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If you juice greens and carrots and apples,does it still have the same calories?

I have been juicing my greens for a while now and I was wondering how many calories I was getting.  I know I am not getting the fibre,so I was wondering how that affects the total amount of calories in the juice.

Any ideas?

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I don't think that should affect the calories. In general, fiber doesn't get digested and so it does not provide calories. Others out there please correct me if I am wrong.
All i can say you don't get the right amount of calories. Claudette, you better off buying the "80/10/10 Diet" from Dr. D. Graham. I'm not a very experienced LFRV but your green apple-carrot juice won't supply you with sufficient calories. Unless you drink gallons of it what i wouldn't consider a healthy habit. Fruit will definitely supply you with calories much better. Juice is not what i would consider a perfect meal. You are here on the propably most helpfull forum. For Low Fat Raw Veganism this website is the place. Too succeed on this diet you definitely should read the 80/10/10 bible.
I have the book and am following the diet, its been about 5-6 months know. I can't eat greens without the fat added, so I decided to juice them to make sure I was getting them in my diet. If I have any fats in my diet I start craving cooked food, juicing keeps me lfrv.

billybob, thats what I was thinking, but if anyone knows for sure could you please let me know?
Fiber you are throwing away is not just an indigestible junk without any nutrients. No juicer spits perfectly dry pulp free fiber. So you are losing some calories and some of the nutrients. If that's the only way for you to get your greens dont worry too much. Take any amounts of greens you consider necessary, add some more and juice happily.
Have you tried to blend these greens with some bananas or other fruit? Perhaps that would help a little?
Really avocado makes you crave cooked?
I use the pulp in the dog food I make for my dogs. It really helps to hold the poop together ;-)
I do sometimes have green smoothies, but I like the taste of the green juice better. sometimes I will juice the carrots and apples and blend that with the greens in the blender. Most of the time I just juice them.
re Avaocado's: I used to love them in a salad, but since 811, I don't like them much anymore! They make my tummy upset now......don't know why!
Best person to message with this is Freelee x
Hey I don't know how accurate this is but I always plug it into Cronometer for example
1 grapefruit = 103.3 cals
1 grapefruit juiced = 76.4 cals

So yea a little less, but when you factor in how many more grapefruits you can juice than sit down and eat the calories skyrocket, plus I think there are many people who follow 811 or a lfrv diet that juice, and are crazy healthy- Michael Arnstein drinks something like a liter of fresh OJ every morning and I don't think anyone would call him out on his health- I really can't believe someone told you to go back and read 80/10/10 plus I think eating fresh whole fruits the rest of the day you are probably receiving more than an adequate amount of fiber I mean come on now ;)

Wow, thanks Fred!!!!?????!!!!!!

Thank You Jes
Thats what I was thinking, but just needed to hear it from someone in the know!
I'm sure I am getting enough fibre the rest of the day eating all that fruit, so missing some from my greens won't hurt me.



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