30 Bananas a Day!

Tim Van Orden´s Quote from Arnolds Interview at W.Fruit Festival:

"I do 105 miles running a week + i do other things other than running.

its about 18 hours a week and i am consuming maybe 2500 calories a day.

2500-2800 calories a day" Here is the interview


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90OYUAH-d3A   listen at 6minutes 30 !!!


Tim Van Orden, elite stair climber:

"My total daily caloric intake is around 1,500 calories. Far below what sports nutritionists would recommend for someone with my training schedule… and yet I build and carry too much muscle for a runner… figure that one out. "





Maybe Tim Van Orden lives on air or light-energy to become an elite athlete on starvation mode calorie intake. Its impossible to even maintain some fitness on 1500 calories a day. And he talks about doing elite training on 1500 calories a day.


Is Tim Van Orden a miracle man? Is Tim Van Orden a breatharian? 


i think

Believing in Breatharianism is the same like thinking george w. bush is a reptilian that shape shifts from to time,


"How would you describe your training program?

I run 6 days a week. Mileage per week is between 45 and 65 miles. The vast majority of my runs (unless mountain trail) are done at a 6:40 to 7:10 pace. Twice a week I'll do a hard run; one being uphill for 20 minutes to an hour, and the other being a "flat" road race at a 5:00 to 5:20 pace. I also incorporate some form of leg strength and leg strength endurance 3 times a week, i.e. stationary bike, elliptical machine, squats, lunges, stairmaster. For the leg strength endurance, I'll engage in an activity at a barely sustainable pace for 15:00 to 25:00 – this simulates the leg burn experienced in a stair climb race."

source http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_tim


Running 65 miles a week on 1500 calories a day? Thats insane, Thats impossible.


For me their are only 2 options:


1.Tim Van orden is a breatharian.I dont think thats true.

2. Tim Van Orden doesnt tell the truth about his caloric intake. I dont think thats true either.


Are you as confused as me?


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I have read there is another mineral based feed to the ATP production cycle... I cannot find it again... arghhh...


Is it possible some folks are able to leverage this "energy producing ability" better than others ??


Ruth Heidrich seems to eat very little as well... I asked her about it... she says its legit.... who knows ?

Ruth compares herself to her 20-30 year old male training partners. Of course she eats little to them lol


If you want to be an age group champ like RH, you gotta eat like a champion too.

Yet she claims she doesnt'...Her did consists more of nonstarchy vegetables than fruits....


I'm not sure whether she really eats like that all the time or whether she eats more fruit than she says. But she certainly claims to eat not a lot at all by her stated food intakes.


Take care


Adam x

This was her reply to my asking about her calorie intake in August 2011:

You've given me a chance to mention one of the main themes in my recipe book, CHEF, in which I say the best thing about eating this way is that you don't have to count anything-- not calories, not fat grams, not carbs, not cholesterol, not anything because eating this way gives you the right amount of everything!  So, honestly, I have no idea how many calories I eat although I do suspect my appetite correlates with how much training I've done that day.


Tim and Dan have a message that is not the best for newbies to hear. LFRV's who are new to the diet should eat until they simply can't eat anymore (just like sleeping). It is very difficult to eat too much FRUIT, same with evening salads. For me it was an extremely powerful experience to gorge myself in this way AND loose weight!

Chris, you've got a good head on your shoulders for such a young guy. I look forward to watching you help people, definitely keep it up!


we are not calorie robots food does not fall into these perfect little measurable units like we think and we can become more efficient at absorbing and using our fuel
I highly agree with this comment Seb.

TVO aint eating 1500cals a day consistently. Heck, the bro can chow down 2000cal of durian in one hit lol! Thats a lot for me even.


TVO has learned from his undereating days. I have too.


From TVO's blog.

looked up and realized that I was only 50 meters away from the finish line. I could see the camera ahead filming me. I was embarrassed, mortified, defeated. I dragged myself as quickly as possible to the finish line where I collapsed into the arms of two EMT's who had seen me coming and jumped into action. They kept asking me questions, like "What's your name?", over and over again. Then they injected me with glucose. My eyes rolled back into my head and I collapsed into their arms. The camera caught it all, and there was nothing I could do about it. I looked like a fool. A shining example to America that raw food does NOT work for extreme athletic endeavor. At least that's what I thought they would be thinking when editing the story. It turns out that I had a pretty serious case of hypoglycemia. I had not eaten enough the day before or morning of. I had made a fatal error.




There was a YT vid where Tim says 'I look down at the passenger seat and Ive eaten 40 larabars and they are 100cals each so thats 4000cals..'


Well Ive never seen a larabar with only 100cals in it. According to the larabar.com site, they are between 190-240cals a bar. So when Tim is eating 40 larabars in day, its not 4000cals..its more like 7600-9200cals a day PLUS whatever raw foods he is eating when he rolls into town.

1500cals a day? Yeah maybe before a 5k race in the evening, I do that and once someone  'Ive watched you eat all day and you have only had a few handfuls of dates!' I said' Hope you stick around for dinner cos thats when the feast is on! :)'


People gotta understand that if anyone wants the muscle and speed of TVO, they gotta chow so they can train for it.


Find the weakest raw food person you know. They are eating around 1500cals a day CONSISTENTLY.

Agreed. I think Tim is just not measuring his calories so there is an inaccurate picture of intake there. If he does not want to measure and his diet works for him, that's cool. He just should not claim that he is consuming any specific number of calories so that peeps are not confused.



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