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In october or something i went to the doctor cause i wanted to get my intestines examined because of crappy stool (just tiny amounts with effort ) which i had for half a year or something i first theorized celiac so i had already quit gluten for i don't know how many months.. no conclusive evidence was found that i had celiac only a genetic indicator that i had a high risk for it, but anyway, my TSH was high so they double tested it cause earlier (which was a while before i got these complaints) my TSH was fine (2.56 mU/l).. but now it was 5.2 mU/l they also tested my free T4 which was 10.4 pmol/l, pretty low but not in hypothyroid territory yet..

So when the hospital guy had sent the results of the entire investigation including those bloodresults back to my doctor, i said to her i was already trying stuff out with iodine cause i theorized iodine deficiency, anyway consistently supplementing one droplet a day (150mcg) eventually my stool was good again, big amounts after every meal basically, no condensing just coming out the way it went in with a brown tan.

But some days it was back to what it was and i also noticed it considerably in energy etc. i don't need a blood test to know that on those days if i had my blood tested it would be bad, but i wanted to make sure that when i walked in to get my blood tapped i felt (and witnessed in the toilet) i was having a good day in terms of thyroid, so i did. And my thyroid levels were ok.. my TSH was 2.9 mU/l and my free T4 was 11.8 pmol/l , but basically since friday or something my Thyroid based on feeling and toilet experience is down, it doesn't really seem to go away anymore..

But anyway the reason i wanted to come in on a good day is because if i walked in on a bad day and i got bad results she would've put me on hormones, so i wanted to get a good result and then explain to her that if she let me walk in again i would come on a bad day, so that's the next step to make an appointment for that and i guarantee you i will get a bad result.

But does anyone here have a clue what the problem might be or in what direction should be looked for causation? cause iodine (i also eat a brazil nut a day) works, but then on days it doesn't, it just crashes, first i theorized it was soy cause after i ate soy one day (as mayonaise with french fries i felt immediately fatigued, and the next day my thyroid was down as seen in the toilet and experienced, but there's to be no connection, cause i haven't eaten soy for a couple of weeks now and now again it's going on... my other theory was oxalate, but i don't test that cause that's rediculously restrictive, i wouldn't know what to eat anymore.

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apparently my doctor is on a vacation so i have to wait till 17 may..

In the meanwhile this entire week, including weekend etc. my thyroid has been down very obviously, a hard time getting out of my chair to do stuff, metablism is basically not performing at all, which also makes things very smelly if you know what i mean.. also muscle pain (not sure if related).

As far as causation is concerned, i'm theorising adrenal fatigue.

Is there anything i can do about that (test or whatever) in the meanwhile.. i see i can order a cortisol saliva test for 25 euros or a complete male hormones test for 125 euro or something, would you do that? or are there some tests i can do for free at home that might give an indication..? If i can convince my doctor (which is over 3 weeks) i could get it under insurance i guess, but i don't really want to wait that long.

apparently a cortisol saliva test is usually not done through the doctor if any they would do urine or blood, also apparently the 25 euro cortisol test isn't right either, cause that's only when you wake up half hour later and another half hour later, while it should be one spread over the entire day and that test costs 80 euro

I am currently going through a ton with my thyroid and seeing a great functional doctor. How I found out the most besides the blood test is a neuro hormone panel. This tests, serotonin, GABA, dopamine, Norepinephrine, epinephrine, Glutamine, N/E ration, estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and DHEA. This is where I found I had adrenal fatigue. It's a very long road to figure it all out and put it together. One thing I had to pay out of pocket for at a very high cost. One thing I did experience in the very beginning is when I added a good B12, a very good vita D at 10,000 units, and a branch chain amino acid supplement, the tiredness, and body pains nearly went away. I also added a half avocado a day.

Everyone is extremely unique so what works for me may not work for you. Just wanted to give you my feedback. I also found out I was insulin resistant so I had to cut out most fruit so I had to get creative to reach the calories I needed.

Thanks for the response..

Is just cortisol (and testosterone), which is what i mentioned with making an appointment at the doctor, not enough to determine adrenal fatigue? Also what do you do to counter that, what did the doctor prescribe for example? or is that the b12, vit D and the amino acid supplement?

I've been injecting vit. b12 for i guess something like 1.5-2 years or sso (my blood value was <37, back then my thyroid was also tested, i don't have specific values on that, but i assume it will be similar to a bit later in the hospital where TSH was 2.56, though i read somewhere that values above 2.0 already could hint at adrenal fatigue) first with hydroxycobalamin which i got through the doctor, but beside that it took my anemia away and thus i didn't look as pale as i used to, in feeling/experience nothing really changed so i ordered methyl- and adenosyl- cobalamin injections, which i inject now, usually every 1-2 months now, still didn't change anything though so when these are gone i'm ordering through the doctor again.

I got my vitamin D tested in february or something it was also low (43 nmol/l) so my doctor said supplement with 800 IU, but she reads everything from protocol. Based on dr. greger's video's where he said 2000 IU a day would bring you to the sweet spot of 80 nmol/l, i took 2000 IU a day of vegan vitamin d3 and it brought me exactly spot on to 80 nmol/l... not that i notice any difference. the iodine supplementation gave me some good weeks with some days bad in between, but those bad days were worse then last year and now that is going on for more then a week, it doesn't seem to get better now unfortunately. and now i have to wait 3 weeks for the doctor.

