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The work dinner gathering: stay home or face the SAD crowd? Please help!

Hello friends,

I am seeking your guidance once again. I have a work dinner tomorrow, that is a benefit for cancer. It costs $75 dollars, all of which is a donation to cancer research. For the $75 donation, folks that own the restaurant are hosting a dinner there, which will be a sit-down SAD dinner. Lots of meat. Lots of narsty cooked food that I honestly don't think I can stomach being around. Maybe I can eat the salad, but it will be a $75 dollar salad, at least the money will go to good cause. Anyway, I have grown a bit of a reputation around work as the girl who brings a cooler of fruit to work, everyone pretty much thinks that I am "vegetarian" or so that is all they can understand, I don't bother getting in a discussion about being super hard core LFRV because they just don't understand (like if you make a funny noise to a dog and they tip their head to the side, like, "huh?") kindof like that. SO I try to avoid explaining to people unless they show genuine interest. Anyway, I digress...


So I have been invited to this dinner. I have managed to avoid all similar engagements in the past. But I really don't know if I should go. I will be horribly uncomfortable for me, as all I can eat there is salad (and it will be a tiny SAD salad) not my typical huge, lovely, as big as your lap bowl salad I usually have every night. 


What should I do?! Thanks everyone for your help and guidance. Hugs and blessings,



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I was in a similar situation last week, where I paid $70 to attend a post-race gala after the 5K I ran in, and all I got out of it was a plate and napkin (for the bananas I was wise enough to bring with me), a cup of water, and live music (vegetarian fajitas? puh-lease!) I proudly left my pile of peels on the table for passers-by to gawk at (and hopefully start up a conversation, though it never happened). I kept thinking, "why are all these 'athletes' eating Tex-Mex and drinking margaritas?"

I say, go to the dinner, enjoy your $75 salad, and if anyone asks, "you paid $75 for just a salad?", tell them, "yes, it was the best $75 salad I've ever had, because I know I'm doing my part to prevent cancer, unlike the rest of you folks who are just begging for it with your diet."

It pains me when I see a cancer fundraiser offering meat and other garbage food that only contributes to the very problem.

Be the light!

Not only that, but much cancer research is mostly a business in conventional, dangerous treatments. Where has all the research money gotten us so far? Cancer and mortality rates at an all time high!

Hi Rachel,

that is quite the conundrum.

Personally, I wouldn't go. I don't give money to charities who claim to 'research cancer', because I think it is fairly easy to see what really 'causes' cancer. Read any Natural Hygiene book and you'll find the answer.

The cancer industry is a big one and seems more bent on 'fundraising' than actually doing anything to really help people. At most, they are researching ways to create synthetic pills that will 'cure' cancer so that the patients may go about their unhealthy lives a little longer, rather than researching and promoting truly healthy lifestyles.

Also, If you go, your colleagues will REALLY notice the difference in your diet to theirs, so if you go, expect many questions.

If you don't go, they will likely forget that you weren't there in a few days, and you have saved yourself the ordeal of being interrogated.

Plus, $75 is a little steep for a tiny salad.

You can get like 5 durians for $75. Now that's something!

I wouldn't go for sure.

I'd donate half of that money to an animal rights group, the other half to 30BAD!

Good suggestion!
It is not a good cause, it's a scam. If you went that $75 would fund cancer, not 'cancer research'. Shysters. Spare yourself and fund your own anti-cancer with some good organic fruit. Always amused how 'cancer research' is funded by selling some of the crappiest foods (I'm looking at you Safeway!). These people aren't looking for a cure for cancer, they're looking for a 'cure' for the SAD that keeps themselves well funded. Funding them just perpetuates the misinformation and bad habits of people and ill state of the nation. Even if we 'found a cure' then all it would do is give people another excuse to not fix their bad lifestyles and make it even harder to convert people to a proper way of living. Think of the people who have tons of problems and their reply for everyone of the problems is 'It's okay, I have a pill for that!'. Some of your coworkers may not understand, but this is a situation where what is right and wrong is not obvious to many and deceptively reversed from what many think. And if anyone asks why you didn't go perhaps you'll have a chance to enlighten someone. Be the one to break free. Good luck.

I'd be more concerned about donating $75 dollars to cancer research. In my opinion it is not a good cause. Cancer is a mega bucks industry and all of those supposed "good cause donations" are horribly misused. But that's another story.


In general it seems like a bad idea to let diet get in the way of socializing but the event you describe sounds particularly like a drag. I don't see the harm in skipping it.

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions! I love this community. I decided not to go. I'm gonna spend my 75 on my next fruit haul from the farmer's market this weekend. Thanks again!





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