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With so many people going off the 811 lifestyle it seems so weird that I come closer and closer to it the more the years roll by. I have had my share of ups and downs on this lifestyle and still continue with struggles here and there, but the more I teach myself about myself, the more I can find what is working and what does not. 

For instance, I was a skeptic at first with having a lifestyle that would be so extreme in my eyes. I know the 811 lifestyle was the way to go, I just din't know if I had what it took to maintain it.  I was urged time and time again by my husband Michael Arnstein (A.k.a. The Fruitarian) and it was not always a good thing as it made me want to do it in my own time and my way. 

But the results were there and they kept coming and coming. I kept seeing my husband transform before my own eyes. Michael used to be a good runner, but now the results he was starting to get going 100% 811 were astonishing. To our amazement he was no longer limping after a slower half marathon. Michael was starting to really thrive in every sense of the word. 

His body started to change and morph into something we both didn't recognize. His racing times became so fast he and as he started to win marathons we could not ignore his success and his recoveries were getting so much better. Not only was he doing great in all the races he took part in,but he was running back to back to back races and still winning!

Some of you have followed our stories but I thought I would give a reminder because so many people have seemed to have lost their way on the fruity path. Thinking that the other side where they came from to begin with will somehow work for them this time around. I too have brought back some cooked foods, be it vegan and still a vegetable such as an occasional potato and steamed veggies only to have brought be right back to the fruity path once again. I am convinced that the cooked foods give me a head ache. I know this, because each time I bring them back I get a headache, and I never get headaches so it is a clear indication it's from the cooked foods. 

I also added some salt back recently, however I am training hard core for a 100k ultra marathon and I know sodium is needed, although, I am not loving the salt or the effects that I used to love from salt. I used to crave salt so much it used to haunt me at times. There were times I wanted to jump into the ocean and drink it, but now that I have had some in the past month I no longer desire or crave it anymore. I think that bringing it back for a short period may have been necessary, but now I know I do not want it as I once did. 

I see that I am learning a lot about my needs more and more and nothing fuels me and my long long runs like dates. I thrive on them. Thanks to Freelee, Harley and Dr. Douglas Graham, I can confidently say that dates have been the best fuel for my athletic endeavors. I am so convinced that I am running the long long runs bc of glucose straight up the way the body was meant to get it. I am quite positive that eggs, or any animal matter would not do the same for me in my ultra training. I am sure the recovery is so quick when it comes to my fruity fuel. I could not imagine taxing my body with anything but the best stuff on earth, raw fruits and veggies. I am sure that ultras are not the most natural thing to do, but this is the challenge I had taken on. I am learning a lot from what I need and how my body works with each step I take. I am doing this all so I can tell about it later. I am testing my limits and so far, it seems I am limitless. I am searching for more and more answers and I want to tell you all about them in due time. So, I am starting with this little blog. I am starting to see the fruits of my labor, which really does not seem to be labor as much as I thought it would be. Running seems more and more natural to me the more and more I follow an 100% raw 811 diet. 

As far as giving this diet a chance, I, unlike so many others have come to this point in my diet that not many have done. SO many before me just dove right in and went all or nothing and took to it right away, only to fall off so hard and go the other way. I came to this point in steps and really navigated through and got to a place where I knew was feeling more and more right. I feel it was something I needed to do and at my own pace. I am happy to report, I am getting closer and closer to a cleaner diet one fruit at a time. I really am starting to see how the fuel I eat affects each of my runs in training. 

My body is cleaner and cleaner and so is my mind. I can make better decisions and my thoughts and connections to my body to mind is clearer than ever before. My absorption is better and better and my blood tests are a snap shot of that. My blood tests are showing such progress over the years. My skin, hair and nails and teeth are showing tremendous progress as well. I am so happy with what I see and how I perform now and I live to tell you all about it. I want you to all feel what I feel. I am going to keep on trekking on to show the world what a fruit diet can do. 

Here is to your amazing health and keep on finding the truth! Experiment with other ways of eating and I think you will ultimately keep coming back to this one. That is what keeps happening to me. I get nothing out of telling you this, but the simple joy in knowing you will start to get great benefits. I do not make any money having you eat more fruit. I am not pushing any gimmicks either. I just simply hope you find your way back to the fruity path because it makes so much sense. If you re read the 80-10-10 diet by Dr. Douglas Graham and re read Freelee's Book called "Go Fruit Yourself" you can learn from her mistakes and also get a refresher course on why you started this lifestyle in the first place. The other lifestyles did not work and there was something about this one that resonated with you and your soul. Do it again and see how you feel over and over again. This may take time, but  it's totally worth it!!!

Happy days ahead to you!

Victoria Arnstein

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Thank you, Victoria.  Know, that there is one girl far far far in Estonia, who you are helping so much with your posts and videos :)
Thank you for that :)

Victoria. You've inspired me so very very very much. I follow you on Facebook (I'm not on fb but I get on my sons acct to read your posts). I'm in upstate ny and if you ever run up this way let me know. I appreciate what you shared here. So important. I've come to some of the same conclusions taking time to learn and experiment. Keep it up. Keep sharing. I'm blessed by you. Pray you many blessings.

 I agree, I know this is the right lifestyle for me and each time I fall off and then get back on I get better at it every time. I won't give up. Thanks for your inspiration and your message to just keep on getting back up.

Thank you all so much..Keep it going and see how far you get in terms of your good health..You can always keep on going..It's stopping that worries me. Even if you fall off, you can always come back to fruit..Fruit will always forgive you and it will always be there waiting for you like a good relationship. You can all do this, and it may take time, but you can do it. I know that it gets challenging at times, but then, what diet doesn't? We all have to find our way and what works best for us. Find your way and see how great you will feel. Good luck!

I, too, would get cooked food headaches and then I kept finding my way back to this lifestyle, time after time.

Thank you for your words! We're so lucky to have this community to keep us inspired.

I too have been learning from my endeavors.  I didn't go into 811 cold turky (or cold watermelon!) but have had to take it one step at a time.  I too am an avid marathon runner.  Believe me there is nothing to fuel you like fruit. I only crave fruit or fruit smoothies after my morning runs.  The thought of eating bacon and eggs would just nauseate me now.  I say that to say this.  I am not yet perfect in my fruitarian lifestyle.  Yes, I have eaten cooked food but I cannot say that I feel great on it.  I am learning but will never forsake my first love.........FRUIT!

Awesome start to the blog, Victoria!  My wife and I have been watching Michael's and your videos for a while now and they helped us bypass a lot of what I would say could have been "mistakes" on our own fruity path.  My wife has been a runner for a couple of years now, but a couple of weeks ago was the first time I heard her say that she wants to run a marathon.  Her current recovery times are phenomenal with no soreness in between runs (anywhere between 10km to 20km at time).  Thanks for the motivation from both of us!  

Yours on the Fruity Path,

Ewen & Hsiao-feng

This was beautiful and exactly the inspiration I needed for today.  This is my first day without coffee and I am feeling it.  I want to feed the urge, to make the headache go away but what is easy is not what is best.  Good luck on your ultra!  

I stuck with my banana smoothie for brekie and not a drop of coffee was included.  The headaches have already gotten better and it's only been two days.  Hoping my weeks end I'll be rid of that toxic addiction.  

Giving up coffee is the same as giving up herion. You are going to feel worse before you feel better but its TOTALLY worth it. I aint had a cup of coffee since October 1999.

Clean for 48 hours now, well raw for 48 hours as well.  Still getting minor aches in my temples but I can handle it.  I ain't no sissy.  



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