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I just got my blood results back (over the phone, don't have the paperwork yet)
And the main problem (actually the only problem) was a low Vitamin D count.
So I was a little pissed but very soon it hit me.

I was looking at is as a weakness. Why do I have to supplement and other people (SAD eaters) don't?

But the real truth is that SAD eaters do get Vitamin D supplements.
And they get them all the time.

Apparently there are not enough food sources to assure a good level of Vitamin D. There are only a few food sources that contain Vitamin D.
Fatty fish, wild salmon, cod liver oil, some mushrooms.

So to ensure people get enough vitamin D it is added to all kinds of foods.
Like dairy products, cereals, flour, baby foods, some brands of orange juice.

All kinds of foods that we vegans do not eat.

So it is not abnormal that those of us who do not live in a very sunny climate might need to supplement.

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I am doing a fast right now at TrueNorth Health and my B-12 and D were both low.  I agree with you DaSaint that D is a problem for everyone no matter what diet they eat and that is why it is added to milk etc. My D levels were 30 and the doctors here like to see it at around 50. From what I've read it can take 10,000 IU a day for 6 months to get the levels up to normal. I have been taking 10,000 IU once a week for maintenance for months, and I am still low.

Esmeee what is your source of Vitmain D?


Recent Vitamin D hoopla may be flawed!  The recent findings of the benefits of vitamin D, coupled with recommendations for high levels of D3 supplementation could be dangerous to your health.

  In her book, The Right Dose, Patricia Hausman correctly warns about the irreversible consequences of supplemental vitamin D overdosing.  The condition caused by such overdosing is called hypercalcemia, or excessive amounts of calcium in the blood or urine.   Hausman documents cases of and the symptoms of such overdosing, with kidney damage being the major, but not the only danger.  Before you run off and start gulping down large quantities of vitamin D supplements, check out why Hausman recommends daily intake of well under 1000 I.U. for this vitamin, and even less for children.


He mentions some unique things here find out what the hell your putting in your body folks.


This ain't a joke.




Take Care,

I have been using a liquid drop by Biotics Research. I am not sure what product they use here at TrueNorth Health (might be made by Pure Encapsulations which is mostly what they use). My blood calcium levels are actually low so I don't seem to be in any danger of overdose at the moment. They recommend getting your blood tested every 3 months to monitor. Danger does not seem to be a problem until you reach levels of 150 from what I have read, but 50 seems to be the optimum target number.

SAD, which outside the Vegan community has meant "Seasonal Affective Disorder" since the 1960's (and the only definition of SAD in the dictionary I use daily) is treated with artificial sunlight.  The disorder is depression, and is common in northern states and countries and 20 minutes a day exposure cures depression that is caused by sunlight deficiency.  The treatment is a specific artificial sunlight frequency, not a homemade conversion of tanning bulbs, etc.., and I believe it does not cause the tanning UV at all.  Usually just sit and relax in the light, or read.

I do not know if this type of light helps create Vit D, just be aware that the D takes a day to absorb into the body once created on the surface of the skin from sunlight exposure.

Hey there, DeSaint. I'd like to touch upon the topic of Vit. D.

There are two kinds of Vitamin D; D3 and D2. Vitamin D3 is the vitamin D we create when the sun's U.V rays make contact with our skin. Vitamin D2 is the supplemental vitamin D. Unfortunately, the typical vitamin D testing, tests for only the vitamin D2. Which of course you don't have a lot of. Also, because vitamin D is supplemented in almost every food and the vitamin is so mainstream, the medical model's standard of vitamin D levels is above normal. Humans were never made to ingest vitamin D, but rather create it upon sun exposure.

Vitamin D is also fat soluble. Meaning we can store the vitamin. And because we can store it, we can get all the vitamin D we need in the summertime, and be able to have enough through the winter. Granted that we DO get enough during the summertime.


I personally am not concerned with my vitamin D levels. I'm actually not concerned with any nutrient, for that matter.

I trust that living healthfully will provide me with everything I could possibly need. And it shows by my improvement in health each and every day.


In health,


Hey Clarissa,


Thanks for your reply.


I haven't gotten the actual paperwork yet so I can't check exactly what was tested and how low I am. But the doctor told me over the phone that my phosphorus was also low.


Now I have plenty of phosphorous in my diet (170%) so that's not the reason. But I read that a low phosphorus level can come from bad absorption because of lack of Vitamin D


So that's two indicators.


I do agree you might be able to get plenty of Vitamin D if you spend enough time in the sun or take sunny holidays to replenish your reserves.


But the last two summers I never spent even as much as a day outside just lying around in the sun.

