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I'd be curios to hear from people in other countries (or this one) as to what you think of the new health care plan or as some call it, "Obamacare:....

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I think that Obamacare is a misnomer considering most of the architecture of it is based on what they have in MA.

I'm of mixed opinion on it, our insurance rates have seemed to accelerate since it has been implemented which is not good. However, my daughter has epilepsy and I like the provisions which would make it a lot harder for her to be cut loose as insurance companies have done for years. Right now, the only thing stopping her from a life filled with terrible seizures is her medicine, which would cost me $800.00 a month or more without insurance. I feel like this protects her a bit whereas with the business as usual model which is really all I've heard from the others so far, tosses her to the wolves.

However, I do not like having to buy something or be fined, that just strikes me wrong and yet I understand why they would implement that in order to try to make it work. I really wish there were REAL, intelligent debate on it though, so much of what I hear, most of it really, is emotionally based and designed to vilify, not clarify and figure things out.

People say this is yet another "entitlement program" and yet this is sending more people to private insurance companies, that's the only way they would accept it or work on it with Obama. So no it's really not "medical welfare", designed for people who just want to "leech" off the rest of us not when you really look at it. And that whole leeching thing really bothers me, when other people are viewed as parasites, yeah maybe there is a problem, but not just with them...

I really don't care which "side" wins in the upcoming election save for I want whoever goes in to be honest and use reason and data, NOT pandering to fear and emotionalism. It's high time we all work together to tackle the very real problems and issues that face us. The  "win at all costs" of recent years and wanting to beat someone as one's #1 priority as opposed to doing their damn jobs.... It has to stop.

Well that's my $0.02 at the moment, I don't really want to do too much political stuff over here, it tends to vibe me real low.

I agree with you Chris.  i also have a child with extremely high monthly medical expenses, and he only has about another year (hopefully) of being a full time college student, so it is a great comfort to us that he is covered till age 26 (although dental and vision will end after he graduates and he wears glasses and has teeth so...) We have spent a good many years without health insurance, being self employed and I don't know how we would have been forced to buy insurance. Even the insurance we did have off and on was so crappy that medical expenses kept us oppressed for years.  My choice to work the job I work now was 100% driven by the excellent medical bennies.  I'm very grateful for it.  So since it seems that when man tries to fix things it is always trading in one problem for another and I have experienced that firsthand, I have to take a neutral stand on Obamacare.  

I don't like the for profit health care system or mandatory health insurance but if it's going to happen I'm glad Dennis was still in office to add a few key amendments to it:



I love Dennis Kucinich. I like the bill he cosponsored HR676 better than the ACA.

I love him too! :)


HR676 is still going, I haven't followed it since Dennis dropped it for Obama Care, but glad to hear it is still being pushed! :)  Single payer!  I definitely support the bill!  


HR 676 has been endorsed by 593 union organizations including 142 Central Labor Councils and Area Labor Federations and 40 state AFL-CIO's (KY, PA, CT, OH, DE, ND, WA, SC, WY, VT, FL, WI, WV, SD, NC, MO, MN, ME, AR, MD-DC, TX, IA, AZ, TN, OR, GA, OK, KS, CO, IN, AL, CA, AK, MI, MT, NE, NJ, NY, NV & MA).  http://www.pdacommunity.org/issues/healthcare-for-allsingle-payer/1...

I have visions -- I think not unfounded -- of people getting birth control, Viagra, sex change operations, and other probably-not-necessary and not-really-health-related treatments such as nose jobs, acne treatments, flu shots, etc., at the expense of the working class.  I also have a problem with the entire health insurance business to begin with -- it's a numbers game, not unlike Vegas.  Pre-Obama care, the health insurance companies are banking on more people staying healthy than not, and so far they have profited.  There's a lot of talk about insurance companies going out of business under Obama-care, but my suspicion is they will find a way to thrive -- again, on the backs of the working class.  Plus, overall I hold the opinion that the farther away most of us can stay from doctors, the longer and healthier our lives will be.  If Obama care were narrowly designed to help people like Chris's daughter and Februarygirl's son, I could live with that.  But bottom line for me is, the entire medical community is messed up, and this will only mess it up more.  Thanks for the opportunity to spout.  Cheers!

what i see different naturalistic/alternative care banned , more tax resistors, more rebel governors elected, 60,000 new irs jobs. 

OH YEAH, birth control... totally not needed!  Um... NOT!



Highly unlikely, that doesn't go on in Canada or any other industrialized country that ALL (except us) have government paid healthcare.

Exactly. We just celebrated the 4th of July. Our liberty???? Right!!! The government will be forcing us to buy insurance. Then they'll force more things!! Check ups? Shots? Tests?? I smell a skunk. I smell control. This isn't about caring about our health. The same government subsidizes the very industries producing much of the food people are addicted to. Oh don't get me started. I think there should be help for those who truly need it. But to be forced to buy this so that the majority can keep on with bad habits is what bothers me. We should have liberty to choose. If people can choose to eat crap we should be able to choose to opt out. This country has thrown liberty to the wind. We are scared of terrorists and yet our own government is acting like a nazi regime. Prayerfully people will wake up. America is speaking like a dragon. I don't like it.



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