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So I went to two of Tim's talks at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. I had a good impression of him. Very fit, friendly guy, very good speaker. In one of his talks he explained that he tried the 801010 way, but didn't feel optimal. He said he couldn't afford it as well. Currently he's eating a green smoothie in the morning (kale, bananas, berries, dates), fruits during the day and a huge salad in the evening (plus an avocado and some olive oil) (he even apologized for the olive oil, but he said he just likes the taste). No fruits in the evening, because it made him to jittery.


He guesses his carb/fat/protein ratios are approximately 70/20/10 on average, his caloric intake between 2000 and 2500. He also made the interesting observation that people just don't need all the sugar from the fruits- it will just be excreted from the body (I believe he said through urination, might be mistaken). 


He's running quite a bit daily, up to 2 hours a day, and winning a lot of competitions. So he seems to be doing quite well on his approach. My wife has ordered me to try his way, since it would mean we would save quite a bit of money on groceries! 


Any thoughts about his approach?



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bananas are the staple of a 811. Bananas are expensive in the US? ;)


TVO and I are similar, we dont have any kids to provide or care for so we can literally just walk down the park and lay in the sun all day and conserve energy for training. If TVO & I had kids, we would need WAY more cals to keep everything in order.


On just exercise out put, TVO needs more cals than me as he has more muscle than me, trains more than me, races more than me. He is also a very engaging speaker. Nobody is that engaging on low cals unless they are drunk and naked.

That should make me the perfect guinea pig: home dad with two very active kids....


Maybe banana's are expensive in Vermont, where he lives?

nope.. that was a lame excuse from Tim.. it's ~44 cents/pound @ Costco all over the US..
it could be because when you eat just fruit and greens you need MORE cals (in my experience) than eating more fats or carbs from other sources to maintain the same weight. Just what I have noticed personally.

I have 3 kids.  I work full time, and my wife works full time.  I am a house painter, so it's sort of physically demanding.  This evening I did some weight lifting, some rowing and ran 5k.  I will eat way over 3kcal most definitely.


I've found that if I'm not eating a ton of fruit, I'm eyeing the french fries on the kitchen counter.


they are more expensive but you need less of them (not that I am advocating oils or living on avocados).

The running and his BMR alone put him somewhere around 3000kcal and he still would have to sleep through the rest of the day. No offence meant, but I think he didn't really count ;) My guess for his training is 3500kcal minimum.
If you ask around in stores, often you can get bananas for ultra low price or for free.

why are bananas the staple on 811?


I mean they are your staple, quite obviously, but why can't the staple be apples or oranges... or pinaples, or pears...


I mean I know that if I lived in Sweden (where I was born) I would make the apples, pears and plums that I have in my garden the staple during autum. together with cherries. and during the summer I would make cherries and berries like strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants, blueberries etc my staple... and in the winter I would be forced to buy food from far away...


Now I live in Brazil, so Bananas are my staple, but at times I switch to oranges...


and so what if bananas are cheap, maybe that is not the staple food for Tim, or what ever.... I will soon become a father, so I will let you know how much time you can spend in the sun... but the time you lay in the sun you can share with your child... so one doesn't have to rob you of the other...


much love,


"but the time you lay in the sun you can share with your child..."

LOL!  You clearly are not a father just yet...  I've been with my 3 year old all day and am dying for a chance to lie down peacefully!

When he tried 811 he probably just ate 2000-3000 calories when he actually needed 6000+. End of story?

I love Tim he is such a cool guy and very genuine and honest. I enjoyed his talks immensely and would like to spend more time with him. Tim if you are reading this, thanks for being an inspiration and lovely guy. I hope you don't take my feedback the wrong way.


An alarm bell rung for me when Tim said that he wakes up most mornings and doesn't want to live because he is so depressed. If I heard right (which I think I did), Tim said he is generally living in this state of depression.  Coming from a background of pretty bad depression myself (& overcoming it) for me it is as plain as the nose on my face that he isn't meeting his brain glucose requirements > Therefore experiencing 'brain pain' in the form of depression and desires for calorically dense fatty food.


As you heard, he runs HEAPS and doesn't eat anywhere near enough carbs (or calories in general). If I ran as much as him and ate the amount he is eating I would be really mega depressed I know because I've tried it in the past. I can only imagine the sort of times Tim would be doing & state of bliss he would be experiencing with a consistently full glycogen tank for his brain and body to draw from. 

I see it in top performing raw vegan athletes all the time. It's very difficult for them to balance their energy expenditure with the carb input required. As a result they get depressed and/or really hungry and end up turning to a dense source of calories such as fat to fill the void - which of course only makes depression worse (because their brain is desperately needing carbs not fats).




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