30 Bananas a Day!

The strangest things about you. (read embarrassing facts that you can't believe you're admitting.)

So it has nothing todo with veganisim, but I'm giving this topic another go. Don't be shy, we all know you're weird.



I once had a band for a very brief period in grade school called the "Glitter Gals" we wrote songs, preformed etc.

I pronounce ballet without a silent T.

I'm afraid of the dark.

I spent 2 years wearing sunglasses EVERYWHERE (I was one of those douche bags you see wearing them in the mall.) I like to think of that as my lady gaga phase ( although she had nothing todo with it).

I can't go to sleep without looking under my bed.

I went through a phase as a young teen where I wrote REALLY bad poetry & just god awful smut. I thought it was good at the time.

I've never eaten a twinkie.

I used to wear so much make-up it would take an hour to apply it all.

I went through a phase in my teens where I wore tops so low cut you could pretty much see my nipples. I also wore mini skirts that should have been illegal. I pretty much dressed like a whore for a few years:)

I've owned a pink pleather jacket & a velvet pink track suit.

I've worn heels a baseball cap and a mini skirt, oh god!

I tend to stare at peoples asses to much. What can I say I like a good butt!

I like porn. alot.

I own & practice ( can't believe I'm actually admitting this one) carmen electra's striptease work out.


okay your turn.


I felt I had to add more cause everyone else was admitting so much!

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Hey, nice to meet you, good to have yah here (:

You'll have to work harder than that to make enemies here, though! Lolz

Anyhow, I just thought Id point out that we all have done and thought stuff in our past that we're not proud of.
It seems This thread is kinda dedicated to letting stuff out that we don't really go around bragging about.........so in the interest of courtesy and respecting the topic, we prolly shouldn't be jumping down our friends throats for what they post here (:

BeachVegan, I'm with Barbara though - no more shooting tails off of innocent animals! ;p


Of couse I wouldn't do that now.  Judging me on who I was at that point in my life is not knowing who I am now. Even I am ashamed of who I was then!  I used to shoot at bottles actually.  Like I said, I got very angry about hitting the bird. I happen to have perfect aim, wasn't meaning it to sound proud of show-off-ee.  
I hadn't found myself at that point. I was a 19 year old running away from everything and everyone.

Don't get me wrong, it's not about the girl with the tumors at all. I think she had cerebral palsy.  It's hard for a little kid to grasp how someone not able to comprehend what's going on around them, will really enjoy Disneyland.  
It's about my Mum.. She was in a wheelchair herself when she went with the girl and took the girls mum as well.  She also went off to India and did work there with World Vision and would come back full of stories.  She always got my hopes up.  She'd always made big promises to take me to places.  I grew up feeling like I had to be diseased or disabled to be special to her.  It's not about jealousy it's about a little kid being constantly disappointed and a disabled parent using their own disability and others for her own recognition and glorification.   

I understand that completely as I did grow up feeling a bit envious of the extra attention and help my brother got than me while we were growing up due to his disabilities. However I don't still think it sucks because I see it for what it was. I don't look at people who do nice things for those who are disabled as people hungry for glory and recognition. Just nice people. Maybe your mom being disabled herself had to work through her own issues. I understand your disappointment because I still sometimes feel frustrated over my own in intense situations but otherwise its something to accept and heal from rather than continue to take personal.

Of course we've all done plenty of things we're not proud of, I was extremely lost at the age of 19 myself. I guess I just got really disturbed by the image of such a beautiful bird having its tail blown off, and then being crushed by a rock. Imagining the fear and panic the poor thing must've experienced just .. I can't even fathom. I still have a sick feeling in my throat since I first read that. And considering this is a vegan forum I found it extremely inappropriate to share.

when i was in middle school i wanted to be punk so i listened to avril lavigne and wore plaid skirts.

(then i found my chemical romance and something new was born inside me)

that being said, i love my chemical romance and always will. they are amazing and inspiring and beautiful.

i touch my butthole and vagina a lot, and i almost always pee and poop outside.

i live with three rats and my room is covered in tiny poop pellets that smell like rotten fruit.

i used to make videos with my friends acting like a really stupid spoiled valley girl

i sing very loudly when i take walks. i like to make up really good musical numbers on the spot.

none of this is embarrassing, by the way :)

Said the girl who does... stuff on the beach ;)

I was kind of thinking the same thing, I mean there's like a limit, some things are too personal..

I'd think it would be more strange if someone said:

"Hey, I never masturbate or wipe my butt."  

hahaha. It's funny because everyone who sees our room doesn't even think its that strange. its just what it is. hey, i'm not gonna abuse my children and keep them in cages. if their poop builds up in the corners of the room behind desks and stuff, so be it. we do clean it up once in a while ;)


I used to think unicorns were a real creature when I was kid, because I saw dressed up horses in Australia at a world fair, so I would tell people they were real, but they just lived in Australia like Koalas.  :)  I was clever.  

I used to write and say Febuary and it's only in recent years that it's hit me that it is February.   

I watch Jordy Shore sometimes and find it funny.

I have a scar from stitches I got while intoxicated.. and under-age.  

Lol yay! I have some!

Ever since i was little ive always had nightmares about dinosaurs and crocodiles! Even about lots of teeny tiny crocodiles!

During high school i used to have sex IN the school all the time lol

When i was little i used to wish i was a mouse cause i thought it would be fun

Sometimes ill start crying when i see a lonely person, or an old person, or a happy kid, lots of things! Somtimes sad sometimes happy

I used to love the moshpit, till i got my nose broken.

my boyfriend treats me like a goddess when im on my period yay!

I know theres more but thats enough for now lol



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