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The strangest things about you. (read embarrassing facts that you can't believe you're admitting.)

So it has nothing todo with veganisim, but I'm giving this topic another go. Don't be shy, we all know you're weird.



I once had a band for a very brief period in grade school called the "Glitter Gals" we wrote songs, preformed etc.

I pronounce ballet without a silent T.

I'm afraid of the dark.

I spent 2 years wearing sunglasses EVERYWHERE (I was one of those douche bags you see wearing them in the mall.) I like to think of that as my lady gaga phase ( although she had nothing todo with it).

I can't go to sleep without looking under my bed.

I went through a phase as a young teen where I wrote REALLY bad poetry & just god awful smut. I thought it was good at the time.

I've never eaten a twinkie.

I used to wear so much make-up it would take an hour to apply it all.

I went through a phase in my teens where I wore tops so low cut you could pretty much see my nipples. I also wore mini skirts that should have been illegal. I pretty much dressed like a whore for a few years:)

I've owned a pink pleather jacket & a velvet pink track suit.

I've worn heels a baseball cap and a mini skirt, oh god!

I tend to stare at peoples asses to much. What can I say I like a good butt!

I like porn. alot.

I own & practice ( can't believe I'm actually admitting this one) carmen electra's striptease work out.


okay your turn.


I felt I had to add more cause everyone else was admitting so much!

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Prior to 80-10-10 I was afraid of Italian home made cookies ( they made me ill when I was a ringboy )

During the ice hockey season from Sept to April in our made up league of photographers, I don't wash my hockey jersey....it's bad luck of course.

During the NHL playoffs, I will always sit and watch with my 2 brothers - we each have a specific spot in the room and specific chair....foam bricks to throw at the TV are also available.

I believe in the Matrix.

I used a nightlight till age 14

I have nightmares about photographing a big event and showing up with no equipment at all.

At 51 yrs of age I still like Alternative New Rock Bands....102.1FM in Toronto is my favorite



I sucked my thumb and slept with a blankie until I was 12.

My dog and cat are my best friends in the whole world and I have a secret obsession with becoming a mother (??)

That sounds familiar!

I sometimes daydream/dream about very unlikely and random situations happening, and then they actually happen in real life. It feels really weird, like I'm semi psychic or something :P

I wish I could read minds, but only selectively

I sometimes grieve over tragic things that haven't even happened to me. I still secretly (or now, not so secretly) wish they would have happened to me... so weird

When I was about 10 years or so of age, I literally ate a "friend" of mine without knowing it... a goat. I had been hanging out with this goat that was tied to a tree outside of a house we lived in while traveling in Africa, and I used to feed him leaves and stuff like that. Then one day he was gone and I asked people where he was and was lied to, only to find out the people who owned the house had slaughtered him and cooked him for Christmas dinner. That was just messed up, no wonder I didn't like meat back then either.

My husband and I have three chihuahuas. They have nicknames and we also talk for them--Piper has a diva attitude, Ezra is the old lady who is batsh* crazy sometimes, and Satchel is our special needs girl who always sounds like a little girl. 

Six months ago my dad drowned after falling off a boat. I still pick up the phone to call him. I also cannot put my head in water anymore--shower is okay but no swimming. I'm not scared of it, just angry at the water. Not sure if that makes sense. 

I turned to raw after years of digestive problems that culminated in a doctor suggesting a colon resection. I said no thanks and never looked back. 

I used to hate pineapple, now I could eat it almost exclusively provided it is truly ripe

I used to hide CDs when people came over. Now, I just don't care what people think. Off the top of my head, top five would be Better Than Ezra, The Shins, Elton John, Kelly Clarkson, and Mord Fustang (look it up if you like electronic music!)

I'm still afraid of the dark. My husband is used to the salt lamps all over the place. If I get up at night to pee (every night!!) I have to run back to the bedroom and jump in--or I fear something will get me. It wakes him up and freaks him out every time. Also, it scares the chihuahuas

I love Satchel's (the "special needs" dog) gross smells--her breath, her little feet, her ears, her eyes. It's weird. 

I don't mind pooping in public restrooms. I couldn't poop without "assistance" for about 6 years, so the whole process just makes me overjoyed. Simple pleasures:)

I'm sure there's more but I feel like I've talked about myself a ton already. 

ZOMG we're like twins! i swear so much of this is true for me. 

i love it when people play with my hair. also, looove massages. ooh, massage my arms and pull my hair a little. #bliss

the shower thing reminded me of my first shower. my mom was taking a shower and i was like OH HEY i wanna take a shower, so she turned on the shower for me but didn't get that i wanted to shower with her, not by myself.

grade eight was emo-wannabe central. actually just like, everything-wannabe central. i also had the biggest crush on this guy and still kinda dig him, but at the time i would rather DIE than admit it. a mutual friend called me out on liking him and i denied it so hard. haha crazy kid.

i always think people can hear my music and i think they're gonna get mad at me or something stupid like that.

i *always* argue with people in my head.

