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three years on this diet (not 100%) and have two cavities....

I am 25 and have never had a cavity in my life.  Well, I just got back from the dentist and was all smug about not needing x-rays because I never have any issues and then he checked me out after my cleaning and told me I had 2 cavities.  I wouldn't have even believed him if he hadn't showed me the discoloration near my gums. I'm totally baffled and for the first time am doubting the high sugar content of my diet.  I don't want to...but I am. 

I never eat dried fruit, only sometimes dates in my smoothies.   The only thing I can think of is the mass quantities of oranges in my diet but they are always ripe and sweet.  I used to juice them but when the tiny valencias come out from may-december I like to just suck the juice out.  I always rinse my mouth with water after but maybe I should have been brushing too.  But if we are meant to eat a diet high in fruit why should the sugar be bad for our teeth?  I guess eating the whole orange is better but wouldn't the acid still get on my teeth?  So I don't really see the difference in that. 

I feel very emotinal about this and maybe am overreacting but my question is: Can a cavity reverse itself?? Or should I get a filling?? The idea of them drilling my teeth is making me have an anxiety attack. 

Maybe I should also add that I've had on and off yeast infections for two years now.  I cut out all overts for time periods and while it would seem to go away it would always come back.  I finally got rid of them using "all natural" suppositories.  So I'm just starting to feel like my body is rejecting all this sugar and I'd like to be convinced otherwise.  I'm considering including more legumes in my diet.  Any advice or similar experience is welcome. Much thanks!





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Hey Freelee


Great posts. Generally I would agree with you; Cavities are generally a symptom of a chronically acidic diet and internal environment. Therefore fruit isn't the sole cause of the problem.


I also agree that when properly ripened, all fruits will be less likely to contribute to cavities. My own experience has been that whereas unripe fruit can cause signfiicant problems, properly ripened fruit does not. At one point, a couple of years ago, I was craving citrus constantly. It was pretty much all I ate for 6 weeks. In the first week I was extremely frustrated because I was craving it like mad, but I was getting a burning sensation in my stomach and throat and my teeth were killing because the citrus was so strongly acidic. I continued eating it for a couple of days longer, because I was craving it so much. My teeth actually started to feel extremely sensitive and painful and a couple started to feel loose even.


I then found a different supplier by chance and bought a heap of riper oranges. Not only did I not get any symptoms during this time, but the sensitivity and looseness of my teeth actually improved to the point of disappearing and I was able to live off the citrus, along with some cucumbers (not at the same time) for several weeks.


I had a similar problem with tomatoes. I went through a phase of craving tomatoes and eating heaps with salad. about 1kg per day. Then the tomatoes started coming really unripe and acidic (it was winter in fairness). After a while my teeth started hurting and I started getting stains by my gums. I cut out the tomatoes and they disappeared. I didn't eat any for a while, but then got some properly ripened ones that summer. They were really sweet and I was just eating them like apples on their own for my evening meal. I had no problems with them.


With dates, I have had periods of time where I have eaten them regularly without any problems. In general, it does seem to depend on the type and the ripeness of them. The drier and the less ripe a date is, the more it seems to affect my teeth. The riper and more moist, I don't notice problems.


It also depends what else is in my diet; I went through a phase when I was training with a PT where I started craving almonds (which I previously disliked, and since dislike), brazil nuts (which since I have not enjoyed at all) and cashew nuts. It only lasted 3 weeks, but I was eating some nuts daily. At this time, I was eating dates exclusively as my fruit source of calories, and prior to this period had eaten nothing but dates for a couple of months (no greens or other fruit). My teeth had been on when having just dates (and I was eating, not blending them). But as soon as I started eating nuts, I noticed a massive deterioration in my dental health. I felt like I was really craving them so much though for that 3 week period, and figured there must be a reason since I disliked two of the nuts before this period. The enamel near my gums disappeared on all of my front top teeth and went brown. It looked so gross. As soon as the nut cravings disappeared I stopped eating them. However the date cravings that I had had for months had also disappeared at this time. My dental health improved immediately as soon as I stopped eating the nuts.