I do spend some time outside while I'm working but I haven't done a lot of sunbathing the last two years.

The last summer I was working and had two weeks of vacation and it was cloudy weather.(Belgium sucks I know)


So I can imagine I might be having a vitamin D issue right now. I will however learn from this and pay more attention to this vital nutrient.

"Unfortunately, the typical vitamin D testing, tests for only the vitamin D2."


Can you site this for me? As most blood tests I see that get done are for D3.


Also supplemental D3 is usually used by the public but it is not vegan. D2 is very rarely used as it does not stay in the body as long as D3 and as such was thought to be inferior (which it isn't as Holick explains in the presentation).


"I live in -35 degree weather and not concerned about Vitamin D I simply go outside for fresh air.  Your falling into the typical generalizing  with your majority of the population information.

The fact is that most people in cold areas have vitamin d deficiency! just becuz u didn't get a defincieny doesn't mean that it isn't very likely that low sun places make it hard to get enough d."


He refuses to get blood tests so he actually cannot comment as to whether he is deficient or not. If he seriously lives in such a climate and doesn't supplement then I am willing to bet a shitload of money that he actually is deficient.


One thing to remember Da Saint. To fix up your deficiency without supplements will take many months of hours per day of sunlight. Be realistic. if you can't see yourself getting full on sun everyday while the sun is at the optimum angle for UVB atmospheric penetration then you'll stay deficient.


Idealism vs Realism.


Make the intelligent choice.

Don't worry. I'm not unrealistic.


I don't have a problem supplementing.


I just felt a little reluctant at first. But if you look at all the foods that are fortified with Vitamin D you realize that most people get supplements. They just don't get to choose it. The choice has been made for them.

And I bet most people don't even know this.

We vegans need to be alert for our Vitamin D levels.

Either get in the sun or get supplemented.


I don't have a problem with that anymore.

Zangufu fighter,


If I seriously live in -35  what do you mean by seriously? lol


I can't comment on wether I am deficient another good one. lol


Taking fragemented isolated products is not an intelligent choice neither.


Refering back to pasty fat boy HOlik again as your source. lol


Take Care,




The same goes for iodine and vit. B12 (... and other nutrients?).


If one goes off processed foods that have been fortified with vit. D, vit. B12, and iodine (e.g. milk with vit. D, breakfast cereals with vit. B12, salt with iodine), and animal products derived from animals that are/were fed likewise fortified diets or that live/lived in environments that abundantly supply the nutrients in question, then, unless one _is_ getting enough sun and eating food grown (preferably organically) in rich soils, deficiencies, according to the standards, of these three nutrients seem inevitable to me.

"The Japanese provide some unique insights into higher intakes of iodine. Japanese consume a variety of foods from the ocean, including iodine-rich seaweeds like kelp and nori. Even foods grown in Japanese soil, such as fruits and vegetables, have iodine content several-fold higher than in most other parts of the world.15" (Excerpt from lef.org's article, "Halt on Salt Sparks Iodine Deficiency".)


"Ironically, health-conscious people are often most likely to develop low iodine levels.[3] One reason is that athletes and people engaged in heavy physical effort deplete their natural stores of this trace mineral through perspiration, increasing their need for it. Vegetarians also have substantially greater likelihood of low levels of iodine than carnivorous people, since foods of plant origin are less rich in iodine than animal-derived foods. One study demonstrated iodine deficiency in 25% of vegetarians and 80% of vegans.[4]" (Excerpt from lef.org's product page for their Vitamin D3 with Sea Iodine - Note: D3 is not vegan.)

Powerful insight you have just made DS.


Its like wondering why vegan athletes aint winning gold medals at the olympics all the time. Most vegans care about their health and to do performance enhancing drugs goes against that philosophy.


Find a D supp you are happy with and use it. Expecting normal D/B12 levels whilst living in low sun/high pollution is like expecting durians to grow in Nunspeet.


With all the sun phobia, we are seeing rampant Vit D deficiencies amongst SAD eaters here in Australia of all places!! 


Vegans get tested more cos they are more into health etc. Imagine if we tested everyone else..interesting what we would find. I say to some mates 'wow, thats a lot of cholesterol, what are your cholesterol levels and have you had a cardiogram lately? What do you do for plant sterols and isnt that too much fat? Wont it make you fat? Oh yeah, you already are growing a gut..sorry.' ;)





Seems like not many vegan athletes in the Olympic level.


Carl Lewis (Track and field ) maybe was vegan the others vegeterians.


Maybe if more vegans wanted to achieve that goal they would and your point of performance enhancing drugs is very true.


Take Care





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