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Thinking on getting on antidepressants for a short time so I can get my life together...

(keeping it short trying not to rant)

"I plan to take these (antidepressant) pills, accomplish my goals, get a steady job for a while, ease myself off and then with the money from my job I can overload my system with top quality plants foods/fruit...."

Read on...

I am a recluse and have no energy to get a job, this has been the case for the past few years... there are so many tasks I need to accomplish it all piles up and I never do them... I made a new friend today(online) and he is telling me I should try antidepressants/ anti anxiety medication. He studied psycology in college and told me I likely have a chemical imbalance. I don't deny that but I think/know it can be remedied with fresh fruit/rawtil4, exercise, sunshine, etc. I always feel amazing after I do those things, BUT I am broke, and exhausted... I just can't get the fruit in... I don't even have the energy to apply for food stamps... (I don't want to rely on them, but don't have shame in using that aid the help with my life) anyways... my life is just an endless list of tasks, I don't want to get a job, until I sell all my clutter/useless possessions, I can't sell those things until I get a better working laptop, I can't get a better laptop cause I'm broke>< I am so tired and confused all the time... but enough of that i don't want pity... I am just wondering if you think I should use the chemical drugs that I may be able to get for free from my dad's health insurence. What damage will this do to my body and can it be detoxed out? I just need the energy to get shit done in my life... I'm tired of being a loser living at home... fruit is ideal... but I have zero dollars... today all I had was two fish tacos someone left in the fridge. Other than minimal plant foods my parents buy, I live on rice. I feel like I am just surviving day to day... and have no energy.... anyways... I may try these pills, my friend was really incouraging me to. Even though I hate pills...

Please tell me why they are unhealthy... I may not sound very smart but I am (once again, just tired..) I can understand the science of the pills and all that. Please link some legit articles.. I plan to take these pills, accomplish my goals, get a steady job for a while, ease myself off and then with the money from my job I can overload my system with top quality plants foods/fruit.... also i can finally buy that road bike I've been dreaming of... and a new laptop to make youtube videos... etc... i can finally start living my life! Traveling, etc..

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I was on antidepressants for 2 years now. I'm still on it. I would like to share with you my experience with the anti depressants instead of internet articles. The first few weeks on anti depressants, I gained almost 20kg. I did felt a lot happier then, but it was all fake. After a few weeks i felt my usual self, but more depressed because i gained weight. I lost 10 kg in a month by not taking it.  Recently i cried and got sad for no reason, sometimes for days, it's been months like that already. I also didn't had the money to even buy fruits and vegetables since i'm also not working or studying. 

yea.. it sucks.. it seems like an endless cycle... I need money to buy healthy food to have energy to get and keep a job.. If I could just get some assistance for a while like food stamps..  and have my parents ease up on me then maybe I can control my anxiety and keep a job... as much as I don't want to take meds at least it is showing others that I am trying to get a handle on my mental health issues and that they actually are debilitating issues that effect my day to day life.. I want to work so bad.. I just have to stay motivated... and have hope.. I hope that you don't loose hope either! There is assistance out there .. I need to seek it out and you should also consider it.. don't feel ashamed.. I won't because I know once I will get my life together and I just want to help people and be a productive member of society... i just need help... It makes a person crazy not being able to get basic needs like enough calories met...

Don't take that crap.. first stop the doctor for a blood test ( B12 ).  and if my guess is correct i hope for you that injections are being covered by insurance.

Thanks for reminding me I've been meaning to get my B12 tested.. If it's low supplementing should help with my energy/depression.. But yes It has to be covered/or inexpensive.

I'm familiar with your situation. There is no "magic pill" that will solve all your problems. Overcoming anxiety/depression usually means CHANGING YOUR SURROUNDINGS. The people you associate with, your diet, having people around you to hold you accountable, GET OUTDOORS, get out of your comfort zone. Only you can make the change, no one can do it for you.

  • surround yourself with people to hold you accountable, and force you out of your comfort zone (get outside, interact with people)
  • establish a routine everyday that includes drinking water, going OUTDOORS to exercise, or at least walk around the block
  • join a team for sports, or an athletic club, or join a group from MEETUP.COM where you interact with people face to face and can share something you love
  • take classes/lessons to become GOOD AT SOMETHING. Focus on one thing, it will boost your confidence
  • Develop strategies to cope with situations that cause you anxiety. focus on your progress. every day practice tools to become a more well rounded person
  • get a job of sort some, so that you can become independent, confident, and have a more open, calm, and well balanced life
  • Go on the Raw till 4 diet NOW. NOTHING is cheaper than rice and potatoes. Lettuce. Don't make excuses to put it off. Work like the rest of us to make it happen. Starving yourself will only destroy your health.

Keep in mind that modern medicine addresses chronic problems under the premise that people generally refuse or are unable to optimize or change their habits, but they'll take a pill, so doctors will usually not even bother to suggest lifestyle changes or bring up issues like allergies, because 99.9% of the people out there won't change a thing.

Your doctor will present options to you, but it is up to you to come up with your own full bouquet of options and decide. Not every chronic problem can be addressed with diet.

