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Dr. Ruth Heidrich’s Daily Vegan Meal Plan

Served in a LARGE bowl.  All items are raw.
Lots of greens for the base: 3-4 leaves of Romaine, 1 stalk kale, 1 stalk of celery, 10 sprigs of parsley or cilantro. Slice and add 1 large carrot, ½ mango, 1 large banana, and half dozen large, seeded Globe grapes. Top off with 1 rounded Tbl of B12-fortified nutritional yeast, and 1-2 Tbl of blackstrap molasses.

Because I eat this after my daily workout, this is served late and I eat no midday meal.

Lots of greens for the base: 3-4 broccoli florettes, 2-3 stalks of kale, 1 stalk of celery,
¼  unpeeled English cucumber, ¼ head of green or red cabbage, 1 large carrot,
½ red (or orange, green, or yellow) bell pepper, ½ large field tomato, half a head of garlic (about 6 cloves) Half of a yam or sweet potato, raw.
On top of the above ingredients,  to 1-2 cups of  prepared salsa (mild, medium or hot), add 1 Tbl of regular mustard,  1 Tbl of flax seed, freshly ground

A base of blueberries (fresh or frozen, depending on availability and season) – ½ cup; ½ cup of a second fresh fruit (e.g. strawberries, bananas, grapes,);  top with a small handful of walnuts, and 1Tbl. blackstrap molasses.

For those times when the hunger pangs strike, I eat carrot or celery sticks, grapes, dates, and in the evening, plain air-popped popcorn. 


Hello :)


I find Dr. Heidrich very inspiring.  I have seen this daily menu posted in several venues, and couldn't help but feel that it was much stronger on the vegetable side than the fruit side.  I have not added any calories up, but at a glance it seems pretty low on the calories for someone as active as she is?   I promise I am not questioning HCRV 30BAD way because I know it works and I enjoy eating all the fruit I care for.  Just wondering about your thoughts? 



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Let me just say I think Ruth is a wonderful person too but oh dear this doesn't look good!

It looks like a disaster in fact. Nutritional yeast should never pass our lips for a start. 


At a glance it looks like she is eating around 1000 calories and a whole lot of poor food combining and low nutritional foods . 


It's obvious that the molasses came in for dessert because she was drastically under-eating on carbs  earlier in the day and craving sweet.


It seems her goal here is to calorie-restrict>>

"For those times when the hunger pangs strike, I eat carrot or celery sticks, grapes, dates, and in the evening, plain air-popped popcorn." 


This description sounds similar to what I used to say and do when I was going through my anorexic phase.


Half a head of garlic?? eeek... I wonder why she feels the urge to eat that. 

There is no doubt that Ruth would be having days where she makes up the calories because our appetite always catches up to us. It generally goes like this - Under-eat one day - binge out the next. Would be great to have at least 7 day examples in a row. 


Nutritional yeast is like eating MSG! Don't go there! It is not a food.

Yes, it would be great to have a weekly glance at her diet.  I, too, was assuming she must eat more than what is represented.  I am a little frustrated that this sample diet is so readily available and posted on sites where newcomers would try to follow it and then, of course, fail.  And it really is a shame because she is so awesome and inspiring!  I hate the idea of someone trying to follow her and then feeling like something is wrong with them for not succeeding.

I saw this on a slide show she was presenting on one of her videos on you tube and she made several mentions of feeling very hungry and having to snack a lot.  Also about feeling very hungry not long after eating. 

Sorry, there is no way that I calorie-restrict!  I even say in my books that there is no need to count calories when eating a low-fat, whole food vegan diet -- or count anything else, for that matter!  And I certainly am NOT, nor ever have been, anorexic!  I eat until satisfied, then eat again when hungry.  Isn't that the way we're supposed to do it?  If you average all my fruits and veggies, it comes out to approximately 80% carbs, 10% protein, and 10% fat.  I've selected these foods for their highest nutritional density, i.e., getting the most nutrients per calorie as possible. As for garlic, I happen to love it and even it is 9/2/0, still in the ballpark. I had to add nutritional yeast when my B-12 levels started dropping and I didn't want to take pills, and BSM for its very high calcium and iron because of osteoporosis on both sides of my family and my own history of anemia. (Bone density now high as well as hemoglobin.)

As for looking like a "disaster", this is the diet that reversed my advanced breast cancer, (for nearly 30 years now), gives me a 90/60 blood pressure, 129 total cholesterol, glucose readings under 100, bone density higher than 30-year-old women at their peak, resting heart rate of 46 bpm, and allows me to train 2.5 to 4 hours daily -- because I enjoy it and loved being named one of the "Ten Fittest Women in North America" when I was in my 60s and the other nine in their 20s.

