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Just wondering who does any training in the pool? I'm currently training for a triathlon and have been swimming three times a week. I know its not exactly ideal to be in a chlorinated pool but that is all I have as of now. I've been thinking about using some type of moisturizer after swimming since I just get so dry. Although this does not really comply with natural hygiene I wonder if it would help. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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Hi Jacob, yes I have some thoughts on pools!....This is a post i put up a while ago...

Hey i was just baking beside the spa at my housesit here and I noticed a cylinder of chlorine 'Pool tablets' infront of me....the 'SAFETY DIRECTIONS' attracted my attention.....and reminded me why i don't go in pools or drink tap water.

it Reads.....

Highly reactive oxidising chlorine compound. May cause fire and explosion or produce severe burns. Harmful if swallowed. Will damage the eyes. Will irritate the skin. May irritate the nose and throat. Avoid any contact with the eyes, skin and clothing. Do not inhale dust. When opening the container and using the product, wear rubber gloves. If product on skin, immediately wash area with soap and water. If product in eyes, immediately wash it out with water. Wash hands after use. DO NOT allow the product to come into contact with other chemicals, especially acids or with combustible material such as fabric, sawdust adn kerosene. Do not allow to get damp. Use clean containers for dispensing. DO NOT mix with other chemicals or chlorinated products. Do not add water to the product - add the product to water, but in case of fire, drench with water.

-I bolded the cetain bits because they are so insane!!!!!!

And we are bathing & swimming in this?!?! & Now its throughout drinking water here in Australia.....crazy stuff....can someone help me make sense of this??

Ummm Suggestions?
-Personally i will not go in a chlorinated pool & recommend others don't - there's always duathlon?
-I can't imagine a moisturizer serving much purpose other than blocking up elimination of the chlorine through your skin..

I know its a challenging one for you but I really feel the possible health implications are not worth it
I know it's toxic stuff. I just figured the benefits of exercise help offset some of the harms of chlorine. I wonder if there is any way to train for swimming without actually swimming. Maybe I can just do some upper body weight workouts instead.

What kind of water do you shower with?
Yes the benefits of exercise will always help offset some of the harms of chlorine but how much is anyones guess...

You can possibly train for swimming using a cable machine in the gym?

I trained a swimmer for a little bit & came up with the idea of increasing his performance & strength by using the cable machine to sort of mimic his stroke with the cable....so there was resistance throughout the relevant parts of the stroke & appropriate rotation in the body ...
Seemed to work well & he enjoyed it, unfortunately I left gym before I could test his improvement

Yeh u got me on the shower one!

For many years I used a shower filter & it was incredible, the last 2months I was in the tropics showering in rain water everyday, many of my friends that i stay with have filters on their showers but when im housesitting generally they don't & i make the shower super quick.

I only have cold showers & stay in for about 3mins generally so the absorbtion factor will be small and I don't submerse myself in baths.

Have u considered Duathlon?
do you use a shower filter? i usually shower and yoga and none of the bikram yoga places i have been ever have filters...then again most of them don't even use eco-friendly soaps which is very strange to me..does anyone know of portable shower filters?

Thanks for asking the question -- I was actually considering posting the thread myself! -- Yeah, I'm attracted to swimming. Its such a wholesome exercise - though, I've long been skeptical about getting into chlorinated pools. Indeed, life is full of compromise. I'm just unsure if its WORTH the compromise. Perhaps freelea is right...-- that, it is not. Hmph. Good luck in your training!!

I'm glad you posted this. I swim laps twice a week and I really really love it, expecially in winter because its an indoor pool.
I'd hate to stop, even though I get concerned about chlorine. I believe its a non-chlorine (salt?) pool but I'm not totally sure wheat they use instead and if there is some chlorine. I just make sure I have a cold shower straight after to wash away excess, and I dont put my face in the water if I can help it. I dunno *shrugs* Like I think someone mentioned, our showers have chlorine anyway...hmmm
Goodluck, I hope you find your answer!
Just stick your finger in the pool and then press it to your tongue. If it's salt-water you will taste it beyond any doubt. :)

Actually, salt water pools are named extremely misleading. They are run on chlorine generators. Yes, you dump bags of salt into the pool but it gets converted into chlorine. 

I found this online and it offers a 90 day free trial.

I remember a friend of mine telling me the chlorine is to help keep the urine and feces noticeable in the pool.

The smell alone makes me not want to be there and within a half hour walk I have a world class Pan am pool at my disposal.

I have to agree with Freelea on this one.
I found myself thinking about this post recently. I thought i'd pull it up and ask - does anyone know of any CONCRETE negative health implications for people who swim in chlorinated pools. My hunch, also says that it probably ain't good for us - though i was wondering why, exactly, it isn't good for our health?

I love the total body exercise and went for a swim today; it felt great.
So - it seems that Max Gerson is saying that it is carcinogenic?



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