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Hi everyone! I'm 11 days into a 30 day 'challenge' to try 80/10/10. At first it went fine, but I wasn't feeling much of a change in energy or mood. 2 days ago I felt nauseous at eating spinach, yesterday it was spinach and romaine, and today it's EVERYTHING other than bananas and juice. I'm also very tired today, and just don't feel as though I can thrive on this lifestyle. I really want to quit and go back to cooked vegan, but I don't want to feel like I've not given this lifestyle a real chance! Can anyone give me some advice?

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Cut out the spinach. 

How much water do you drink each morning when you wake up?
Have you tried bananas/mangos and dates?

Mono meals?

What is "everything" when you say "everything makes me sick"? Exactly what are you eating? Please be more specific.
How many calories have you had each day (if you don't track this you can't succeed)?

If you quit after 11 days please be honest with yourself that you never gave it a fair try. It takes months...at least.

Thanks for the advice! What's the problem with spinach? I have trouble getting the protein in the 801010 ratio - are there better alternatives for it?

Water might me am issue, when I started I was drinking at least 1.5l and usually much more, but I've been drinking water only occasionally now. Can that really make me feel this bad?!

'Everything' as in everything I have at home right now: peaches, gooseberries, watermelon, dates, peppers, mangetout, mushrooms, lettuce, apples. The thought of them as well as eating them :(

My calories have been around 1500-2000 but after some advice I'm aiming for 2000 minimum and today I got 2200 by drinking lots of juice.

I can't commit to months of a raw diet at the moment, although I understand that many people are on the lifestyle for years before they start to feel great. I just wanted to get a feel for it to see if it's right for me. Is 30 days really not enough?

What's the problem with spinach?


I've been drinking water only occasionally now. Can that really make me feel this bad?!


Yes. People die from not drinking enough water. So we're lucky.

I'm aiming for 2000 minimum

You don't eat nearly enough, so its no surprise you feel like crap.

Is 30 days really not enough?

There are many things in life which require more than 30 days...building a long term relationship leading to marriage, learning useful work related skills and training, improving your level of fitness, improving social/emotional/mental skills...and much more. 

Adopting a new diet takes longer than 30 days as well.

Its nothing personal or anything...but its really important that you accept that you aren't doing it right...take responsibility...take control...and focus on what you need to do to make the improvements, rather than push the blame elsewhere. Its really important to your success. 

Most people who try to raw diet make excuses and eventually quit, whether or not you do that as well, if up to you. If you don't end up liking the raw diet, its not a big deal, just do the Raw Till 4 diet which is awesome as well, just be honest with yourself about what you are doing this whole time and take responsibility for wherever you are in the process.

Thanks for this, I think I needed to hear it. I see where you're coming from about 30 days not being enough time - but to a newbie it feels like forever! I appreciate you taking your time to help me out!

Eat bananas and juice :)

Hydrate.. No, seriously, hydrate.  It's related to the energy.

Walk through the produce department looking for another (preferably high water content) fruit that appeals to you at the moment (watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries); but really anything new that your systems lights up to

Go out for dinner if you can; Vegan Thai, Vegan Burrito, Vegan Pizza if your doing RT4.

Thank you! It looks like water might be a big factor! But what you're saying at the moment is just eat what I can and stay carbed up and hydrated?

Sound like detox.  I've had times of queasiness (even 4 years into it).  But there was still some fruit I could eat.  If you can't, then take a step back.  I've always recommended easing into the diet.  Have come cooked food and then see if you can eat fruit again.

A good transition food between cooked and 811 is raw buckwheat  Raw Buckwheat: How to prepare & eat. + Cautions

I thought it was detox too, but I always thought that detox was the first few days and then it stopped - but I was fine for the first week! I did jump into it but I was usually a cooked vegan with lots of raw breakfasts and lunches. It's reassuring to hear that it's "okay" to have some cooked food if I'm struggling though! What would you recommend that wouldn't undo my raw days so far or make it harder to get back to fully raw?
I second buckwheat being sensitive to grain and cooked food buckwheat took very long before causing me problems and its even yummy raw!
I hadn't considered unripe fruit! It might have had something to do with it actually, but I'm not sure. I agree with you that I should definitely cut back on the stress! Thanks for the help!

Get your water intake up to 3-4 litres a day and id ideally suggest aiming for 2500 calories.. i found out the hard way with consuming around the amount of calories you have mentioned for quite some time and i felt like i had no energy most of the time and it sucked! i just could not get on with life and then since last week i have switched up to around 2500+ calories and im fine now :D

You're the second person I've heard this from and I think I might go for it! Sounds like more calories equals faster healing and better quality of life. I'm going to see if I can do it tomorrow, hopefully I'll feel a bit better than today!



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