Also how long were you high carb low fat when you found out you were insulin resistant? cause isn't that caused by fat (intramyocellular lipids).

last time i was in the hospital my glucose was 5.3 mmol/l in the morning on empty stomach blood was taken.

Or perhaps this was in times where your cortisol was high which also blocks the storage of glucose into your cells apparently?

Hi Taka,

I'll try to answer all your questions. I was rawtill4 for a year and half when all this started. When this started at the worst part was when I went off birth control. It really threw my already slightly bad thyroid into disarray. I have Hashimoto's I now know and in the beginning I was like you, I supplemented with iodine drops and a Brazil nut. Worst experience of my life. This is what brought me to this doctor in the first place. I went from a TSH of 6 to 27 in one month. I highly suggest anyone not self diagnose themselves. Besides the testosterone and progesterone the Neuro panel was eye opening. ALL of my transmitters are extremely low. It's going to take a long time to fix all of this crap, but in the meantime I stay vegan, mostly raw and doing pretty well. I have improved so much I could go back to racing again soon.

"Is just cortisol (and testosterone), which is what i mentioned with making an appointment at the doctor, not enough to determine adrenal fatigue?" High testosterone is suggestive of metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance). Mine was 65.29, the range is 6.1-49 female.

"Also what do you do to counter that, what did the doctor prescribe for example? or is that the b12, vit D and the amino acid supplement?" I started taking VitD as Cholecalciferol at 10,000 IU. This was a huge improvement in my tiredness. For B-12 I take 50mg B2, 50mg B6, and 1000mcg B12 as Methylcobalmin.

I know that if you have hashimoto's you would make things worse with supplementing iodine, but i gambled anyway, i've been supplementing for a couple of months now and i went on a day that i knew it was good (days that i don't seem to have anymore since last week) to check again, this was after at least a month probably a month and a half of supplementing and my TSH went from 5.2 to 2.9. So if that high of a TSH after iodine supplementing should be the case with hashimoto's i doubt it's hashimoto's

I'm a male and i expect my testosterone to be low.

Apparently you're not taking synthetic thyroid hormones, or did you just not mention that? you brought tsh to normal with just supplementing the things you mentioned?

I have not retested yet for my TSH. I am taking, Thyro CNV, Oxicell (Glutathione), and turmeric. These are made by Apex Energetic.

Like I mentioned in my first post, everyone is different, and treated differently. This is just my protocol, and I would never do this on my own without being supervised. This was after extensive blood, neuron, and hormone tests, because I thought I was dying. In reality I was slowly killing myself unknown to me. My liver is now damaged but not because of being a vegan, it's from past behaviors and not getting help sooner thinking it would all be healed by diet alone, the rawtill4 way just brought it to the surface. 2 months has changed my life 180 degrees, and I feel like a million bucks.

I was also way under eating a vegan diet before rawtill4.

So what do you eat now? I have been told via a salivary test plus supporting blood work on TSH, rt3, t3free, etc that I have adrenal fatigue, too. Whenever I go raw or even close to 80 10 10, I feel really bad. I seem to function better around 70% carb and even better at 60%, but I struggle with bloating if I still eat fruit and starches. Just wondering how you are eating and still following this lifestyle with improvement! Thank you!

Flowing this lifestyle is extremely easy. The only reason I'm eating 70% carb and not 80% is because I'm eating an avocado every day. Why would you continue eating the things that make you feel bad?

I'm eating about 70% carb, no fruit whatsoever, no starches. No gluten, no rice, No nightshade, Tons of veggies, and greens. I am never hungry. I eat most of this stuff raw.

The list of veggies I could eat is enormous. You really need to get creative, but this is just a small list of things I eat regularly, and readily available at any store or farmers market.

Artichoke, arugula, asparagus, bean sprouts, beets, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chives, cucumber, garlic, peas, jicama, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, mustard greens, okra, onions, parsley, parsnip, radishes, rhubarb, rutabaga, shallots, spinach, squash, sweet potato, taro, turnip, water chestnuts, watercress, yams, zucchini

Low GI fruits: apples, apricots, avocados, berries, cherries, figs, grapefruit, grapes, lemons, oranges, peaches, plums and pears.

Thank you! I eat lots of veggies, but definitely a lot higher quantity of fruit vs veggies. I may try what you are doing by adding in more veggies. If I eat anything less than 3,000 calories, though, I start to fatigue badly. I will definitely need to eat a lot!

I autistically weigh everything that goes into my body and fill it in in cronometer to make sure i at least hit 3200 kcal, it usually is somewhere between 3200-3500

At most 6km cycling (2 days in week it's 20km) and maybe a few push ups or pull ups or chin ups before 2 of the 3 meals.

I force myself to at least go cycling 6 days in the week, but lately i've skipped days, i have to force myself cause i'd rather stay in my chair, due to fatigue. as far as push ups pull ups or chin ups there's no progress in how many i can do, it just remains the same and if i don't do it for a while it'll probably be less.



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