you just lack emotions towards things and the feelings that do come up are generally negative ones. You often think about goals too much and can't appreciate the moment. And in serious cases you don't want to live and sometimes don't really want to die either. You just don't know what you want because you're just so confused.

There are folks living on a lot less.   Perhaps we should learn from them?


How do they do it ?  


Tims claims are consistent - if you watch him describe the smoothies - not much in there (1 banana and 5 dates).


Ruth Heidrich is another example.   On another forum I asked her about her diet and she agreed.. she eats very few calories... ~1500 or less and still trains 2-3 hours per day.


I find this very intriguing.


Hershel Walker is another - he eats one meal per day - has been doing so for over 20 years - trains like a mad man.


Heck - my Grandma used to eat once per day.. long as I can remember and she did hard farm work all day.


Yes, fascinating this calorie thing. I am not a very physical active person and sometimes it just feels like that all that fruit is overloading my system: constant thirst and sleepiness for example. Maybe if I would exercise some more, it would balance out. But intuitively I could relate to TVO's remarks.
I am now experimenting with eating no fruits in the evening, and having a massive salad plus an avacado at night. It's a bit too early to draw any conclusions. But I seem to need much less food during the day, with the same activity levels. My lungs are a bit congested though, not sure what causes it. I have no idea what my current fat intake % is as well. I bought a weighing scale to measure things a bit more accurately.

I'm experimenting as well... nuthin like proving things to yourself... ;~)   It's impressive (IMO) that these folks get by on that little.


Recently.. I added more vegs (including veg juice) and I stop eating by 2pm.... I feel quite a bit better... more energy, better sleep, clarity...etc.


I will try adding more fat.. see how that goes (currently I eat 5-6%)....


I do know this much... fat and fruit do not mix for me.. so.. will be the last meal of the day.

Stop eating at 2pm? When you start getting your fat from Wendy's Burgers let me know how thats goin for you ;P

Not sure what you mean here ?


I can assure you its not difficult to meet your nutritional requirements by 2pm....especially when you wake @ 0530.

I could get enough cals by 2pm for sure. Its a realistic plan but nothing I would stick to rigidly.

Dutchie, to get the full experience we gotta do things 100%. Its like a new pair of running shoes, they aint gonna work properly if we only tie up the laces 90%.


People do a lifestyle for 99.9% of their life and then spend .001% trying something else and if it doesnt work, they wonder why.


Ive been running 5-10miles a week for the last 3 years and only in the last 5 months has it really paid off with my running times. I can enter 99% of running races in Australia and finish top 10.


Thanks for the advice....I have been doing it (801010) 100% for long periods of time and have been kicking butt with biking and on the soccer field... and in general just feeling very good. Any deviation just isn't optimal for my body or mind. I just came to the conclusion today that I'm fed up of experimenting and just going to stick what works or me.




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