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...I couldn't even reply; I don't know where to start.

Basically someone posted the 'Fed Up' documentary trailer; so I casually mentioned diabetes isn't caused from sugar and posted the vid 'How to become diabetic in 6hours'.

They basically sent me a bunch of links...I've never facepalmed so hard oh my gosh. I don't have anyone else to talk to about this so I thought I'd talk to you guys.

She sent a link to the main page of this website, I found a link on there that explained what inspired the woman to write the principle. 


 I was slightly mortified that a doctor would give a diabetic such dietary advice...obviously she does not know much about nutrition. Upon reading that I realized she wasn't basing it off science but what she perceived personally to be happening.

The person who replied to me with these seems really absorbed in what she believes so I don't think I can sway her, but jeeze it seems extremely damaging to promote high fat diets.


Then she sent thishttp://www.westonaprice.org/about-the-foundation/healthy-4-life/ I let out a loud OH MY GOD at the mention of "By restricting healthy animal fats in school lunches and diets for pregnant women and growing children, the USDA Guidelines will accelerate the tragic epidemic of learning and behavior disorders.  The nutrients found most abundantly in animal fats and organ meats—including choline, cholesterol and arachidonic acid—are critical for the development of the brain and the function of receptors that modulate thinking and behavior."

So wrong. Choline from animal products are so so so so bad, and arachidonic acid causes inflammation...and don't even get me started on cholesterol!  

But gosh.

She's a much older woman so hopefully this is popular with the older generations and won't be around forever. Seems incredibly damaging :(...I could show her all the information about why this is so unhealthy but I still think she wouldn't believe it. 

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The article she wrote was so mind blowing in all the wrong ways....

Especially being a medical professional, She should base her "facts" off of science, not solely personal experience! Like you said, she is probably set in her ways with age, but very interesting yet disheartening for people to make these claims and think like this. 

I think everyone here who read the article did a huge, simultaneous face-palm

Oy vey!  Just keep living your life and sharing what you know to be true, Rose.  Sometimes folks have to learn these things for themselves.

BTW, can you link me that "6 hr diabetes" vid?  I've been looking for that one.

Yep, can't force people to change so it's all I can do...but it's kinda scary what people can unknowingly do to their health.

And yeah! It was on vimeo here ya go :) http://vimeo.com/14026182

Purrfect!  Just what we needed in our vid library.

I love the meat-eater logic. When you say to them they shouldn't eat animal food because of its cholesterol content, they reply it account for less than 10% of the cholesterol made by the body and so it is no big deal. But they are the first to say vegans will develop a cholesterol deficiency. Maybe the proof cholesterol damages the brain...

We can take sollice that when most people hear "healthy animal fats ", they laugh too.
And that crazy pro-fat movement has no chance of reaching and influencing the mass public.

weston a price is such a joke, I recently used that name in my new video's opening rap  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34hxnZrr7GQ   
I'm no rapper, but that just came out of me from feeling the way you feel now.

"arachidonic acid" -

I've heard a lot; but this is new.  They have to keep pulling new stuff our their ass, cause the old stuff gets debunked.

"don't even get me started on cholesterol" - 

That's it.  Don't get started.  Some people WANT to believe this.  Just laugh and move on promoting the truth.

Yes, they want to believe it. They are addicted to their meat and animal fat and they will eagerly follow anyone who tells them it's ok, (or good for them, even). That explains the enormous popularity of Atkins, Paleo, low-"carb", etc.  They can have their junk and lose weight.

Very few people have the discipline and self-control to focus on fruits and vegetables and stick with a truly low fat diet to boot. But rather than admit their shortcomings or inability to adhere to such a program, they will say that it isn't healthy. Even if they are diabetic, obese, full of aches and pains, and in and out of the hospital for their heart conditions all the time.

I'd rather look like Karyn Calabrese than Sally Fallon. Who would you rather look like?

Maybe the pro-fat movement has no chance, but the anti-carb movement is already there. when someones obese they only talk about sugar these days.

and when i mention i eat all fruit and stuff i get you don't look like you eat much sugar.



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