30 Bananas a Day!

I want this lifestyle; to feel vibrant, happy, slim, toned. 

My only problem is that weight distribution after anorexia; my stomach is digusting--it jiggles, feels flabby, bulges, etc. 

I'm active; exercising at LEAST an hour a day, if not more (usually running, swimming, biking, rollerblading), and I eat easily 95% raw; the only cooked food I eat is sweet potatoes and broccoli. 

I've been vegan for over a year, and have been trying this lifestyle (though not getting 3,000 kcal, more like 1500 ish) since January, and it's so hard accepting this weight gain. 

So, if you have an ED past, how did you deal with your weight distribution? It's driving me MAD. And it doesn't help that I'm surrounded by flat-stomach, perfect-figure teenage girls all day (I'm in high school), who have rapid metabolisms, while I'm stuck here with a fatso stomach eating barely anything.

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Check out this group:

support for eating disorders and disordered eating.


Healing and body changes take time.  It is common for anyone that has ever calorie restricted to gain weight at first as the body gets used to having enough, also bloating can be the body diluting toxins as they leave the body.  You might enjoy reading  Acceptance of fat gain and being a stronger person Posted by:  Adrienne D.


The great thing about LFRV is that even if you do gain you look and feel vibrant, glowing, happy and beautiful.  The weight balances out naturally in time. 

You look great, and beautiful.  After an eating disorder you really have to change the way you think, and it will take some time... it took me at least two years and my ED was not that severe.   Now I see healthy and vibrant as beautiful.   It will also take time to get used to how your body feels now with more weight in on it, I got used to it and it feels completely normal now.  I think that you should really up your calories, 1500 is not enough!  Especially for a teenager and for a person recovering from an eating disorder.  It's way to hard to live with an eating disorder, especially for your whole life!  If you eat this way you'll definitely stay slender and wont feel worn out and sick all the time.  Also, It might just take some time for your body to readjust and you'll get a flat stomach again.  But I would really really encourage you to eat more!  Also, it sucks being in high school doesn't it!  I just got out last year.

Thank you, but you are referring to by current picture as me "looking great and beautiful", that picture was taken during anorexia... in that photo, I was 95 lbs; now I'm 110 :/

And I want to up my calories, I do, but it is SO hard when I feel disgusting all the time. Plus, summer's coming up and I won't feel comfortable going to the beach or swimming.

I'm so confused.

not your profile picture, but the other pictures on your profile....

Skip the greens and stick with High calorie fruits to become The Healthy Person! :)

In a few months when you have gotten used to eating enough calories from fruit you can introduce greens again.


Keep your eye on the goal! :)

Skipping greens/low cal foods gives you room for the high cal stuff.  Plus people with EDs tend to stuff themselves with low cal greens to feel full.  For those that have no problem getting in enough calories then there is no reason to skip the greens.  Dr. D says it's no problem to skip greens for a few months but normally he says to get 2-6% of your total calories from tender leafy greens.

I can relate. I was forced to gain weight, without having the cause fixed. It's 20 pounds and it's driving me insane.

I'm attending beauty school and most of the dudettes in my class are sooo damn skinny, they look thinner than I ever was and it's really annoying that no one jumped on their necks.

Anyhow, what helped me for my abs, is getting one of those wheel-thingies. http://lh6.googleusercontent.com/public/RLKe7eOxKmNR5s9xCgROwPkaiwJ...

Those with a history of calorie restriction do tend to gain at first:

Here is a great thread on that:

Acceptance of fat gain and being a stronger person Posted by:  Adrienne D.

Hey, first of all... eating disorders suck... and the longer you listen to the voices, the more difficult it becomes to escape them. What you have to try to do is  think of the future. there are two options.

option one is sticking with the eating disorder, being miserable, eating 1,500 calories, obsessing over weight when there are more important things like the environment, saving the animals, having a career, family and friends, adventures and travelling...YOUR HEALTH! or....

option two, which is worth so much more than being thin... not having disordered thinking and having a more postive outlook on life, being ultimatley happy, eating 3,000 calories + or just having that satisfied feeling of kowing your eating enough for your body and not having to count calories ever!, and having the time and energy to focus on all the other things listed above, plus more!

you have to ask yourself so many questions, are you truly being active because you want to be or is it because you don't have the body you desire? If you probably take a better look, the girls in your school probably don't all have the bodies you describe.. you're only noticing the ones you like. take a better look, there will be chubby people, obese people and average weighted people. And you know what, those girls with the thin bodies either starve themselves or live off junk (probably a combination)... you didn't come to 30bad to be thin, you came to 30bad to be healthy... its a healthy community and it cares about making the world a better, understandable place =)

the weight gain is going to suck... but you have to believe this will work, look at the proof... flat stomachs don't come ovr night. So many times through my weight gain I wished I could just get a seringe and leech out my fat on my stomach... it don't work that way... well not naturally at least! If you need anymore help to get through this... feel free to email me =)

Thanks for your support, but it's so hard to do. I probably sound like a stupid, whiny, overly-self-cautious teen, but that's just the way I think, I guess. 

I'm not even eating 1500 calories anymore. Back down to 600.

It sounds to me like your not really ready to recover?

Some with ED pasts find it less of a trigger to count carbs instead of calories.  Tracking is the only way to make sure you are getting enough, going by hunger is just not reliable for at least the first year or so:  10 times your weight in kilos to calculate your basic carb needs, always add more for activity.



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