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and the trend ofcourse is raw foodists, including high profile raw foodists turning to cooked food as well as animal products in their choices. Obviously this is their choice and are free to do so. I wish them the best. But . . .

The question I can't help to wonder is why though. Using blanket statements as its for the money, their undereating, etc. etc. doesn't to cut it with me. Yes, for a newbie I could buy this perhaps. But, some of these people are highly intelligent, many years invested, it's their living, they are living this daily and have been all over the world in most cases. Why are they changing then??

And the biggest question of all - WHY, with the clarity, simplicity and success Dr. Graham has shown, they don't consider this as an option?? Even many respected Gabriels, MacDougalls, etc. dismiss the high fruit diet as unsafe and a mistake. Again, these are very informed, successful, intelligent people and they still don't accept 80/10/10.

What gives?? Something doesn't ad up somewhere. This is something I have noticed for quite a long time, even in the beginnings of my raw journey many years ago the low fat high fruit diet or Dr. Graham for that matter many state is a taboo dangerous path to failure. Surely there is some other high profile intelligent people that can attest this is the way to go?? Where are they?? Besides a few lingering in a forum or on youTube I just don't know of any. Have I missed them?? Why does the 100% raw diet seem to fail for so many people then?? What is the missing key that everyone is missing except for a select few. Hell, how many people on this forum have even hit 10 years yet? More than 5, more then 10??

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I'm going out on a limb here, but maybe they're not advocating the 80/10/10 diet because a) they haven't tried it, and b) it's difficult to make money off of a diet plan that needs minimal direction, and minimal 'supplies' (fruits and veg, occasionally seeds and nuts).

Eating a mostly frugivore diet can challenge even the most open-minded individual. Dr. Graham found 811 at a young age, and many of the raw food gurus may be too stubborn to change in their older years. I see it with old SAD eaters, so I imagine this would occur as well in the raw-food world. But again, I can only guess.
Yeh, I think the money thing is part of it. I have a very common movement disorder called Essential Tremor which improves a bit on 811 but you never see any research, or very little, focused on diet to improve or reverse the disorder. I think there's no research money because no one can patent a simple food solution and profit from it.

I think the social aspect of 811 is challenging too; so much social interaction revolves around food that 811 puts us outside much social activity. That to me is the hardest part of 811.
to point 1: - why with their experience, research, travel, available info, etc. haven't they at least read the book?? Seems odd to me.

to point 2: - read my thoughts below. They spin a raw diet including cooked and animal products, they can spin anything it seems without hurting their target audience I feel.

And yes it can challenge the most open minded, but why haven't we come across more than this one high profile person then?? At least why doesn't someone back him at any rate??
It's lonely at the top...

All it takes is a slip and you're a junkie again...

Being a Junkie will make you a pseudo Shakespear at rationalization...

Pseudo Shakespears carry a lot of weight in the world...
"b) it's difficult to make money off of a diet plan that needs minimal direction, and minimal 'supplies' (fruits and veg, occasionally seeds and nuts).

I think that is one of the most important points, they can not market a diet that does not require supplementation and make any money. Sad but true I think.

I have close to six years eating raw, with about six months high-fat at the beginning and the rest low-fat. Foods I craved for the first year or two do not even look appetizing any longer, so it is hard for me to see myself going back to cooked food.
Good points, Lucas. To the second one, yeah, that's why 100% is so important. The farther away from cooked food you get, the easier it is to avoid...
I went onto about 20% cooked-rice, beans, broccoli, and tomato sauce-for about 6 weeks after 2+ years 811 and pretty quickly decided the cooked wasn't keeping me as healthy as I could be. So now I'm back 100% 811. I'm pretty convinced beans and rice and stuff doesn't work for me because of the need for spices and so on. To me 811 is proving to be my addiction :)
Congrats, Greg. I don't know if addiction is the word, but 811 or 955 is everything to me, period.
But I would think their personal choices don't have to reflect what they are selling or promoting in all instances. There are many ways to spin their market choices and yet remain true to their own personal choices I think.

For example: If a person eats all fruit but sells supplements. So what. They just state it takes time to get here and the supplements help those who need it in the meantime. Heck, they are spinning being a raw foodist but yet using animal products, etc, Lol
Whenever I've eaten cooked food like potatoes I've always known exactly why. It was because I didn't satiate myself enough with fruit; simple. DR and Freelee have been doing this for a few years I think. It's a hard diet when your not eating enough fruit so thats probably why there aren't a lot of longterm people.
"It's a hard diet when your not eating enough fruit so thats probably why there aren't a lot of longterm people."

Good point, but why do so many fall short of this I wonder. It's not a guarded secret by any means.

Far as DR and Freelee only doing it a few years is far too short I feel to draw any real conclusions unfortunately. If they have only been at it a few years that is. I dunno actually ;O)

Just so someone doesn't attack me, or accuse me of being against low fat, high fruit, I am a high fruit eater myself, no overts, sometimes a year at a time with nothing but fruit only also. Long enough to say I was familiar with 8/1/1 before the book as well as the catch phrase, Lol
What is the pattern that our said raw author friends have? 100% of them limit their sweet fruit consumption. Most of em went vegan cos they heard its the cool thing to do. And yeah, its cool but like driving a car, you gotta be sensible!

They dont even do well on a low fat cooked vegan diet cos of their carb phobia, so their energy drops and they think 'maybe Im not getting enough protein', even though they are actually eating over the RDA of protein ignorantly.

None of them that I have talked with have any idea of what calories look like in a fruit meal or what calories the human body needs to thrive. 100% of them buy into the 'We dont need to eat that much..'

Read Paul Nison's book 'Raw Life' and Paul talks about breatharianism and a place to reach one day..

Its sad to see and the ones that go back to cooked dont last long as a vegan cos they bring their undereating mentality to veganville and just get dumped off the vegan wagon..

When we do this lifestyle only for weightloss or 'purity', we get dropped off the deep end eventually.



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