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Hi fruit lovers!

I love love love peanuts.. but now that I'm raw till 4 I'm aware i can only eat them at night time (in small quantities of course.. I'm not talking about downing a whole bag)

I was just wondering what everyones thoughts are on unsalted roasted peanuts.. good? bad? in moderation?

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First off, they're actually a legume, not a nut, so keep that in mind depending on digestion etc.

Also, while it's not peanut exclusive, aflatoxin is a known contaminant of this product, so source carefully.  Fresher and the more local the better as with any nut or equivalent.

But factoring in their higher fat content to your overall average, having them as an occasional treat should be fine.  

Oh how interesting.. learn something new every day!

Thanks for your advice, maybe ill save them for weekends :)


Yes aflatoxin is almost inevitable when dealing with peanuts and they are HIGHLY mold prone. Dr. Colin T. Cambell talks a lot about peanuts in his books, "Whole" and "The China Study" which are both awesome books for any vegan to read, by the way!

I make peanut butter. I roast the peanuts for about 5 minutes or so - making sure not to burn them. I then blend them in a food processor until they attain a 'butter' consistency.

I try to limit my consumption to a teaspoon at a time and no more than two or three times a week.

The reason that you can make 'butter' from peanuts is that it's so high in fat.

I never buy peanut butter unless it is just made from peanuts with no vegetable, sugars or salt that are added to most peanut butters on the market.

The bottom line is that peanuts for most people are fine but consumption should be limited.

but why dont u eat them raw from the shield ?? they are nice i dont think they are unhealthy even if they contain fat and protein  ! I NEED one day u will really not want them, but first u need to do what u want, what u have for envy, if u truly love yourself u will have only what u need. and learn, now maybe your soul need peanuts that you love understand ? raw till four is about nature, health, be better ? the natural is to do what u really wants.. not to force yourself. and trust me, one day u will not want peanuts. u will want a fruit, or sometime else that even your mind will agree ! but first, u need to respect your uncouscious desires and accept them... 

When boiled, peanuts are soft and a little sweeter, so no salt

When roasted, they are more crunchy and taste better salted. Just salt lightly to taste and remember that they have a lot of fat so you'll want to keep your peanut eating low :)

If I were you, I'd do raw spring rolls with peanut sauce or low fat pad thai with some crushed roasted peanuts :)

They are certainly vilified in health circles, a big part of that has to do with them potentially containing aflatoxin.  I think I've read that the Valencia variety (grown in a more dry and arid environment) minimizes the mold growth.  I also enjoy adding freshly grated ginger to peanut butter with some cinnamon (two spices that are protective/ anti-fungal against aflatoxin?)

If ur goal is to loose weight avoid, they r way to high in fat. If not, have them. But only after fruit to avoid eating a whole bag.
Probably better to avoid them if you're trying to have a hclf diet. they are literally 71% fat and 15% carbohydrates.

I see nothing wrong with them in moderation or on occasion.  As long as you're more or less sticking to a 80/10/10 calorie ratio the majority of the time.  I suggest trying roasted chickpeas.  They have a taste reminiscent of peanuts with a lot less fat.



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