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Just wondering who does any training in the pool? I'm currently training for a triathlon and have been swimming three times a week. I know its not exactly ideal to be in a chlorinated pool but that is all I have as of now. I've been thinking about using some type of moisturizer after swimming since I just get so dry. Although this does not really comply with natural hygiene I wonder if it would help. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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Hi- I use shea butter.  In it's pure form it's sort of like yellow sticky dough that melts in your palms.  It's sticky on your skin until it absorbs, but once it does I think it's the best moisturizer I've ever used.  Also, it's super cheap.  I ordered a pound for $11 on amazon.com.

It's estimated that the amount of chlorine absorption from 20 minutes of swimming is equivalent to a week of drinking unfiltered tap water. Straight into the bloodstream too. Interesting that people insist on buying bottled spring water because of chlorine but swim at their local pool 3-4 times a week.

Haven't heard of any health problems directly as a result (except bleached hair) but often when I used to get out of chlorinated pools I would feel really not right. It felt like there was a leeching chemical running through my blood.

If you are THAT intense about competing for a triathlon, can you find a non-chlorinated pool in your city? This should be possible...
I'm doing the same training, swimming in a pool three plus times a week and running in the city 4 times a week. I know I am probably not breathing in and swimming in the most ideal conditions but stick with it if you enjoy it. You can't run away from all pollutants in the world.  I use St ives moisturizers as they don't test on animals. Before entry into the pool or any water use a sunscreen with added vitamins and antioxidants.

I searchedd 30BaD for information on chlorinated pools and only found these topics:
(are there any other good topics on 30BaD over this topic)

So I opt-in for a swim course to learn front crawl for a triathlon I want do.
After the first one hour training I didn't experience much issues, but last Friday was my second hour and the next day I felt horrible, I have an irritated throat, headache and an upset stomach, last night I also sweat a lot, and I'm still not the same, apatite is gone, and still a slight headache. I may have had a few sips of the swimming water....

Is this a normal response when going for an hour swim!? I'm getting a bit scared of the pool, and I really want to continue my training. (I'm going to try not getting any of the water in my month)

I know there are some great swimmers on 30BaD (Eli) and I never heard of such extreme responsive to the chloride water as I experienced...

What are the experiences... Is the stuff really that toxic, or is my body overreacting?

I've gone to the pool a couple of times as a HCRV. Every time, I wake up the next morning with chlorine breath. To me, that's a clear sign that chlorine is toxic.

chlorine is def less than the best lol!

Where is Jacob now? Is he AWOL cos he was so hardcore about NH that he wouldnt even use some moisturizer if his skin needed it?

Ive known a lot of people that push the envelope so hard that they snap all the way back into the post box of status quo low standards. :(

Balance and realistic choices are imperative...

Hahaha! I posted this so long ago it's great to see people still responding. Where am I now? Gone AWOL?!? Maybe according to DR. ;) I am definitely in a different place than when I first wrote this post. I do not eat 100% raw by any means. I still believe in the low fat raw vegan diet completely but other opportunities and experiences have led me down different paths.

I am happy to have committed to a LFRV lifestyle for nearly 2.5 years. I learned an immense amount about my body, my food, and my psychology. At this point I still consume loads of fresh fruit and veg but not to the exclusion of all other foods. I'm currently enjoying sampling the incredible diversity of food around the world and getting to know the people that prepare it. I have made sacrifices in my diet in order to broaden my cultural experience and work with a job that I love.

I completely agree that balance and realistic choices are key to a happy healthy life. For now my balance has shifted away from health towards other values. I know that I will someday return to the LFRV lifestyle when I feel it's right for me.

I wish all you 30BADers all the best in your journey and health!



Hi Jacob, thx for your reply. I was just wondering if your managed to stay completely vegan? I sometimes have some low fat cooked vegan food to fit in some social events and I think it can be an agreeable trade-off but so far the food doesn't love me back, now this is mostly not the best prepared food and I'm sure there must be delicious vegan cooked dishes out there and I hope to sample some of them one day. But so far the sweet tropical fruit has always been better.

I'm on the recovering side of my chloride water experience... I think it tipped something over the edge in my body causing my immune system to fail and my body to go to defcon one. After more then a week I’m still not ok and have a nasty deep cough but I feel confident I will be able to run the Rotterdam marathon in less then two weeks.



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