30 Bananas a Day!

Me: Diets high in animal protein have been linked to promote cancer growth, as well as, a long list of other health ailments.

SAD eater: The sun promotes cancer growth, get intelligent.

oh wooww

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My brother often says that everything causes cancer.. Like WTF? You're either living a lifestyle that is making you healthier or not healthy. Fruit prevents cancer, veggies do too. Right? How could they cause cancer?

A buddy of mine used those exact words "everything is cancer, that's why you learn moderation in health and wellness class"

Unfortunately Lauren, it is true. Very sad... these days everything does cause cancer even fruit and veges because of the pesticides they use to grow them. Even organic has trace amounts of toxins which promote cancer (polluted soils, water and air)

*sigh* whats happening to our beautiful world.

Ya, but the logic that "oh, fruits have trace amounts of toxins, so I shouldnt eat them"

That's like saying "hey you probably shouldn't run/ride your bike in the city because of the air pollution" as YOU smoke a cigarette...

"I can only eat greasy food.....but I can't help it, fruit makes me sick"

As person eats double whopper (didn't even know it existed until I saw her with it) 

how about this logic.

Person: I took a nutrition class in community college, everything they say must be true.

Me: You're the type of person that would take health advice from the FAT nutritionist. Simply, beacuse they have a degree.

Person: Ya, more than you could say for yourself.

Sooooo, because I don't have the credentials it makes what I state faulty? yaaaa. keep thinking that with your privatized education. ha

I've had a rather obese women give me nutritional advice at the doctors room a while ago, like a few years ago, I didn't even know why my doctor had me waiting to see her and then she started talking nutrition.. I was like "What?.." and then just tuned her out and stared at her waist, because you know some people are all over big, and then there is sedentary gut, and she had major sedentary gut.  I was fat then and she was bigger.  It was weird.  

"I wish I could eat healthy like you but I have no will power"

"You never get tired?"

"You usually smell pretty good"

"You can't just live on fruits." 
Well I also include vegetables, greens, and some nuts/seeds. 

"You won't be able to live on this diet, you'll go back to normal in a month or so."
There are people who have followed raw vegan diets for 40+ years. 

"I've done a fruit fast before, I got really sick."
Well this isn't a fast. I'm eating more calories than ever. And you were probably experiencing some detox symptoms. 

And of course, "Carbs make you fat."

Me:  High cholesterol levels are caused by the consumption of animal products

SAD eater:  Well, the body needs some cholesterol.

In reality:  While it is true that the body needs some cholesterol, it is able to manufacture all it needs from a plant based based diet.  No animal protein need be eaten at all.  More importantly, the consumption of animal protein has been shown to correlate strongly with increased risks of heart attacks and strokes.

I agree.

"We have the right to eat whatever we want" 

well, if a billion people dont have clean water or food to eat, while you destroy your own health at the expense of all beings on this planet, I suppose that is your right.

"mind your own business"

Oh really??? Once you decided to make choices that negatively impact not only yourself, but the world around you, did it then become my business.

people man.

" where do you get your protein" 

"if you were stranded on an island with a cow would you eat it"

" so you eat fish right"

" Yeah I'm a vegan, but I like to drink milk and eat eggs for breakfast, and I only eat lean meat on the weekends"

" how do you live!"

"I wish i had your will-power"



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