I used to have silver pvc pants in high school and it was also very "grunge" to wear old mens suits and ugly brown cardigans from op shops... even more grunge to wear them with old ladies petticoats for skirts.

I wore mens skate shoes for years, the really puffy style Vans, it didn't matter how dressed up the rest of me was.  

I wish I'd just had sex on a fire engine when I had the chance!!!

I feel best with the door open when I'm going toilet or taking a shower.

I get vertigo standing on a chair.

I've never been to a concert.

I used to eat entire packets of Tim Tams in one go.

I still think it sucked that my mum raised money to go to Disneyland and take a disabled girl, and not take myself or my brother.  She died a few months later from mass amount of brain tumors and I thought it was wasted on her because she wouldn't have even known what was going on :/  

I used to be really obsessed with the thought that I would absolutely get married at 32, I don't know why 32 and not 30. I'm 32 in June, so there goes that idea. 

The real reason I walked away from a career that would take me traveling around the world was because I felt unsupported and very frightened.  

Sometimes I look at other peoples art and think "wow, that's just awful stuff, what were they thinking?" 

I get crushes on everybody who is nice to me.   If you're attractive I'm pretty much in love in minutes.  

Hahahaha I remember stuffing tissues in my bra as a teen. Oh dear, if only I knew.

I talk in an accent that isn't a New Zealand accent and I have no idea why.  I even had someone stop to ask my for directions and then say "Aw nah.. you sound like a tourist aye, where are you from?"  

I once shot the tail off of a fantail (very illegal) :(  then had to go put a large rock on top of her because she hadn't died.  Then got pissed off at my boyfriend I was with who'd made a bet that my aim/ reaction time was good enough to hit something flying in the air.  I have freakishly perfect gun skills.  What an awful talent.  


I didn't want to say anything considering I am very new to this forum and not looking to make enemies but keeping quiet just didn't sit right with me either.

My brother had brain tumors and suffered seizures for his whole childhood and then they reoccurred when a tumor came back 2-3 years ago. What your mother did was noble and you shouldn't be so caught up in your jealousy or selfishness whatever that is. You still have your life and the privilege of not suffering as that poor girl who passed away had to.

As for you shooting the tail off a beautiful innocent creature, I find it extremely disgusting to share and am honestly disturbed by it. I am surprised that your post that involves cruelty and the murder of an animal just to prove your 'skills' is still up on these forums.

Hey, nice to meet you, good to have yah here (:

You'll have to work harder than that to make enemies here, though! Lolz

Anyhow, I just thought Id point out that we all have done and thought stuff in our past that we're not proud of.
It seems This thread is kinda dedicated to letting stuff out that we don't really go around bragging about.........so in the interest of courtesy and respecting the topic, we prolly shouldn't be jumping down our friends throats for what they post here (:

BeachVegan, I'm with Barbara though - no more shooting tails off of innocent animals! ;p


Of couse I wouldn't do that now.  Judging me on who I was at that point in my life is not knowing who I am now. Even I am ashamed of who I was then!  I used to shoot at bottles actually.  Like I said, I got very angry about hitting the bird. I happen to have perfect aim, wasn't meaning it to sound proud of show-off-ee.  
I hadn't found myself at that point. I was a 19 year old running away from everything and everyone.

Don't get me wrong, it's not about the girl with the tumors at all. I think she had cerebral palsy.  It's hard for a little kid to grasp how someone not able to comprehend what's going on around them, will really enjoy Disneyland.  
It's about my Mum.. She was in a wheelchair herself when she went with the girl and took the girls mum as well.  She also went off to India and did work there with World Vision and would come back full of stories.  She always got my hopes up.  She'd always made big promises to take me to places.  I grew up feeling like I had to be diseased or disabled to be special to her.  It's not about jealousy it's about a little kid being constantly disappointed and a disabled parent using their own disability and others for her own recognition and glorification.   

I understand that completely as I did grow up feeling a bit envious of the extra attention and help my brother got than me while we were growing up due to his disabilities. However I don't still think it sucks because I see it for what it was. I don't look at people who do nice things for those who are disabled as people hungry for glory and recognition. Just nice people. Maybe your mom being disabled herself had to work through her own issues. I understand your disappointment because I still sometimes feel frustrated over my own in intense situations but otherwise its something to accept and heal from rather than continue to take personal.

Of course we've all done plenty of things we're not proud of, I was extremely lost at the age of 19 myself. I guess I just got really disturbed by the image of such a beautiful bird having its tail blown off, and then being crushed by a rock. Imagining the fear and panic the poor thing must've experienced just .. I can't even fathom. I still have a sick feeling in my throat since I first read that. And considering this is a vegan forum I found it extremely inappropriate to share.



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