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I'd be curios to hear from people in other countries (or this one) as to what you think of the new health care plan or as some call it, "Obamacare:....

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Thankyou for this comment.  Yes, it's the whole concept of forcing someone to buy into the same consequences as those who choose detrimental lifestyle choices that that said "someone" has not chosen to take. Just give those people the choice of opting out. We're so far and few between that it won't make a dent in the overall plan anyway  ;) 

That's the truth bro. Corporations have merged with governmet!

I don't like that you are FORCED to buy a plan. It sucks that those of us who actually take care of ourselves (Rare genetic conditions aside) will be forced into buying something we will never use.

I'm a Kucinich fan and for HR676, rather than Obamacare however, I will say that I am thankful it is here and the things it has done. I also do not think that the rate spikes can be blamed on Obamacare... many are going to get refunds this year due to the insurance company not spending 80 percent (85 in some cases) on actual medical expenses. But I hate that insurance is tied to a person's job, and I feel that it is a human right that should be something you have from birth to death, period. The USA is the only industrialized country not to offer something. Now the cons to Obamacare are that I feel like it's a payoff to insurance companies, and I'd love for the profit motive to be removed from health care completely.

I'm not going to get health insurance, not going to go to the doctors and until they **** ** ** **** *** *** I'm not paying them ****.

It is about time the United States started looking after the most vulnerable in society with a national health plan like the rest of the free world and of Europe. 

They pay through tax.  Would you like to make $4000 a month but only take home $2200-$1800 (less if you have a 401k) ?  Because that is how it works in other countries in order to get "free" healthcare. 

You're almost right :) In Quebec by example, if you make more than 80k/year, 24% is paid in taxes. But all those taxes are not just to pay healthcare, we have so many more services. And honestly, I don't mind paying that much taxes for a service I won't use, because I know I pay for the others that can't afford the healthcare they need. Like my dad, who started needing a pacemaker since he was ~30.

Which countries have such a high rate of tax for middle earners? I doubt anyone pays $26000 on a $48000 salary.

Its not the governments responsibility nor place to buy or force insurance for people.

If it's not the government's job to provide health insurance, I am curious what exactly IS the government's "job"?

Government is responsible to preserve freedom and the keeping of our constitution It's not to provide welfare to the people as in monthly checks and handouts. Our government was supposed to be a republic. Our bill of rights protects our rights to liberty of conscience,religion or no religion, race to bear arms etc. As government takes over responsibility to provide for us and we relinquish responsibility to them they will become dictator Ike Amendment 10 protects us from federal government regimenting our lives as they are now. Their job is to preserve our freedom not take it away in any way or form. If there wasn't the big corrupt government we have now there wouldn't be the huge taxes we have now. Look into the amount of money there would be to people if there wasnt the big welfare business of government.



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