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We just got a french bulldog at home and we found out she's got a lot of ticks coming off her since the vet put frontline before we got her. I'm concerned about the ticks wandering around our bedroom since this is where we're keeping her. I was able to zap out a few of them but couldn't really see them at night.  Any pet owners or experienced dog owners shed a light on this matter? :)

I'm starting to love Chakra, that's the name we gave her but my boyfriend is thinking of returning her back to the owner since he couldn't risk having fleas/parasites near us...


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Do you still have one that you could compare what it looks like with pictures online? There are different kinds of ticks.

Most ticks that dogs get are generally "Dog Ticks" and they are fairly harmless to humans. I'm not sure if they bite humans or not, but they don't cause disease. "Deer Ticks" are the ones that have Lyme disease, etc... but dogs can get those, too.

Nope I didn't bother taking photos anymore because it was late at night and I was too tired.  Eventually, we had to keep her since we couldn't return her to the shop anymore.  It was written in the waiver that we couldn't so we are keeping her up until someone decides to buy her.  We are still adjusting to having a puppy.  I haven't been taking care of one personally since the last 2 years.  

Thanks for the reply. We figured we can just give her a bath of herbs like basil and other natural extracts to keep her tick-free.  Vacuuming and sweeping the floor is also a good way to keep the ticks away from the room.  



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