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three years on this diet (not 100%) and have two cavities....

I am 25 and have never had a cavity in my life.  Well, I just got back from the dentist and was all smug about not needing x-rays because I never have any issues and then he checked me out after my cleaning and told me I had 2 cavities.  I wouldn't have even believed him if he hadn't showed me the discoloration near my gums. I'm totally baffled and for the first time am doubting the high sugar content of my diet.  I don't want to...but I am. 

I never eat dried fruit, only sometimes dates in my smoothies.   The only thing I can think of is the mass quantities of oranges in my diet but they are always ripe and sweet.  I used to juice them but when the tiny valencias come out from may-december I like to just suck the juice out.  I always rinse my mouth with water after but maybe I should have been brushing too.  But if we are meant to eat a diet high in fruit why should the sugar be bad for our teeth?  I guess eating the whole orange is better but wouldn't the acid still get on my teeth?  So I don't really see the difference in that. 

I feel very emotinal about this and maybe am overreacting but my question is: Can a cavity reverse itself?? Or should I get a filling?? The idea of them drilling my teeth is making me have an anxiety attack. 

Maybe I should also add that I've had on and off yeast infections for two years now.  I cut out all overts for time periods and while it would seem to go away it would always come back.  I finally got rid of them using "all natural" suppositories.  So I'm just starting to feel like my body is rejecting all this sugar and I'd like to be convinced otherwise.  I'm considering including more legumes in my diet.  Any advice or similar experience is welcome. Much thanks!





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What are you brushing with? What's your dental strategy like?


I use Jason Powersmile with baking soda morning and night...flouride free...floss every day....Do I need the flouride?  I've been brushing with that brand for a while now..probably five years or so.
Sounds good to me, do you use a conventional tooth brush or electric? Do you brush hard, side to side or up and down, and for how long? Are you aware if you grind your teeth are not and eat and drink a lot of frozen food?
Ronald, I use one with soft bristles and I brush at a medium intensity I guess.  I go up and down mostly since I was told some time ago that my gums were receding slightly.  I've never timed my sessions but I would say not more than a minute.  I used to grind my teeth at night but since on this diet I think I have stopped since my mom no longer reports hearing it and my jaw isn't sore in the morning.  I'm curious of how that could play into this?  I do not eat or drink a lot of frozen food.  Just some in the occasional smoothie.  What do you personally believe is best for the teeth since you seem knowledgeable?

If one is to grind their teeth, eats or drinks a lot of frozen food or is very abrasive their adding undue stress to their teeth which will affect the teeth's overall health if they don't have a good dental up keep to begin with. I've messed up my front 4 (Bottom and top) teeth due to physical trauma. So I find myself usually very perceptive about the up keep of dental health( Trying to keep what I got ).

Trying to eliminate the variables.  I will say that if acid is not good for our bodies it can't be good for the teeth, but as far as fruit goes even that is controversy.   With that being said  dissolving egg shells in lemon juice is a really cheap way to make a calcium supplement. So theoretically  its slightly possible. 

Your habits sound pretty healthy I don't know how abrasive your toothpaste is so I would be careful with that. The only other things I might suggest is chasing your acidic fruits with greens like a stalk or 2 or 3 of celery, maybe some romaine lettuce. Making sure not to skimp on your leafy green salads if you have been. Maybe add a salt water rinse before and after you brush.

If its really freaking you out add a green juice like kale cucumber and celery to your diet say before dinner or whenever if you like. If its really really freaking you out, you can simply pick a 10 15 minute time frame to jut chew some greens like a gorilla or cow does. The whole point is too chew a green like kale or lettuce or celery in essence cleaning your teeth with the greens getting does bone strengthening minerals in your mouth.

Hope this helps.

Ronald, thank you for all that.  It makes me feel better to have some kind of proactive step to take.  I have baking soda in my toothpaste...do you think that is a bad thing?

Also, I was under the impression that the minerals from greens would take action in the body but you are saying they actually do work IN the mouth?  And what would the salt water do?


I found a remineralizion program by Dr. Ellie that involves crest cavity protection toothepaste, listerine, Closys, ACT and xylitol gum for keeping bacteria at bay.  What do you think of this?  I'm wary of brushing with crest.  Sorry to bother you with more questions.  You've been very helpful.  Thanks for your responses :)



As long as your toothpaste ins't overly abrasive it should be fine. If its really gritty then I wouldn't use it day and night.  The minerals will neutralize any acids in the mouth as well as bath the mouth with healthy saliva. Its basically the long and more natural version of the salt water rinse. They both sorta do the same thing.

Lately I've been real iffy about putting putting chemicals on my skin and in my mouth. I stopped using all those products around 2000. My exceptions are salt, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and apple cider vinegar. 

 http://toothsoap.com/shop-online/ has a product called tooth swish which is a nice portable option for keeping bacteria at bay. Its like how people use salt as a perseverative expect we spit it out. 

Nothing to be sorry about this is suppose to be a supporting community. I'm glad to be able to help especially when I tend to be a little insensitive most of the times. 

I was shown a cavity I had in April and my tooth was really sensitive, since then its not as sensitive and I can't find the cavity.  

All good links, thanks.  I ordered tooth soap and the swish.  Maybe I'll brush with salt water until it comes.  I'm surprised you got a cavity even though it seems you've been doing everything "by the book"?

Well yes and no, I did toothsoap since it came out, but I was also in the military for the past 7 years my diet was usually horrible. When I found out I had a cavity I also had a redbull and monster addiction up to 40oz a day at time. I've got back on track for the most part since getting out it April. 

"why should the sugar be bad for our teeth" It isn't in itself at all, but the bacteria that is in the mouth which varies with individuals can feed on it and release a sticky, acidic substance. And simple sugars aren't the only things that feed them, complex carbs too, both of which legumes contain probably. How is your Vitamin D and/or strong sunlight exposure?


Although I think the larger problem with fruit is acid, not fructose.
Diospyros,  Yes I'm inclined to agree that anything that sticks to the teeth would create a cavity or problem which is why I thought I'd never have a problem on this diet.  I duno, I guess I'm just getting nervous because my family is telling me "see too much fruit".  My vitamin D should be good..I'm outside a few hours everyday usually.



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