The diet on my website was added to answer the question I very frequently get, "What do you eat every day?"  And to evaluate its effectiveness, I'd be willing to modify it if someone could beat my athletic record of more than 900 first-place trophies, 6 Ironman Triathlons, 67 marathons (included 3 in 3 weeks!), and have competed in everything from sprints to ultra-marathons to the pentathlon.

I really think the main issue should be how to get SAD eaters to at least go vegan, and that's where we should be putting our debating efforts, not quibbling which vegan foods to eat!

If there is any scientific evidence that I'm missing, I'd be grateful if you'd let me know!

Thanks for listening! (:>)

Thanks for the questions, Alycia, as it shows that you're thinking!  Yes, my bone density actually increased all through my 50s and even into my 60s, however, you have to look at ALL the variables, not just the one, BSM.  The other pertinent factors were my increased running (which definitely increases bone density) and going vegan itself, primarily giving up dairy.

As for your second question, no, there was no disruption, however, by the time I was doing Ironman Triathlons, I was already in menopause, which, btw, I sailed through with nairy a hot flash -- or any other symptoms!

Hey thanks Ruth :-) I just want you to know that my comments about your diet have *nothing* to do with your character, I have great admiration for you! Just an analysis of what is presented here. I'm hoping you may find some of it useful.


On this forum/lifestyle we promote calorie-counting to members to ensure they get enough calories to thrive and stay raw vegan, not in order to restrict in any way. We do this because we know that it takes a lot more bites and quantity of plant foods as compared to animal foods to make up the same calories. We also understand that the brain and body requires large amounts of glucose (from a high carb diet) in order to thrive.


We recommend people who want to thrive on a raw vegan lifestyle or even a cooked vegan lifestyle eat at least 80% of their calories from carbohydrates and keep fat levels below 10% (McDougall recommends 5% I believe). It seems your intake has come out to at least 25% calories from fat which according to the experts in the field is far too much fat to eat in order to thrive long term. Maybe it is worth punching in your numbers into www.cronometer.com just to make sure you aren't eating in a way which made lead to illness or is keeping you from reaching your potential. 


When we don't get sufficient calories from carbs like fruit predictably we end up going to fat to fill the void and processed sugar like molasses. Which we know isn't as good for us as a whole fruit.


The small amount of calories listed above - a bit over 1000 is not sufficient for a lady of your activity and mass to thrive long term, especially if 25% of the calories are coming from fat. I'm about 114lbs myself and generally eat about 3000 calories and I've noted that no females thrive on 1000 or even 1500 cals a day. I'm thinking because you aren't into counting calories that perhaps you missed out a few food items or that this above is an example of a low calorie day and other days you actually get much more. Possibly the snacks could add up to another 1000 calories too. That would make a fair bit of sense.


I'm glad you said that about "getting SAD eater to at least go vegan". I agree it is waaay important and I spend most of my day doing this. What is just as important though is once we bring them over - *keeping* them off the meat and dairy is our goal. If most people ate the prescription above unfortunately they would fall back into eating meat and dairy in no time. We see it all the time and that's why we are offering critical feedback. On 30Bad we provide caloric-guidelines so people can follow the prescription that works long term and thrive. It keeps more people raw and most importantly vegan.


Thanks Ruth :)


No only only is this a calorie restriction diet  but the majority of the cals are fat cals from the walnuts & flax seed.  I just can't imagine the logic of eating molasses over fruit?  Don't get that.  Maybe because of the iron content?  And the supper especially is a digestive nightmare, or would be for me because of combining starchie veggies (carrots/yam), AND acid fruits (tomotoes/salsa) AND fat (flax).

At a glance breakfast looks to be about 200 cals, supper 400, dessert 400 with most of those cals coming from the nuts/seeds = fat cals.  I have more cals  than that for breakfast (with only mimimal fruit fat) and if I didn't i would be starving.

I disagree with you that this is a calorie restriction diet.  I eat until satisfied -- I just happen to love those foods that I list along with whatever else comes in season.  I say in my books, no need to count calories, or grams of anything else following this plan.  I'm obviously getting enough calories as my weight is stable at 114 lbs.  As for food-combining, I believe my digestive system handles everything well and have never had a problem with any "combination."  

Firstly I just wanted to say that I've been watching some of your talks on YouTube and they are so inspiring—it definitely makes me want to push the limits in exercise and diet.  In one video though you mention that your weight has been consistently 125 lbs for years; has your weight since dropped to 114?  

I wouldn't be looking forward to breakfast if it was a big salad with molasses and nutritional yeast on top....

You should read "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall.  And, actually, I don't call it a "salad" but eating the highest nutritional density foods (leafy greens) first thing rather than later.  When I worked at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and ate with the athletes, I noticed that most of the other non-western types ate greens and veggies for their breakfasts.  I tried it and liked it and so do lots of others! And I relish my breakfasts!!!

Ruth has just joined and will be commenting here soon I imagine so it will be great to hear her take on this.



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