I can't say that the dates were responsible, as it was the nuts really; I had never had any problems like this before. Since that time, although the staining has disappeared most of the time, whenever I eat nuts, even just a handful (I can never normally eat more than a few nuts, I've never really liked them much), within an hour I get light staining back. Nuts definately screwed up my teeth.


I think this was because I hadn't been eating greens for some time and my calcium:phosphorus ratio got significantly thrown off by all the phosphorus, and protein in the nuts. I don't trust nuts or seeds at all anymore and eat them infrequently.


The trouble with some fruit isn't so much that fruit causes dentla problems, it is that some fruits are difficult to come by in their properly ripened state; citrus, tomatoes and dates are often picked unripe so that they last longer. Most of the year round, I can't even get dates from the wholesalers. There are only a couple of months of the year. If I want them, I have to buy them from the supermarket, where they are always a bit drier.


Dried fruits definately cause problems for me though. I don't think that it is entirely (although it is certainly partially) accurate for you to say that these fruits only highlight problems that were already there. Some of the problems I experienced eating these fruits I definately didn't have any symptoms of before eating lots of them.


Take care


Adam x


My dentist has a different opinion . I explained 811 to him, and he said that fruit is fine for the teeth.  It turned out that he is a vegetarian who is transitioning to veganism.  


Thank you so much for the awesome info Freelee! Good to know about going back and forth between raw/cooked.

Do you eat many greens? I think they're really important to remineralize your teeth. I had some tooth pain eating citrus early on with this diet but now my teeth are strong as an ox. I always include plenty of greens in my diet which I think helped a lot. I rarely brush my teeth unless something sticks to them, and then only with water. Cooked food and refined sugar\salt will really damage your teeth.


Please stay away from fluoride, it's an industrial waste product and toxic chemical. I'd say unless you have pain then you don't have too much to worry about. Tell your dentist to stick the drill somewhere else (like back in the box!) 

I don't/have never had any tooth pain.  I eat a head of lettuce a day as my dinner meal but I'm thinking maybe it would be good to eat even more and space it out a little as to get the minerals in my mouth after eating fruit. 

Hey Stefan, that's a good idea.  Would salt water be as good?

I have found that Dentists have different philosophies.  I was one of those people that didn't get a cavity until I was 24 years old.  Then, my dentist freaked out on me and told me I had 11 cavities.  This was before 811.  I got them filled because I trusted the dentist.  Then on my next visit, she told me I had 2 more cavities and that one of the cavities from last time fell out and that she needed to replace it.  I decided to get a second opinion, but I kept putting that off.  Finally, two years later, I scheduled an appointment with my father's dentist, who was a really nice guy.  He cleaned my teeth, examined them and told me I didn't have any cavities, and that I didn't need any fillings.  He said he could see what the other dentist had thought were cavities, but he disagreed with her.  That was two years after I was told I had cavities.  

My dentist said, that these days, dentists are taught to diagnose any dark spot as a cavity.  When he was trained, they used to test the spots with their instruments to see if they were soft.  This is because floride can cause a hard shell to stay intact on top of the tooth and there can be a cavity underneath it.  Have you used lots of floride?  Also my cavities were mainly on the tops of the molars, not the sides.  I did have a few on the sides. If you have doubts about your dentist, get a second opinion, or ask your dentist if he/she is okay with watching the spots to see if they get worse.    

Hope this helps


Hey Alexander, Thanks for your story.  It's reassuring to know this guy could be wrong. My orginal dentist retired so I'm still at the same office but its a new guy, so he has no reason to be trusted :)

Have you been 100% 80-10-10 for the last 3 years? If not, what else have you been eating?

Hey Melissa, during my first 1.5 years I fell off the wagon twice during which time I did have some eggs (blended, thinking 'i needed b12) , sprouted grains, and cooked veggies.  My next 1.5 years were 100% HCRV.  I always drank a lot of OJ but only within the past 1.5-2 years did I begin juicing them with my mouth, which I think is where the problem must lie.   


P.S Your new pic is gorgeous

Hey ashley,

I personally think citrus is the culprit ( only because it's not 100% ripe) I experience major issues with my teeth if I eat any citrus ( ripe or not). I'd try upping your green intake & cut out the citrus.


thank you & good luck!



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