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I'm slightly confused. 
Is quinoa okay to eat?
When I google it, 1 cup, cooked has 3.6g of fat (5%) which is okay for me as i only have it once a week, if I'm feeling fearless, twice and even then I don't have 1 cup, sometimes 1/3 or 1/2. So, I don't know where I saw it (I cant remember) but I remember seeing quinoa being high in fat (in terms of %) which freaked me out for one but two, annoyed me a little because coming onto this lifestyle (which I love, don't get me wrong) was already sacrificing A LOT of things I couldn't eat, I like to have 'some' variety in my diet (I mostly eat salads - yes I know, contradicting the variety part... anyway moving on, yes so potatoes once a week, pasta every few weeks, rice once every month or two months if that..I cant cook rice that well or make it taste nice so yeah aha)
All I want to know is
1. Is it low in fat?
2. Would you eat it or just stick to rice/pasta/potatoes
3. Should I just not worry if I only eat it once a week?

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It is much higher in protein then fat, 1 cup only has 10g of fat, much less then an avocado. I would think sprouted quinoa is good, I personally find the taste of quinoa quite repulsive, I much prefer sprouted buckwheat has it remind me of oats. Millet is the worst though as it taste like rhubarb.

yeah thats why its good i guess as people always say 'but where do you get your protein?!!?' ive never tried millet nor do i know what it looks like haha. mhm il have to find sprouted quinoa then!:)

You sprout it yourself.  Some people eat it like that without cooking it.  You soak it overnight in water, then rinse it off the next day in a fine mesh strainer.  Leave it for another 24 hours, rinsing it off again before you go to bed to keep it moist, and by the following morning it should be ready.  Takes 2 days to make lol.  So you gotta prepare in advance ;)

I tried buckwheat like that and didn't love the taste of it, but I might try quinoa.  And by the way, quinoa is 70% carbs 15% protein 15% fat.  So it's fine if 80/10/10 ratios are something you are going for.  I'd be more concerned with it's digestibility.  If it digests fine for you, then eat it! 

DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!! Eat it!! I find quinoa fabulous and way less dense and heavy than potatoes or rice. Good source of protein.

5% of fat is not bad. this lifestyle is based on the 80-10-10 lifestyle which makes eating a diet that is 10% fat perfectly sound. some people even thrive better on 15% fat. its up to you to play around to see what feels best. 

so basically you can eat it every night and there is no issue! :)

Quinoa and buckwheat are great! definitely soak in cold water overnight, rinse the next morning, let sprout for couple of hours, now can be cooked :) they taste a lot better after soaking/sprouting!

and very important - quinoa and buckwheat are not grains :) so are easier to digest

I use both quinoa & buckwheat as well!  Quinoa is great for a lot of things...as a rice side substitute, for sushi rolls, and especially useful when making veggie burgers!  Buckwheat makes great pancakes as well if you're doing RT4!

I eat either rice or quinoa daily (sometimes both) with some beans and plantains.



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