But diet-wise, are you putting the cart before the horse?

You could say getting enough quantity and variety of food (e.g. survival) is step 1. Building a stable existence is step 2. Thriving is step 3.

Will you be able skip to step 2 by adding medication to a diet of only 2 fish tacos a day?

I am looking into food stamps.. My appointment is tomorrow.. I will go through with the medication if It's prescribed.. I am thinking it may help me get benefits like welfare and foodstamps If I show I am being proactive with treating my mental health issues by taking medication...  I can use all the help I can get.. I love eating rawtil4 and believe I can commit to it when I am able to afford it... I haven't worked in years and am very broke.. I eat what I can find to survive... dumpster diving, left overs, etc. I feel it may be hard to convince them that I need benefits while I still live at home but my parents do not help me out at all.. because they want me out of the house.. I am made to feel guilty if I eat their food, take a shower, etc. I want a job but I have gotten fired from every one because of my mental health issues/anxiety attacks.. I am also a recovering drug/meth user.. 

Another awesome cure for depression: SERVE OTHERS

Volunteer with the homeless, at a hospital, volunteer to take care of sick kids. Its NOT about being around people who are worse off that you...people who suggest that "seeing how bad other people have it" is a cure for depression are TOTALLY WRONG.

The fact though, is that when you are helping people who are IN NEED on a REGULAR BASIS it heals your SOUL. 

Also learning how to take care of other people who are in need, helps you to take care of yourself.

99% percent of the time when you find a person who is depressed, you find a person who is caught up in their own internal struggle, who does not put themselves out the door to help others, and who does not take care of themselves properly.

Stop boohooing yourself, and get the crazy notion out of your mind that you need a TOXIC DRUG to fix a "chemical imbalance"

You know what else cures a chemical imbalance? FOOD. FRUITS & VEG.

High raw nearly 1 year, improved debilitating anxiety and depression by 90%. Stop with the excuses now. Get out into the SUNSHINE, go to SLEEP by 9PM, RUN, PLAY, LAUGH, and grocery shop with the food stamps you mentioned by getting a ton of fresh FRUIT & VEG. Higher raw the better for your mental healing.

You WILL NOT find it in a bottle. The price you pay for taking lab chemicals is high. The question is how much do you want to get better? If your answer is "Desperately"...hit the OJ *every single day* now.

you mean the ones that have the possible  side effects of suicide and permanent loss of libido? (among other things)

100,000 people die every year from taking prescription meds as prescribed by their doctor.  (this number is thought to be vastly under the actual amount).

Make it your goal to go apply for food stamps, free money for fruit, are you kidding me?  Durianrider lived on welfare for years living on fruit!  I would feel good about spending the governments money (our tax dollars meant to support people who need it not corporations who are the ones mostly getting it) on good things!!!

And you can live an energetic life on rice if you are eating enough and keeping yourself hydrated enough to pee 10+ times daily!!!

Jayme Joy has some awesome videos: Vegan eats up to 10 bowls of rice per day! Time for fruits!




When I was depressed, I allowed myself to take some time off. I was ill and I needed time to heal. During that time I was eating cooked vegan, because that was easy for me: There was no "I have to/ I should" involved. I had to get rid off all the musts and shoulds and just learn to accept myself as I am. I'm not perfect. :) It's ok. There is a lot to do, but not immediately. Now it's time to relax, to do things I truly enjoy.

During the last monts, I've spent hours with my cats: I love them and they really appreciated me being around altough not doing anything else than sitting near them; when I went away they would follow me not wanting me to leave. So I've spent hours sitting in the garden next to the cats watching the sunset. Some beauty came back into my life. With beauty entering into my life my need for numbing myself (with internet, less healthy food) went down. And one day I felt that I got new strength: I could do things which I couldn't do some months ago. I could serve people again. I could start helping others and feeling it was good. There was no forcing myself and pushing through. That permanent pain and anxiety I had felt has went away. I still have to be caucious. But now there is perhaps one day in two weeks that I feel really bad and cannot do anything. Some months ago it was like this every day.

Do you know Tim van Ordens youtube channel (it's called "Running Raw"). This has helped me a lot when I was at my lowest (crying and sleeping or numbing myself all day).

My best tipp is to feel into yourself whether there is anything you could enjoy at the moment (e.g. a beautiful movie and a hot chocolate or inviting a good friend and playing cards or going somewhere where you can watch the sunset without getting disturbed...). Don't force yourself to eat raw food. Do it when you feel it's good for you. It's all about self love and self-acceptance. Only if you can do good things to yourself you will be able to do good to others. And then work won't be so much about fulfilling all those "musts" any more. It will be more about serving others out of love. But you can only do so if you give this love to yourself first.

So, if you feel to exhausted to do anything, don't do it and give yourself a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug instead.

Hope this helps as it as helped me. *Hugs*

Beautiful post B&B! <3

This reminds me of the film 'Sicko' when a man in EU saw his doctor. he was told he needed 3 months rest and vacation. His doctor gave him a note for work so he got the time off with pay and went to the south to get some sun and relax. This is the health care they get in EU and what everyone should get! 



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